Sex and Race in Okinawa


Sex and Race in Okinawa [ June 2001 ]
A black sergeant of the USAF raped a girl in Okinawa or not as the case may be and made a major contribution to race relations there. The locals are furious. Fair enough and it is by no means the first time. The fact that Japs go over to Okinawa to have dealings with them does not help her case. The 1995 rapes by blacks causes major outrage and a media cover up. Searching on Yahoo! for okinawa gi rape black got 1,860 hits which is not a lot.

Japan Review admits the fact of the 1995 rapes but conceals the colour of the rapists. Okinawa, Then and Now lists crimes but not colour but then it was written by an aspiring journo. Naomi's Okinawa Connection - Guestbook - April 1998 confirms rape and colour.


On the town with the U.S. military in Korea
No matter how bad you think the American army is, you are wrong. It is worse. Segregation happens. No love is lost by blacks or on blacks.


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