There are three great religions in the West, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They came along in that order and they all came out of the Near East. Buddhism and Hinduism arose in the East and have tended to stay there so they been far less troublesome for us. There are other odd ball outfits too - see under. Secular Humanism

Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.

Is the belief that there are no Gods. It is widely accepted in practice.


Two Germans tell us about Tibetan Buddhism. It is not so nice as one might have thought.


Christianity is a spent force as a religion but it is hugely important in its legacy because it shaped Western civilization. It is under attack by atheists and other enemies who are keen to point out some of the nastier aspects and ignore its great virtues and the basic fact that Western civilization with all its faults is the one that has done the most for world prosperity and decency.


Is the newest religion and the one that is taken seriously by its adherents. Very few people are more than nominal Christians. It is probably the same with Jews. Islamics have a track record of viciousness and enthusiasm for conquering the West in order to convert it by force. Western politicians allow them to come because they are corrupt or fools. It is a way of getting votes. Appeasing Islamics pays off like appeasing Adolf but only  in the short term. The price is paid later in blood.


The original Jews were pastoral people in the Palestine area but they became very unpopular. They spread out and got themselves hated in lots of other countries too. Khazars took to Judaism with the result that most Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia are not in fact Semites. They have been kicked out of more than a hundred countries to date - see Jewish Expulsions. Perhaps that is why most of them pretend that they are not Jewish in the first place. They are traders and political manipulators who made themselves rich and hated but don't seem to thought that it might be a good idea to clean up their act.


Secular Humanism
Is a variant of Atheism


The Bible
This is the book of the film so to speak. Its importance is declining as the Koran becomes more influential - among Third World savages.


Tend to spring up when someone fancies his chances. Lawrence in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom tells us that the edge of the desert has many such that never made the big time. Here is comment.


They are pretty decent bunch in my experience. Insiders do leave from time to time. Here is one man's explanation.


Pascal's Wager
We have to bet that God exists or not. Assuming He does means living accordingly. Going the other way might mean losing big time.


The Religious Right
Are a peculiar lot being manipulated by seriously unpleasant rogues.


It is a bunch of crooks on the make and mugs being robbed blind.


Zionism is a political movement but it is based on the claims that the Jews have a religion and a right to the land of Palestine. They robbed the Palestinians by cunning and they hold Palestine by force. Adolf held his empire by force too - for a while. It is the case that most Zionists are atheists or at least not practicing Jews.  In fact there are significant numbers of religious Jews who hold that Israel, the Stolen Land should not exist.


Every Religious Outfit In England Wants More Third Parasites Imported [ 23 September 2016 ]
The “Interfaith Refugee Initiative” issued an open letter to the British government this week, signed by more than 200 of the country’s church leaders, bishops, rabbis, and other religious figures.
The leaders have taken a position. The customers, the huddled peasant masses have not. These morally superior characters are Christian as well as Jew & other heathens. One great religious figure who did not join this propaganda operation is the Dalai Lama but then he knows a lot about the reality of Ethnic Fouling & Genocide. What would the result of importing more be? See e.g. the next couple.






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