Jews in Oz

Jews in Oz are like Jews in a lot of places - eager to hide, secretive and guilty. There are honest ones too - see Jewish Front Organizations. These are some who made it into the news or made it.

Sir Peter Abeles, former chairman of Ansett


Rodney Adler
CEO of doomed HIH Insurance
Thief. In Bathurst prison. Modus operandi is major fraud.


John Gandel & Marc Besen, founder/owners of Chadstone Shopping Centre and Sussan fashion chain


Joseph Gutnick
Mining magnate & ex-President of Melbourne F.C.
Rich in mining. Mate of Netanyahu. Made bad law in Oz which claims that libel is published where it is received not at its origin. Legal nausea in the family over  $15 million. He won.  See Jewish Journal


Nachum Goldberg
Was the crook and rabbi associated with Gutnick. See   Jewish Tribal Review


Is John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia an Israeli agent? You be the judge
The Hon John Howard's long list of awards for "services" to Zionism and the stream of articles published in the B'nai B'rith (ADL) propaganda rags praising ...
PS The Wikipedia, which is a Zionist front operation does not bother to tell us any of this. See also John Howard


Frank Lowy, founder of The Westfield Group
Seriously rich. Was in the Jews' army. Insolent to people when he thinks he can get away with it.


Robert Manne, academic & social critic
He is a political subversive. Keith Windschuttle has crossed swords with him regarding Manne's track record of systematic lying and the perversion of history by social critics.


Sir John Monash, World War I general


Sidney Myer, founder of Myer department store & philanthropist
Myers built their shop in Melbourne during the Great Depression when men were desperate for employment. They got a lot of work done very cheaply; charity or abuse of financial power? Take your pick.


Bernhard Neumann, mathematician


Richard Pratt
Is the third richest man in Oz. Number two, Frank Lowy is also a Jew. Pratt has just been charged with price fixing which is a form of thieving. Sadly there are only civil penalties. He was charged by Graeme Samuel who is also a Jew with dodgy spelling and a taste for leaning on people. See also Leon & Richard Pratt, founder/owners of Visy Industries. Pratt beat the rap by dying. 


Richest Jew In Australia To Admit Breaking Law [ 6 October 2007  ]
AUSTRALIA'S third-richest man, Richard Pratt, is preparing to admit for the first time that he and his company, Visy, broke the law in the nation's biggest cartel case.....

Mr Pratt's concession in the landmark case,... is aimed at securing an early negotiated settlement with the ACCC and avoiding months of potentially damaging publicity for Mr Pratt and his multi-billion-dollar business empire.
The man chasing him is also a Jew.
Pratt got away with it by being ill and then proving that he was not lying about it - he died.


Rene Rivkin, stockbroker
Thief, dead. Modus operandi big time fraud.


Whore master, drug dealer, murderer, dead. He got away with it by massive bribery of police and politicians.


Graeme Samuel
Made it in merchant banking then went the other way. He started policing business for the government. He even went after Pratt, another Jew.


Smorgon family
Founder/owners of Smorgon Steel and other businesses


John Saunders, co-founder of The Westfield Group


Harry Triguboff, billionaire, Meriton Apartments


James Wolfensohn, World Bank president


Australian Federation of WIZO
Or Women's International Zionist Organisation has more to do with subversion and espionage than sabotage and bank robbery.


Executive Council of Australian Jewry
Is a Jewish front mob to say the obvious.


List of Oceanian Jews gives more.


History of the Jews in Australia
Many Jews are prominent in business, again in disproportion to population. Notable for their success and high public profile are Sidney Myer, the Smorgon family and Frank Lowy. Notable for their public profile and success through less scrupulous dealings are Abe Saffron, Rene Rivkin, Joseph Gutnick and Rodney Adler........... The foremost among the Jews who have figured as pioneers in Australia was Jacob Montefiore,.............

Sir John Monash, a distinguished Australian Lieutenant-General during World War I, was also of Jewish descent. Monash University, Australia's largest university, is named after him. Malcolm Fraser, the Prime Minister of Australia, 1975-1983, had a Jewish Grandfather.
They finger some of the better known crooks albeit they tread lightly with Gutnick.



If people wait until someone is dead before telling the truth that tells you something about the truth. He did not always murder anyone who talked. He would sue for libel or go in for a bit of GBH. Buying policemen cost him millions but kept him out of prison usually.

When people hesitate to tell the truth after he is dead they may be frightened of his sons/co-conspirators/police/hired thugs. The Bulletin was the least nervous about telling the truth. The ABC was the least forthcoming. This may have been because he was a Jew.

He was big in prostitution, gambling and night life generally.

Me and Mr Sin
Abe Saffron amassed an army of influence by corrupting police and politicians and threatening anyone ... Abe Saffron amassed an army of influence by corrupting police and politicians and threatening ... ex The Bulletin


Sydney underworld figure Abe Saffron dies aged 86
ELIZABETH JACKSON: One of Australia's leading crime reporters says Abe Saffron's death will enable the full extent of his criminality to be revealed. The 86-year-old dubbed "Mr Sin" died yesterday. He ... ex the ABC, politically correct, left wing and homosexual, just like the BBC.


Former prominent Sydney nightclub owner Abe Saffron has died, aged 87 in Sydney's St Vincent's Private Hospital. A hospital spokesman would not comment on how Mr Saffron died. In June last year, a NSW ...

The SBS is not in the business of telling the truth about a Jewish pimp even now that he is in Hell.


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