How To Frame A Patriot II

Barry Krusch, a student of Main Stream Media wrote How To Frame A Patriot to show the mechanics of Propaganda. He did it by analyzing a piece written in TIME after the author told the world that he had taken it down the middle, given a fair crack of the whip to both sides. Barry called his bluff; Barry showed him for what he was, a twister of truth, a propagandist but shameless. I am going to try the same thing with a piece from The Guardian with nothing added or subtracted but with my comments inserted in bold.

The racist hijacking of Microsoft’s chatbot shows how the internet teems with hate _ World news _ The Guardian
Far-right protestors near a memorial to the victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks.

The march by far-right protesters in Brussels on Sunday was immediately connected with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP


Are these marchers Far Right? For The Guardian that means anyone who votes Conservative Party or worse. Who connected them with Anti-Semitism? Is the Guardian being fair or balanced, or is it feeding us its own propaganda line?


Does he understand Moral Relativism or just hope that we don't? When it comes to making the rich richer study The Guardian's people. They are driven by greed just as much as the City. It sits ill with their cant.


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