Triple S

Hostilities between nations can be open warfare. In peacetime it is different. Clandestine operations are very much part of the business. Others are obvious and deniable The triple S are:-

Espionage - infiltrating spies can take years. It happens all of the time.
Sabotage - is useful on the outbreak of war. It slows down troops moving into position.
Subversion - is destroying enemy morale. The Main Stream Media are a major tool. Education ditto.


Is a standard part of government operations. Sometimes it is effective and worthwhile but if the politicians will not listen it is a waste of time. Then it develops its own agenda. Pension schemes are very much part of the thinking. Aldrich Ames proved that. Then he went to prison so he will never have to work again.


Sabotage comes from the French. A sabot is a clog which was used to put the boot in and destroy things. Today there are other, often more subtle methods of achieving the same results.


Subversion is the undermining of a society; its destruction from within. Breaking the Church of England is an example. Controlling the police is another. Then there are the Civil Service, Education, business, law, Parliament, the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force, the Crown and the family. The Family is the most important institution and it has long been under attack. Holy Mother Church told us that it was under threat in the 1950s. I didn't see a problem but they were right. How many families have a father and mother that are married to each other, a house, a job and someone at home to bring the children up? It was utterly normal when I was a boy.


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