Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff is a political cartoonist, who uses satire against the Zionist crazies who control the Stolen Land of Palestine, the land they call Israel. Mr. Latuff refers to it as Israhell. His works are clear, to the point and effective. At all events they annoy various apologists; the sort who use  Holocaust® Story as an excuse for doing worse than the Nazis ever did. The Wikipedia tells us about the man while the Wikimedia focuses on his works.

He does not comment on the Zionist infiltration of Western Civilization, which as led to the creation of  so many Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ]. He does not pull his punches in this picture or any other.


Carlos Latuff ex Wiki
"Carlos Latuff (born November 30, 1968) is a Brazilian freelance political cartoonist.[1] His works deal with an array of themes, including anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, and anti-U.S. military intervention. He is best known for his images depicting the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and, more recently, the Arab Spring events. Latuff himself has described his work as controversial.[2]"