Security can be about national issues or personal safety. This means dealing with the threats from without and within. Politicians have views on security and also on power. Democracy and freedom come down the line with too many of them. Government apparatchiks can be even worse. Bush in America is a tyrant in the making. Blair is a manipulator grabbing for power and wealth. Telling lies about threats is just a way of manipulating us. Bruce Schneier is a highly respected author and the founder of a well known security firm He understands the issues. Politicians understand power.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is sold as the Next Big Thing. It is a very obvious way to expose your data to prying eyes. Go that way? Not me.

Security, Real Or Imaginary?  
Bruce Schneier explains all, again, clearly and well as ever.


We like it - Facebook users apart. Governments hate it when we have it but want it for themselves, their crimes, their goings on. How do you protect it? Read about answers.


The NSA, PGP And Fraud
For decades, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been reading effortlessly ultra sensitive messages intercepted from all parts of the world. This extraordinary feat was not the consequence of the work of some genius cyber mathematician. Nor was it the result of the agency dominance in the field of super computers, which allegedly have outpaced their most direct rivals by orders of magnitude. The truth is far simpler and quite troubling. The game was rigged.

For half a century, Crypto AG, a Swiss company located in Zug, has sold to more than 100 countries the encryption machines their officials rely upon to exchange their most sensitive economic, diplomatic and military messages. Crypto AG was founded in 1952 by the legendary (Russian born) Swedish cryptographer Boris Hagelin. During World War II, Hagelin sold 140,000 of his machine [ sic ] to the US Army.
Crypto AG was well thought of and the major weak point in security systems. Ditto for PGP versions later than PGP 6.58 All it needs for one man, Phil Zimmerman to cave into threats or temptation and millions of users are screwed. It is too easy.


NSA, Computers And Security
Security is a mess, for everyone, not just governments. Putting the NSA in charge would be a dreadful idea. They are more interested in breaking security than making it. We ALL use the same systems so the NSA is everyone's enemy. Bruce Schneier explains all. He is lucid as always.


Cypher Challenge
Enigma was the German system used during the war. Now a rebuilt system will transmit genuine messages for anyone to decrypt. The challenge was won by a German, a rather good one. See Cypher Challenge Winner.


Use Google and have all of your searches logged. Do you really want this? There are answers though. One is  Scroogle


Hints and Tips for Whistleblowers
This article is big, thorough and rather good. It was written by a programmer(?) who knows his stuff.


How Secure is America's Nuclear Arsenal?
The answer should be very secure. It isn't. The NSA has compromised the launch codes. All it takes is for someone to make off with them and Armageddon becomes reality.


Internet Privacy A Practical Guide
If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. That is their story. The truth is rather different. I know. I have been spied on by those wonderful people who run England. Here are some useful steps.


Laptop KeyLogger
This article is all too plausible. I have not checked the chip numbers but one is from the 4000 series which are CMOS logic chips like 74 series TTL. It could all be done in the BIOS, the permanent memory which connects hardware and software.


Phones tapped at the rate of 1,000 a day
Britain is in danger of becoming a "surveillance state" as authorities including councils launch bugging operations against 1,000 people a day........ The report,.........; has fuelled fears that Britain is becoming a state where private communications are routinely monitored. It also found that more than 1,000 of the bugging operations were flawed. In some cases, the phones of innocent people were tapped simply because of administrative errors.
Blair is grossly corrupt. He has done more to destroy liberty than any other prime minister. That ugly cow he takes to bed is part of it too.


PGP Encryption
High grade encryption for free is as good as it is going to get.


Proxy Servers
Are part of the answer. Do your surfing through another computer. Use Scroogle


Microsoft Versus The Customer
Microsoft is the enemy. Or to put it differently; they see us as their enemy to be robbed and cheated to the maximum. Selling shoddy goods and customer lock in  are what it all about. It is a matter of fact that Microsoft is run by a Jew.


Is well worth a visit.


Passports and RFID
Do you really want your passport being read by all and sundry from a distance?


Security as Theatre
Those security announcements keep on coming. Do they do any good? As far as security is concerned the answer is nothing. As a way of oppressing us and getting us to tolerate harassment by government snoops the answer is yes. Fred explains all.


Security Clearance
Making sure that government employees are not spying is sensible. Making sure that politicians are not traitors would be sensible too. That does not happen.


Security Outfits
Private outfits tend to come in for abuse especially if they are called Blackwater. They can be good, bad or indifferent. Do they come cheap? I seriously doubt it.


The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security
Some sound points from someone in the business.

Skype Security
Use your computer as a phone with Skype. Is it secure? It does have encryption. It might be implemented properly. It must be to be secure. Some one has an insider's view. But the Austrian government has broken in. Force majeure was the technique used. That means bullying.


Skype Security
Skype turns your computer into a phone that makes cheap calls worldwide. That is a big plus point. It also has encryption built in. That makes it better. How much better? It is a question.


Surveillance Cameras
Bruce Schneier explains again. They are a waste of money at best.


Is a tool for secure, online browsing. Take the time to learn how to use it.


Is a programme that creates an encrypted disc for you. It works on Windows XP and probably other operating systems too. It is recommended if PGP Disc is incompatible with your machine.


Why ZOG Hates Encryption
ZOG is short for the Zionist Occupation Government which runs your country. It is a tyranny, an enemy of freedom and that is why you need encryption.

National ID Cards [ 15 April 2005 ]
Are a terrible idea. Bruce Schneier explains why. But tyrants love them. BTW, two men on the 9/11 Job had valid American driving licences. Does national ID  work? See the next article.

Ring Smuggled 1,000 People [ 15 April 2005 ]
This little outfit is only one of several that have been caught moving people into Europe and America. Russian crooks are doing it. It is where the money is. Moving bodies, weapons and drugs is free trading but the security is the problem with it. Some of them are known to be terrorists.  Do Labour want to stop it? They have swallowed the Western Guilt theory that the left likes so no chance.


Airport Security - Blair Lied [ 27 August 2006 ]
Airports had a major security alert. Hundreds of thousands were held up and given major hassle and it was all based on a lie. At all events the excuse used was a lie, a deliberate lie and Blair knew it. Making explosive from innocuous looking liquids sounds plausible - if you are not a chemist. It is possible - if you are a chemist but not in an aircraft loo. Making TATP involves mixing the right chemicals at LOW temperature and waiting hours with first class ventilation. That means it is impossible in the current case.

Given that Blair and Bush lied we can wonder why. The security mobs have their agendas. So do politicians and feeding  us  lies is a way of terrorizing us and increasing their power. See State of Fear on the point. Political corruption is wide ranging and Blair's mob are setting records. They are also destroying the laws that protect us against a corrupt,  malicious state.

It does not follow that the Islamics taken prisoner are not guilty as Hell. England is full of bad tempered rogues in silly hats. Blair imports them as  matter of policy. Then Blair annoys them  by sending the British Army to kill Islamics in Iraq as a way of stealing oil for Israel. What is the pay off for England? Not a lot. Having an unscrupulous liar as Prime Minister is bad news. Even his own detest him and they know him better than us.
PS Did your wonderful local newspaper bother to tell you the truth about this one? Did the BBC, and the rest of the main stream media? You might think it worth writing to them to ask what the game is.


Blair Government Concocts Terror Threat - Scares British People Into Silence  [ 27 September 2006 ]
Some of them anyway. Most of us just ignore the swine and try to get on with our own lives. While they lie to us about making explosive from liquids carried onto aircraft Israelis have been murdering hundreds and thousands in Beirut but they are only foreigners.


US pushed MI5 into airport terror swoop  [ 1 October 2006 ]
They were going to stick the villain in one of their illegal prisons. This would be why MI5 lied to us about the liquid explosives. It is a blatant lie which any half way  competent chemist will be able to confirm. Hundreds of thousands were inconvenienced big time. Who cares? See Airport Security - Blair Lied for more and better details.


MI6, Liquid Bombing and Blatant Lies  [ 3 October 2006 ]
Happening upon retired Lieutenant-Colonel Nigel Wylde’s debunking of the August liquid-bomb Brothers Grimm story, posted on the Raw Story site, it immediately becomes obvious why the corporate media did not pick up the story.

Wylde, a former senior British Army Intelligence Officer, knows what he is talking about, as he was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his command of the Belfast Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit in 1974.
So does any one with more than a slight knowledge of chemistry. There is collusion between Secret Squirrel and Islamics too. See  US pushed MI5 into airport terror swoop and Airport Security - Blair Lied for more and better details.
Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.
Source - Otto von Bismarck who was in politics for real.


US prepares for killer prayer bead WMD attack [ 4 November 2006 ]
Did you know you can buy a WMD on eBay? It's true. Right here. Those are rosary peas, seeds of the Crab's Eye weed, which is commonplace in Florida and known as ratti in India. It also contains the protein abrin, which is more toxic than ricin, another similar enzyme.... [ Now we have ]  the US-led war on terror, a war in which the incompetent concoct terror scenarios about weapons of mass destruction, scenarios which toss common sense and critical-thinking out the window.
Remember the major airport security nausea a while ago. Islamics were going to make their own explosives in the air using innocuous liquids. It was a lie concocted by Her Majesty's Government that cost millions. Every chemist knows it is a lie but the main stream media didn't bother to tell us the truth. They are part of the problem too. See  We are being lied to big time, MI6, Liquid Bombing and Blatant LiesRaw Story, US pushed MI5 into airport terror swoop or Airport Security - Blair Lied for more and better details.  Here is another lie brewing up.


Airport Security - Blair Lied [ 14 November 2006  ]
Remember the major airport security nausea a while ago. Islamics were going to make their own explosives in the air using innocuous liquids. It was a lie concocted by Her Majesty's Government that cost millions. Every chemist knows it is a lie but the main stream media didn't bother to tell us the truth. They are part of the problem too. See  We are being lied to big time, MI6, Liquid Bombing and Blatant LiesRaw Story, US pushed MI5 into airport terror swoop or Airport Security - Blair Lied for more and better details.  Here is another lie brewing up.


Al-Qaeda to explode 30 jetliners and trains in Europe on Christmas eve   [ 14 November 2006  ]
Al-Qaeda may apparently be working on another grand terrorist act, this time for Europe. According to reports received from Western intelligence services, al-Qaeda's terrorists prepare to explode 30 planes and trains across Europe on Christmas time
Do we take these twerps seriously? They lied to us last time about liquid explosives being taken onto aircraft. Of course Blair is murdering Arabs but he has armed thugs protecting him from them and honest men. We just get to pay in blood and gold.


PGP Encryption Beats Criminal Investigators [ 10 February 2008 ]
BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) When Sebastien Boucher stopped at the U.S.-Canadian border, agents who inspected his laptop said they found files containing child pornography [ but they lied - Editor ].......... Now Boucher is caught in a cyber-age quandary: The government wants him to give up the password, but doing so could violate his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination by revealing the contents of the files.
Whether it will beat Secret Squirrel, the NSA, GCHQ et cetera is another issue. The answer is classified TOP SECRET or higher.


Encryption still good except when the computer sleeps  [ 26 February 2008 ]
A team of security researchers have demonstrated that common disk encryption technologies that are intended to keep data on computers safe from theft can be bypassed if an attacker gets a hold of the computer while it is sleeping or waiting for a password prompt.

The attack shows that the products like Microsoft's BitLocker and Apple's FileVault -- as well as PGP's Whole Disk Encryption product -- aren't as secure as many think they are. (See previous post with full explanation and video).....
In fact, this correspondent admits to having habitually left an encrypted laptop running in sleep mode in the past. That security sin shall not be repeated.
Security means assessing the risks and making the moves. This one means turn your machine off when you are not using it. Easy peasy.


High-Quality Cryptography - You Need It As Well    [ 26 February 2008 ]
....  our power-hungry federal government likes to unaccountably violate the 4th Amendment by intercepting citizens' and non-citizens' electronic communications......... The solution is wide deployment of high-quality encryption that is sufficiently difficult to crack that, with a limited budget, "our" government has to make practical choices regarding whose communications really merit the effort [ They should be doing it anyway - Editor ]. After all, it would be extremely embarrassing if a successful terrorist attack took out a vital national asset because the Department of Homeland Security was too busy decrypting my grocery list.

To be effective at protecting our privacy, then, the encryption must both be high-quality and widely used, even for matters that aren't especially important. 
More is better - the more people use it the safer we are. Her Majesty's Government is our enemy; a sad reality but true. But good encryption is free. It works on Windows. Get it from GPG4Win
Lock it or lose it.


41 Million Card Numbers Stolen [ 7 August 2008 ]
Federal prosecutors have charged 11 people with stealing more than 41 million credit and debit card numbers, cracking what officials said on Tuesday appeared to be the largest hacking and identity theft ring ever exposed. The thieves focused on major national retail chains like OfficeMax, Barnes & Noble, BJ’s Wholesale Club, the Sports Authority and T. J. Maxx — the discount clothes retailer that first suggested the existence of the ring early last year, when it said its systems had been breached by hackers.

Underscoring the multinational, collaborative aspect of organized crime today, three of the defendants are United States citizens, one is from Estonia, three are from Ukraine, two are from China and one is from Belarus. The name and whereabouts of the final defendant are unknown.....

“These guys were obviously sophisticated and organized,” said Toby Weiss, chief executive of Application Security, a database security firm. “In this economy, we can’t have people afraid to spend.”.
Governments tell us that our data is secure and they want more. Believe them if you want. They might even believe it themselves.


Create A Strong Password The Easy Way [ 1 August 2009 ]
Fix Your Terrible, Insecure Passwords in Five Minutes
Your passwords aren't very secure. Even if you think they are, they probably aren't............. I found a foolproof technique to create passwords that are near-impossible to crack yet easy to remember. Even better, it'll take just five minutes of your time. Ready?

Start with an original but memorable phrase. For this exercise, let's use these two sentences: I like to eat bagels at the airport and My first Cadillac was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota. The phrase can have something to do with your life or it can be a random collection of words—just make sure it's something you can remember..... Which brings us to Step 2: Turn your phrase into an acronym. Be sure to use some numbers and symbols and capital letters, too. I like to eat bagels at the airport becomes Ilteb@ta, and My first Cadillac was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota is M1stCwarlsIbaT.

That's it—you're done. These mnemonic passwords are hard to forget, but they contain no guessable English words.
Not a bad idea and it is about something that really matters.


TSA Security Checks Let 95% Of Weapons Through
Source Daily Mail by way of Fred On Everything - The Embassy In Bogota - A Descent Into The Third World 


Cameron Puts Jew In Charge Of Government Cyber Security [ 9 November 2015 ]
A chilling remark from a House of Lords debate just caught my eye.

[ The Jew ] Lord Mendelsohn: We welcome the appointment of the former British ambassador to Israel, [ the Jew ]Matthew Gould, who will have a key role in cybersecurity inside the Cabinet Office — a very useful and important position............

They must think we have very short memories. Gould was the first Jew ever to hold the post of Britain’s ambassador to Israel. He describes himself as a “passionate” Zionist and whilst in Tel Aviv was instrumental in setting up the UK-Israel Tech Hub..........

Four years ago Craig Murray, a former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, argued that British policy was being driven in an underhanded fashion by the Israel Lobby. He linked . Gould with the Fox-Werritty scandal and raised questions about meetings between disgraced former Defense Minister Liam Fox and Fox’s friend/adviser Adam Werritty (who was backed financially by Israel lobbyists but had no security clearance and therefore no authorized role) and Gould..........

Labour MP Paul Flynn [ an honest man ] remarked that no previous ambassadors to Israel had been Jewish so as to avoid conflict of interest and accusations of going native. He immediately came under intense flak. Flynn too asked about meetings between Werritty and Gould, as some reports suggested that Gould, Werritty and Fox discussed a potential military strike on Iran with Mossad. “I do not normally fall for conspiracy theories,” said Flynn, “but the ambassador has proclaimed himself to be a Zionist and he has previously served in Iran.”......

Gould’s new job as head of The Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA) involves giving strategic direction to cyber security and information assurance for the UK. This includes e-crime, working with private sector partners on exchanging information, and engaging with international partners in improving the security of cyberspace and information security. Does it seem right for such a person to be in charge of crucial security matters at the heart of our government? What was in fellow Zionist David Cameron’s mind when he appointed him?

Well, here’s a possible clue. In March of this year Francis Maude [ a Traitor - see Treason At Maastricht - Editor ], the previous Cabinet Office minister responsible for cyber security, announced three UK-Israel academic collaboration ventures with cyber research funding, the partnerships being University of Bristol/Bar Ilan University, University College London/Bar Ilan University and University of Kent/University of Haifa..........

Still sitting comfortably? Only this week the Cameron government was lecturing us on threats to national security and announcing plans to trawl through our personal emails and web browsers in order to “keep us safe”. Question is, who trawls Gould’s private emails?
Is putting an enemy alien in charge of security a good idea? NO! It is what the American government did with the Department of Homeland Security. Now  Her Majesty's Government has followed suit. You don't have to be Paranoid but you should be. As The Atlantic explains If You Are Not Paranoid You're Crazy. Trusting Her Majesty's Government, believing that it is not controlled by the Puppet Masters, by the Enemy Within is being naive albeit some of The Atlantic's examples are badly chosen.



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