Barry Krusch

Barry Krusch tells us HOW the Media manipulate us. He is interested in the mechanics of the thing rather than the agenda being served.

From  I have linked what are, perhaps his most important articles. Others have virtue too.

Impossible - The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald
Dennis R. Wilkins
, a defence lawyer reviews Mr. Krusch's book very favourably. There is no bias, just a calm dissection of the evidence. He proves rather adequately that we are being lied to big time, all the time.


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How To Frame A Patriot
On December 13, 1994, Christopher John Farley of Time magazine invited public comment on his article on the Patriot movement. This document is my line-by-line analysis of Farley’s piece (a textbook example of how the media manipulates issues, evidence, and quotes to railroad its readers into a particular point of view). This CD-ROM version contains Farley’s reply to my analysis, as well as readers’ (and my) counter-reply to Farley.


Mass Media 101
A survival guide for the Disinformation Age, this article contains much hard evidence for media distortion, and dozens of framing techniques are discussed, along with information "behind the scenes" (memoranda, laws, and what not) which serves to explain why this distortion of information is so pervasive.

Before you flip on the newscast tonight, enable yourself to better assess the credibility of the information our broadcasters would like you to see as the "truth".


This article, written in the 1950s by an Army Intelligence officer, gives an insider’s view on the art of manipulating public opinion. And not just the foreign public.


The Israel Report
Is not from Mr. Krusch. It is from Jews in Israel who want to defraud us by making us believe they are victims not perpetrators. Manipulating minds is thought control. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


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