False Flag Operations

False flag operations are attacks carried out by someone which look as though they are actions of an entirely different body. They have major political uses. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident may not have been one such but it was certainly used by the Americans as an excuse to start the Vietnam War. Jean Baudrillard, a leading post-modernist thinker was one of a peculiar breed and French too. He told anyone who would listen that:-

..... that modern man can no longer tell what reality is because he has become lost in a world of "simulacra", images and signs created and presented as "real" by the mass media.

He had an important point; one very well understood by the Zionists who control the Main Stream Media. That is why they control the media.

Ronnie Regan was incited to attack Libya and Colonel Gaddafi by a Mossad operation. They sent signals from a radio planted in Libya - see Victor Ostrovsky on the point.

False Flag Terrorism Isn't a Theory is an article linking to sources of evidence. Another speculative view regarding suicide bombers in Israel comes from Signs of the Times which is a worthy outfit:-

The Myth Of The Palestinian Suicide Bomber
While the Israeli government has turned the Gaza strip and West Bank regions of Palestine into virtual prison camps, there is one section of the Palestinian community that appears to enjoy unhindered freedom of movement and a blind eye form the Israeli camps guards: "suicide bombers".

Today, one of these rare breed allegedly managed to get all the way down to the southern tip of Israel, to the Red Sea resort town of Eilat.
Kill one Israeli and frighten a million. Whose interests are being served? Not Palestinians for starters. If Fatah and Islamic Jihad both say they know nothing about them it is time to ask who done it. "Previously Unknown Group" is and it could easily be a Mossad false flag operation. Mossad's motto is By Way of Deception Shalt Thou Make War - the Wiki claims that this is a mistranslation. The Wiki is itself a Zionist front dedicated to deception - see Wikipedia


The myth of Entebbe and the history of Israeli false-flag operations
While Americans were celebrating their independence from the British Empire with displays of fireworks and other patriotic observances, another anniversary was pointedly not being observed, or even much noted, in Israel: on that day in 1976, a daring raid by Israeli commandos freed the hostages of Air France flight 139, held by PFLP terrorists and members of the German "Revolutionary Cells," at the Entebbe airport in Uganda....

The effect of this incident on world opinion, especially within the U.S. and Britain, was to increase sympathy for the Israelis and paint a portrait of the Palestinians as violent brutes. And that may very well have been the real motive behind the operation, according to secret documents recently released by the British government....

"By way of deception, thou shalt make war" that's the motto of the Mossad,...  Israel, a small country beset by legions of hostile neighbors, has relied not only on its military prowess ... but also on pure duplicity to achieve its goals. In evaluating Israel's actions, and especially in trying to understand what is going on in the Middle East, it is best to always keep this in mind. When it comes to that troubled region, the realization that events are not always what they seem is the beginning of wisdom.
The Puppet Masters are past masters at lying. That is a reality. Disguises, stratagems  and cunning coupled with unlimited greed are the basis.


Wikipedia Explains False Flag Operations Very Badly
False flag (aka Black Flag) operations are covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and can be used in peace-time.
The definition is on the right lines. The rest is seriously misleading. For example there is not mention of the Lavon Affair which was carried out by Jews and written up by the Wiki, an outfit with an agenda.


False Flag Operations Offered By The Wiki
Sinking of the RMS Lusitania (1915)
Reichstag fire (1933)
Operation Gladio
USS Liberty incident (1967)
Pan Am Flight 103 (1988)
Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
Port Arthur massacre (1996)
TWA Flight 800 (1996)
Russian apartment bombings (1999)
9/11 attacks (Advance knowledge  WTC collapse)
Madrid train bombing (2004)
London bombings (2005)
This is the Wiki's version of truth. Believe it if you want. I do not.


Israeli Government Honours Nine Criminals Who Attacked Americans In Egypt In False Flag Attacks [ 29 January 2012 ]
JERUSALEM - After half a century of reticence and recrimination, Israel on Wednesday honored nine Egyptian Jews recruited as agents-provocateur in what became one of the worst intelligence bungles in the country's history.

Israel was at war with Egypt when it hatched a plan in 1954 to ruin its rapprochement with the United States and Britain by firebombing sites frequented by foreigners in Cairo and Alexandria. But Israeli hopes the attacks, which caused no casualties, would be blamed on local insurgents collapsed when the young Zionist bombers were caught and confessed at public trials. Two were hanged. The rest served jail terms and emigrated to Israel.

Embarrassed before the West, Israel long denied involvement. It kept mum even after its 1979 peace deal with Egypt, fearing memories of the debacle could sour ties. "Although it is still a sensitive situation, we decided now to express our respect for these heroes," President Moshe Katsav [ the rapist who got seven years - Editor ] said after presenting the three surviving members of the bomber ring with certificates of appreciation at a Jerusalem ceremony. What went wrong in the "Lavon Affair" - after Pinhas Lavon, Israel's defence minister when the plot came to light - remains a matter of debate in a country more used to tales of espionage coups......... The situation recurred in 1985, when U.S. Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard [ Jew and traitor ] was sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States for passing military secrets to Israel's scientific liaison office.
Jews set up the American invasion of Iraq by feeding Bush lies about WMD. [ Weapons of Mass Destruction = Nuclear, Biological & Chemical ] Jews ran the Bolshevik Revolution to destroy democracy in Russia. Jews set up the Boer War to take over diamonds in South Africa. Jews used Mandela to break the government and keep control of diamonds. Political manipulation is SOP [ standard operating procedure ].
PS This one was not all over the Main Stream Media. Jews control the media for a reason - they are Propaganda machines.


False Flag Terrorism Isn't a 'Theory' ... It's ADMITTED and Widespread
This looks honest and checkable, source notwithstanding.


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