Civil War II

Civil War II by Thomas Chittum is a book about the coming break up of America, written by a soldier who has been around. Civil War I was of course the American Civil War. The second will be larger and much nastier. It is easy to ignore books like this. It is not so easy to refute his position. If you live near Mexico or in the Southern States think it through then move out.

Foreigners are pouring into America and things are going to change big time. This why we need to remember what Mao Tse-Tung

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

Things are going to divide on racial lines. In fact they already have. Young men leave school with little or no education. They will not get jobs except at the bottom end of the scale. Most will be living on the dole or from crime. They are unlikely to marry and have families with responsibilities. Girls will use them to have babies then live off the tax payer. None of them will know anything except what the television says and what their ethnic bretheren say. Hate based on grievances, real or imaginary is the starting point for gang warfare. It will go political.

When illegal immigrants and their children get to be eighteen they can vote and will vote on ethnic lines. That means that California and the Southwest will be lost to Mexicans. Much the same will happen in the Deep South. Blacks will start running things. They already are in Washington which is why crime and incompetence go together and make things worse.

The interesting parts will be the de facto border areas. Mr. Chittum has views about this. Look at a map and population figures and decide whether you are in a white area or not. Massacres are going to happen. Ethnic Cleansing is the ugly euphemism for them. Rape and destruction will be part of it. It will also be real war using heavy weapons. Remember that the American army has a lot of minorities, the current euphemism for people who are not white. The minorities are on their way to becoming majorities. Mutiny is not merely possible; it is highly likely. Armouries will be taken over;  they do know how to use mortars and cannon. They were taught by the Army at tax payers' expense.

You can watch the news and see Mr. Chittum's predictions coming true. Be aware that the Main Stream Media is in the business of concealing the truth.  He does not tell who is pressing the buttons, inciting hatred of all white men. Here is a clue - they used The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King as a front man.


Civil War I
Deals with a different war. It has political lessons for us. History gets perverted, deliberately and with malice aforethought.

A good review is on line at:-
Civil War II (Book) - Metapedia


Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America: Thomas Chittum
Hard back from Amazon. They have other books on the same theme.


Civil War II or
Is the book on line.


Tells us a little about the man himself.
His publisher tells us more about the man and his work.

See what the New World Order [ NWO ] are doing to America and weep or get angry.


Mr. Chittum's Articles
His publisher tells us more about the man and his work.
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