Sham Marriages

Sham marriages are the mainstay of the Illegal Immigration Industry. Get married to a citizen of Europe, then qualify for the dole in England. Of course once a criminal is established it will turn out that he has lots of relatives who are victims of black politicians, colonial oppression or whatever. Her Majesty's Government does not merely turn a blind eye to these things; they make it easy. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour. Tories pander to them. So do  Labour criminals. They also import Third World scum for their votes. It is how they stay in power. It is how they get away with screwing the working classes. It happens big time. A few get caught; here are some.

One In Six Irish Marriages Is A Migrant Fraud [ 17 August 20102 ]


Criminals Offer Sham Marriages In Denmark
The price is €449. They even arrange a rebate on the VAT.


Two Church Of England Vicars Conducted Hundreds Of Sham Marriages Betraying England To Illegal Immigrants [ 26 January 2012 ]
Two vicars ‘conducted hundreds of sham marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain’
Once couples were married there was a 'strikingly high proportion' who made applications to the Home Office for right to remain in the UK
Case involves a 'massive and systematic immigration fraud', jurors are told
Two Church of England vicars conducted 'hundreds' of sham marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain, a court heard today. The Reverend Elwon John, 44, and Reverend Brian Shipsides, 55, performed the sham wedding ceremonies at All Saints Church in Forest Gate, east London, jurors were told. Once wed there were a 'strikingly high proportion' who then made applications to the Home Office for the right to remain in the country. In some cases, EU nationals were even flown into Britain just so the marriages could take place before being flown straight out again, Inner London crown court heard. According to the prosecution, 31-year-old 'fixer' Amdudalat Ladipo - herself an illegal immigrant - arranged the weddings between mainly Nigerian and EU nationals.
One intention is dole fraud. That is from the Nigerians. One curate is fairly evidently an enemy alien on his own account. Thieving will have been the motive. The Englishman will give it the higher morals line. Believe their stories if you want. Will the hundreds who have gone through the books be tracked down? It should be easy enough if the will is there.

Enemy alien                                  English crook                                 Nigerian crook


Nigerians Use Sham Marriage To Steal £23,000 A Year From The Dole [ 27 January 2012 ]
ILLEGAL immigrants are “crying out” for marriage certificates so they can cash in on benefit handouts worth up to £23,000 a year, a court heard yesterday – as a vicar was jailed for staging 28 sham weddings. Canon John Magumba, 58, admitted helping Nigerian men and women tie the knot with fake partners whose genuine EU passports allowed the migrants to stay in the UK and claim cash and free healthcare. Police suspect he never conducted actual services, instead simply filling in the marriage ­certificates. Bolton Crown Court heard that Magumba, who pocketed £8,345 from his scams, had said Nigerians “would do anything in their power to come to the UK”.

Judge William Morris was told a single person entering Britain has immediate access to the equivalent of £10,000 in welfare payouts plus access to the NHS and the education system, the prosecution said. A mother and child could obtain £23,000 a year. Jailing Magumba for two-and-a-half years, Judge Morris said: “Your offences have brought scandal to the Church and let down your family and parishioners.”........

He also admitted stealing £5,437 from St Peter’s Church in Newbold, Rochdale and £2,908 from St Luke’s Church in Deeplish by not passing on wedding fees and funeral charges to church funds. Non-EU citizens who marry EU citizens cannot be deported so migrants who marry citizens of the EU have the right to live, work and claim benefits in the UK.
Are the perpetrators who paid Magumba going to exported? Not a chance. Her Majesty's Government wants illegal immigrants as cheap labour. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition wants cheap votes bought by bribing illegals with our money.

Notice the parishioners who believe the man is not a crook.


Two More Foreign Undesirables In Sham Marriages Get Caught [ 2 February 2012 ]
Bogus brides in double wedding caught out when they couldn't even identify whose groom was whose 
The registrar first became suspicious when he was ask to marry two Lithuanian women to two Indian men
A sham double wedding collapsed when one of the bogus brides was unable to identify the man she was due to marry. The registrar had become suspicious when he was asked to marry two Lithuanian women to two Indian men. His initial fears were confirmed when the couples turned up at the register office and were unable to communicate with their betrothed. Yesterday a court was told that Indian-born Manpreet Singh, 27, and Jasbir Singh, 21, had arranged to marry Lithuanian girls Oskana Alexsandraviciute, 27, and Sandra Beleckaite, 21 at Wrexham register office.........

Manpreet Singh and Jasbir Singh were jailed for 12 months and 11 months respectively while their two ‘brides’, Alexsandraviciute and Beleckaite, all from Wolverhampton, were jailed for 304 days each – meaning they walked free due to time spent on remand. Organiser Jaspal Sahota, 51, a respected community elder, was jailed for two years and two months while Lithuanian helpers Andres Stepanov, 28, and Antannas Beleckas, 27, received 16 months and 15 months respectively.
Two pairs got caught. How many get away with because the registrar is idle, corrupt or incompetent. C of E vicars do it for a pastime - and the money of course.


Polish Woman Paid £2,500 For Sham Marriage To Help Pakistani Thief Steal Dole Money [ 14 March 2012 ]
Here cuffs the bride! The moment Polish woman was arrested in her wedding dress as she said vows to Pakistani stranger who paid her £2,500 for sham marriage
'Bride' and 'groom' were arrested as they made their vows during ceremony.....
But Ali was facing deportation and paid Puchalska £2,500 to marry him so he could stay in the country [ NOT Poland you notice - Ed. ]
Dressed in a tight, short white dress, a fur coat - and with a look of disdain plastered on her face - this was the moment a Polish woman was arrested as she tried to marry a Pakistani man in a sham marriage. Border Agency officers swooped on the couple as they attempted to tie the knot - and were swiftly escorted from the building. Instead of leaving Northampton Guildhall as man and wife, Helena Puchalska and her husband-to-be Asif Ali were led back down the aisle in handcuffs. Puchalska was jailed for 15 months while Ali was sentenced to two years after they admitted taking part in the sham wedding.
One reasonable approach to this kind of thieving is to stop paying foreigners, regardless of their status. It would save billions, cut crime and run totally counter to Her Majesty's Government's policy of Cultural Genocide, the Ethnic Fouling Of England & Treason
PS She would have to pay me. Not vice versa. It would have to be a lot more than £2,500


Foreign Criminal Allowed Bail Does A Runner [ 21 March 2012 ]
'On the run': Sham marriage fixer who recruited desperate brides at school gates skips sentencing
The pair suspected of organizing 18 sham marriages at four churches in Lancashire and Manchester
A mother who recruited women outside her children’s school to take part in one of Britain’s biggest ever sham marriage plots was jailed with her partner yesterday.
Andzelina Surmaj befriended the Eastern European women at the school gate before Milan Cina matched them with Nigerian illegal immigrants who paid thousands for a marriage certificate enabling them to stay in Britain.

The couple, who both came to Britain from Eastern Europe, passed only a fraction of the money to the brides, keeping the rest – as much as £26,000 – for themselves.

[ You might ask yourself whether the padre knew what was going on. He has seen plenty of real marriages - Editor ].........

So far 32 ‘brides’ and ‘grooms’ involved in the scam have been locked up for a total of 33-and-a-half years, with many [ Why not all? -Editor ] facing deportation.
Stop giving them dole money. Stop paying them to lounge around doing nothing. Make them show and work for the dole. Then see the crime figures drop. But Her Majesty's Government is a bunch of traitors intent on destroying England. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is even worse. The Church of England is full of Homosexual chancers. It is a Culture War which we are losing because we don't even know it is being waged. The BBC did not tell us but then it is at the forefront of the enemy.
Perpetrator on the run                               It is all there, written on their faces.


Pakistani Bribed Woman Into Fraudulent Marriage [ 11 July 2012 ]
Sham marriage couple rumbled after removing wedding rings rather than exchanging a kiss moments after ceremony
A registry office marriage ceremony was revealed to be a sham just moments after the ceremony finished when the bride and groom hastily removed their wedding rings, a court has heard......

But unfortunately for them the moment was captured by CCTV cameras and it led to the couple, from Slovakia and Pakistan respectively, being arrested for a fake marriage. Further investigations revealed that Tancosova, 35, was pregnant by another man, she had a husband back in her home country and lived with another Slovakian man who was in prison at the time....... Jailing the bride for 12 months at Sheffield Crown Court..... The court heard that her co-defendant Sajid Mehmood, 38, had previously 'fixed' three sham marriages in Sheffield.
More Pakistanis, more crime, more fraudulent votes.


Pakistani Guilty Of Immigration Fraud Using Sham Marriages [ 30 August 2012 ]
A restaurant manager who arranged sham marriages and assisted bogus immigration visas has been told to expect a 'substantial' prison sentence after being found guilty by a jury. Gyash Uddin, 39, who ran the Moja restaurant in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, had claimed he was not suspicious about the high number of marriages between his relatives from Bangladesh and Polish women who often worked in the restaurant. The prosecution at Luton Crown Court maintained that Uddin was motivated to bring in relatives to the UK and then ensure they would be able to remain by marrying an EU national.

He and eight other people involved in the scam will be sentenced within the month. Six had pleaded guilty and two were convicted by the jury alongside Uddin after a month long trial.
Another foreign undesirable. At least this one has been sorted, unlike the thousands Her Majesty's Government ships in every month with malice aforethought.
He looks a thoroughly unpleasant rogue.
PS Another Pakistani, another Uddin was the first female version in the House of Lords, the first to be caught thieving and the first to get away it. Her face fitted. His does not.


Pakistanis Buying Slovak Brides And British Passports [ 16 October 2012 ]
A well-organized sham marriage gang staged fake weddings with eastern European brides so Pakistani men could illegally enter the UK, a court has heard. Czech and Slovak women living in the UK were paid by Rotherham-based Asian organisers to fly out to Pakistan where 'marriages' were arranged with Pakistani nationals. Supported by false documents, applications for settlement and family permit visas were submitted to the British High Commission in Islamabad by Pakistanis seeking leave to join their 'wives' in the UK. As overseas nationals they would have been allowed to stay in the UK as 'husbands' of their spouses who were legitimately resident here as EU citizens........

Eighteen defendants are now facing jail when they are sentenced at a later date. In a series of three trials at Sheffield Crown Court which can only now be reported after restrictions were lifted, seven defendants were found guilty after trials of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration to the UK between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2011. Another 11 defendants pleaded guilty to the same charge. Two of the alleged main organisers are on the run........

The eighteen defendants are: Nikola Horvathova, 25, of St Anns, Eva Holubova, 19, Peter Pohlodko, 19, and Zuzanna Holubova, 25, all of Eastwood, Kristina Popikova, of Masbrough, Mohammed Ramzan of Rotherham and Aftab Hussain of Tinsley, Sheffield.

Talib Hussain, of Broom, Rahina Zaman, 32, of Clifton, Veronika Pohlodkova, 36, of Grosvenor Road, Michaela Lengyelova, 30, of St Anns, Khalda Ahmed, 45, of Clifton, and Svetlana Krausova, 31, of St Ann’s, all Rotherham; Sabina Khan, 45, and Farah Khan, 43, of Barkerend, Louise Kelly, 26, of Holme Wood, Yasser Nasser, 20, of Holme Wood, all Bradford; and Nadia Qureshi, 27, of Fir Vale, Sheffield.
Third World third raters don't want to live in a country run by their own sort. One sees their point. Her Majesty's Government makes it easy for them to get away with it. Thousands if not millions do while a few are caught from time to time to make it look as though the government is trying to enforce the law.


Bent Vicar Running Immigration Fraud Imported 250 Illegals [ 27 November 2012 ]
A parish vicar who raked in at least £30,000 carrying out sham marriages has been ordered to repay just a fraction of his ill-gotten gains Reverend Brian Shipsides, 56, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in April for conducting hundreds of bogus ceremonies at All Saints church in East London.

Charging £140 a time, he would marry EU nationals with non-EU spouses so they could claim the right to work and live in the country. Shipsides had helped nearly 250 immigrants before the plot was smashed by officers from the Metropolitan Police and the UK Border Agency in 2010.  He had travelled around the world on his undeclared income including trips to Egypt and the Far East. At a Proceeds of Crime hearing at Inner London Crown Court yesterday he was ordered to pay back just £10,792.

Shipsides had taken a cut from his Nigerian ‘fixer’ Amudalat Ladipo, 31, who also charged immigrants to arrange the weddings........ Mother-of-two Ladipo, of Grosvenor Road, Dagenham, was convicted of the same charge and jailed for three years.
Shipsides was not much of a businessman, letting himself get ripped off by the black. Notice that she got off lightly but then she is a Third World undesirable.


Pakistani Criminals Ran Sham Marriage Operation In Rotherham [ 19 January 2013 ]  
A father-of-five who ran a massive international sham marriage operation from his suburban family home has been jailed for six years. Immigrant Talib Hussain, 42, was the ring-leader of a gang that flew Eastern European women to Islamabad for bogus weddings with Pakistani men, who could then apply to live in the UK under European open borders laws. The scam - which Hussain orchestrated with the help of his ex-wife from his home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire - 'struck at the heart of the British immigration system', said a judge, as she sentenced 17 members of the gang for a combined total of more than 27 years at Sheffield Crown Court.......
Seventeen members of the gang were jailed for a total of 27 years and eight months at Sheffield Crown Court including nine fake brides - four Czech, four British Asian and a Slovak.............
She told police Pakistani men offered her £250 for photos to pretend they were married so they could get visas to go to the UK.
Who would want to live in Pakistan when they could go to England and live on the dole? Not many Pakistanis. The crook running this one was greedy. The Czech women were badly paid.
PS Notice that Rotherham is Crime Central when it comes to Rape. Perhaps that is what these swine are looking for. It was also the stamping ground of Cyril Smith, the well known Paedophile. Of course Smith got away with it because the Director of Public Prosecutions was corrupt. Perverting the course of justice is easier for the men that run the system. Little people do not get any favours done for them.


Turkish Solicitors Set Up Thousands Of Sham Marriages In Immigration Fraud [ 20 January 2013 ]
A law firm invented scores of 'touching' love stories about foreign couples to convince immigration authorities that their sham marriages were real, a court heard yesterday.

Solicitor Tevfick Souleiman and three immigration advisers working for him made 'substantial' sums by forging documents to hoodwink the UK Border Agency during the eight year scam, it was alleged. Brides were flown into Britain from eastern European EU countries to marry non-EU citizens, giving the grooms rights to live and work in the UK, the Old Bailey was told. In some cases the couples only met each other at the solicitor's office on one occasion before their wedding day and were banned from any other contact, prosecutor Nicholas Mather said.

But the firm organised forged affidavits in which they 'concocted' accounts of their supposedly romantic courtships which were submitted to the authorities in order for the marriages to be approved, he said......

Souleiman, 39, immigration advisers Zafer Altinbas, 38, and Cenk Guclu, 41, and Furrah Kosimov, 29, deny conspiracy to breach immigration law between 2004 and last year.
Paying dole money to foreigners is an invitation to Third World parasites to steal. The answer is simple: Stop paying them, save billions, clean up England, get millions of votes. A major plus point for the communist Subversives of The Guardian is that it would put Nick Griffin out of a job. It would also put Labour out of business but then Labour betrayed the working classes far more than the Tories ever did.


Over Four Thousand Sham Marriages In Ireland [ 25 January 2013 ]
The [ Irish ] Department of Justice believes it has uncovered a large number of 'sham marriages' between Latvians living in Ireland and people from the Indian subcontinent. The Government has alerted the Latvian authorities to the statistically abnormal number of marriages that would allow non-EU nationals to sidestep immigration laws. The department has given figures to its European counterparts that show 4,600 non-EU nationals may have married non-Irish EU citizens in order to exploit a loophole in an EU directive on the free movement of people. Some 30% of the residency applicants were either failed asylum seekers or students who had outstayed their visas......

The Government at the time understood that its own rules on whether non-European spouses of an EU citizen could also avail of that right were implicit in the directive. However, when four asylum seekers who had married non-Irish EU citizens in Ireland took their case against deportation to the European Court of Justice the Court found [ alleged/claimed/stated - delete to taste ] ] that they were entitled to avail of the freedom of movement directive. To Ireland, Denmark and a number of other countries, the so called Metock Case effectively allowed non-EU nationals to sidestep immigration law, simply by marrying non-Irish EU citizens - mostly people from Eastern Europe.........

 - 4,600 non-EU nationals have applied for residence in Ireland - because they had married EU citizens - since the directive was introduced

- 30% of these were either failed asylum seekers or students who had outstayed their visas

- 10% of the EU spouses were Latvians

- 50% of the Latvians had married Pakistanis, Indians or Bangladeshis compared to only 39% who married non-EU citizens closer to home (Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, etc)..........

Denmark, which led calls for the directive to be changed, was supported by Ireland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Britain and Cyprus.
Was this all over the Main Stream Media? No. The media are liars with an agenda. You doubt this? Google it then know they don't want you to know. 


Black Crook Paid Fake Bride £2,000 [ 4 August 2015 ]
A sham marriage 'fixer' who paid a fake bride £2,000 to stage a mock wedding has today been jailed for 18 months. Armand Djedje, 31, was caught when he tried to help bogus groom Devine Abanda, 27, from Cameroon, marry a French bigamist so he could stay in Britain. Djedje set up the sham wedding at the register office in Winchester, Hampshire, involving already twice-married Olivia Godefroy and Abanda.
Illegal Immigrants get in then carry on thieving, raping or whatever takes their fancy. Rogues let them in, with the collusion of Pathological Altruists. The latter mean well but have been deceived by Propaganda stories about White Guilt. The inciters, the Puppet Masters operate differently in Israel; there they treat blacks as Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans], which is why there are Concentration Camps In Israel.

Criminal 1                                             Criminal 2