After the Second World War the British Empire started to fall apart. It was called Decolonization at the time. In most cases its rulers had the good sense to leave with a good grace. Of course the parts settled by us did well. Australia is one of the world's better countries in spite of Subversion in recent decades. There are others. In Africa native populations are reverting to their natural state, one of savagery.

Why did this all come about? There are various possible reasons. One major cause is Propaganda operations carried out by Jews. It is a matter of fact that Jews from Lithuania, Jews of the South African Communist Party such as Joe Slovo marketed Nelson Mandela as a living saint in order to take over South Africa while ensuring the Jews like Harry Oppenheimer remained firmly in control of the Diamond industry. Oppenheimer's influence spread far wider than South Africa. Of course where blacks took over for real the situation went down hill fast. Mugabe showed how to do it in Zimbabwe. Liberia was different. It started bad then went downhill from there.

Telling blacks they were victims was an easy sell. Telling them they could run their own affairs was too. They couldn't of course. The Jews knew that but they did not care. They had an agenda. Setting blacks up to flood Western Civilization, in order to destroy it was the plan; it was Ethnic Fouling. It is working brilliantly. It started in the 1970s or thereabouts.

Africanization ex Wiki
Africanization or Africanisation (lit., making something African) has been applied in various contexts, notably in geographic and personal naming and in the composition of the civil service e.g. via processes such as indigenization.[1]

In some countries immediately following their independence, "Africanization" was the name given to racial policies, affirmative action intended to increase the number of Africans in civil service (which had historically been dominated by European Colonials).[3]
The Wikipedia is not at its informative best. The important bit, the political takeover by blacks is treated as a secondary issue without anything about its causes.