Is an aspect of security. Here are some sources. Take the point that the major espionage operations carried out by the NSA are tools for controlling people, especially politicians. They know who is going to which porn site, phoning his mistress, where he is. It goes on and on - see Surveillance And Scandal for more and better details. It is systematic crime but a very cost effective way of making others do what the American government wants. Now we know that Blair is screwing Rupert Murdoch's wife. But he was doing what he was told. Whoops.

One obvious way to ruin your hopes of privacy is to use Cloud Computing. The obvious answer; use a hard drive as backup.

Privacy Tools
You need them. They are out there. Get them while the getting is good.



Big Brother Is Watching You
The excuses are lies. They like power. They want power. They are granting themselves power.


Nothing To Hide
I have nothing to hide sounds good. It is a point of view with subtle errors. Don't believe it.


Privacy Policy
My privacy policy is simple and to the point.


Privacy and Security
Privacy invasions can be damaging and difficult to sort out. Here are some pointers on dealing with them.


Privacy Questions
To get the right answers you need to ask the right questions. Bruce Schneier makes suggestions.


Is a tool for secure, online browsing. Take the time to learn how to use it.


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