Racism in Foreign Parts

Some of the guilty are named. Political manipulators, subversives and politicians use various people as secular saints. The truth behind the lies exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.


Racist? Those lovely people in Mexico? I don't think so either


Racism In South Africa

Racism is all right if white men are the victims. Ask any communist subversive.


List of race riots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Wiki might be objective in this case. It is certainly a starting point for getting answers.


Gandhi Was A Racist And Hitler Admirer [ 15 May 2008 ]
WASHINGTON – In fact, Gandhi's name has come up repeatedly in the Democratic presidential race – with both Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., outspoken admirers of the Indian independence leader – perceived as a virtual 20th century saint thanks to mythologizing books and movies. Yet, the
real Gandhi was.... an anti-black racist, an admirer of Adolf Hitler, a critic of George Washington and a man who believed Jews should not have resisted Nazi Germany's efforts to exterminate them.
Here are some of the lesser-known quotations from Gandhi's explosive writings:........

Gandhi did extraordinary things. His independence movement in India led to one of the most massive and bloodiest population movements in history.
Gandhi was like the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, a useful front man for political manipulators and subversives. Death made them even more useful because they could be sold as secular saints.

Useful Idiots In New Zealand Inciting Apartheid [ 29 October 2007 ]
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has launched a scathing attack on racial separatism, accusing protesters marching against the police terror raids a fortnight ago of supporting apartheid...... Mr Peters said the hundreds of people [ Useful Idiots ] protesting against the arrest of Tuhoe activist Tame Iti were not marching because he was guilty or innocent. That was not yet known. "They are marching because he is brown,"... Militant separatists were also taxpayer-sponsored, "rejecting all our values excepting collecting the dole each fortnight"..
Mr Peters tells it like it is. Mr Peters is half Maori.


Sex and Race in Okinawa [ 9 January 2006 ]
They told us that the locals were very annoyed about GIs raping someone [ of 12 ]. They were very close mouthed about the colour of the guilty [ black ].


Racism Has Victims
Blacks riot. Blacks destroy their own property. Their house prices go down. Their house prices stay down. Blacks lose. More fool them. This article gives several examples.


An unfit regime  [ 25 October 2005 ]
Since Assad's Syria uses terrorist means to enact its policy it will have to brought to account.
UNQUOTE ex the  Haaretz front page

Sounds fair but sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The Jewish track record of evil is long and wide. The Holocaust boondoggle is just one aspect. The ethnic cleansing in Palestine is much like Nazi operations in occupied Europe.


Saddam refuses to cave in at trial  [ 20 October 2005 ]
He is charged with 140 murders. That leaves him far behind Bush and Blair with 100,000 and rising. They are getting away with it. Why shouldn't he?


Iraqi ministers on graft charges [ 12 October 2005 ]
In power for a month or so and he has nicked $1 billion already. I am surprised that they noticed what with George throwing all of those billions at his little mates from Halliburton. This one is making Enron look like amateurs.


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