Right Means Right

Left means wrong. See something the point at Right Or Left. Perhaps it is more complicated and many patter merchants in the media would disagree totally but then they are part of the problem. Communists managed to murder some 90 million people. Nazis were less successful but Nazi is short for National SOCIALIST. Here are some Right Wing sources. They are important in the war of ideas, the Culture Wars which is wracking the West. You might agree with them. You might not. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. If you want to object tell me WHY. Reasoned comment is worth a response. Abuse is an admission of failure.

Bird Man
He is  wide ranging in his views and produces his Daily Reads. His site is popular which tells us something. He has political views and gives us sources which make his position checkable. His sources check out. BTW his site is so popular that Alexa are fiddling his traffic ratings. See Alexa Rating and Fraud PS his traffic has recently [ May 2006 ] reached 1 million [ 1,000,000 ] hits per day. The interest is there.


Fellow Travellers
They are out there. You are not alone in not believing things that the media choose to ram down your throats day after day. They have been over the ground and come up with something that looks much more like truth than the BBC's offering.

Fascist are not my kind of people but they have a virtue; the left hate them. Here is something about who they are.


Hal Turner
Hal had a talk show which went due to the pressures of running a life as well being single handed. Now he is back on line, on air and uncensored.
PS It all went wrong when the FBI(?) prosecuted him.


Jewish Tribal Review
Has a virtue. It is exactly what it pretends to be, an Islamic source telling us about Jews. That is honest. How much of the media is controlled by Jews? [ Hint: nearly all ] and keeping very quiet about it.


Griffe du Lion
Is an academic who knows some maths. He looks at statistics and tells us about the effects of intelligence and heredity. Psychologists started measuring it then decided that they did not like the results. Now they pretend that it cannot be  measured and that IQ
is meaningless as it becomes more important than ever.


The Occidental Quarterly
Bills itself as a  Journal of Western Thought and Opinion which may sound a bit pompous but it is justified. It makes a case for the pre-eminence and importance of Western Civilization,
which is soundly argued.


Is a programmer with views. His university is online and open to all comers. His site has articles from the Wall Street Journal on  subjects of interest and questions to ask oneself. Read and learn about some long term trends,  the reasons and answers.


Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.

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