Propaganda Outfits

Mind control is based on what we know, what we believe, what we want and what we fear. That is why propaganda operations control the main stream media. Other smaller operations take positions using the truth or not, using facts of not. Selective reporting is just one approach to misleading us. There are a lot of people out there putting views. I am just one but I think I am open about it. I use sources which I think are at least moderately reliable. Others......? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. But always remember what the great propagandist said:-

"All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news."
Willi Münzenberg

Hollywood's Agenda And The Power Behind It
Hollywood is run by Jews with an agenda. Hollywood is propaganda machine that affects the most sophisticated. Hollywood is an enemy of civilization.


International Russell Tribunal
When politicians escape justice because they run the system, this tribunal runs, sometimes. It helps embarrass war criminals like Blair.


Olympic Corruption
Were the Olympics propaganda? They most certainly were. Did people notice? 85% did not. 99% is better for the manipulators. This was a major Psyop, a psychological operation. Marketing Multiculturalism with an audience of billions; that is what it was all about and highly successful to boot.


Jews' Front Organizations
They have hundreds. These are just some that do not advertise their allegiance to Israel.


This mob is honest to a slight extent. It does not pretend that it is not run by Jews for Jews. It may well be that it should be registered as an agent of  a foreign power since it is run by Zionist crazies acting for the murderous regime in Tel Aviv.
PS Two of their men are currently on trial in America for espionage.


Daniel Goldhagen
Is a Jew, a liar and a propaganda front man.


Middle East Media Research Institute - Executive summary:- They are Zionist Jews colluding in mass murder.
Is run by Jews as an anti-Palestinian operation. They include
Yigal Carmon
MEMRI's founder and President. Carmon is fluent in Arabic. He served as Colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Branch from 1968 to 1988. He was Acting Head of Civil Administration in the West Bank and the adviser on Arab Affairs to the Civil Administration from 1977 to 1982.

Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli
He spent most of his professional career at the World Bank, and has consulted for the International Monetary Fund. Dr. Raphaeli, an Iraqi-born Israeli.

Prof. Menahem Milson
is a professor at Hebrew University in Arabic literature, and has served as head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. Between 1976 to 1978, then-Minister of Defense Shimon Peres appointed Milson as an adviser on Arab affairs to the Israeli military where he became the No. 2 adviser. In 1981, then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon returned Milson as head of the Civil Administration of the West Bank and Gaza. Milson served in that position until he resigned in 1982.

Meyrav Wurmser
(co-founding Executive Director). Wurmser was one of the authors of the "Clean Break" document which proposed reshaping Israel's "strategic environment" in the Middle East, starting with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


Runnymede Trust - A Propaganda Operation Set Up By Jews
The Runnymede Trust is a leading pro-multiculturalism think tank founded in 1968 by Jim Rose [ Jew, in crowd, RAF, Bletchley, racist, traitor? ] and Anthony Lester [  Jew ], with aim of acting as an independent race equality think tank by generating intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement. Its current Director is Dr. Rob Berkeley and its current Chairman is Clive Jones CBE.

Who Cares About the White Working Class?
In 2009, Runnymede published a collection of essays by leading thinkers on race and class considering the relationship between social class and race equality. They argued [ claimed/alleged ] that while the white working class is discriminated against on a range of different fronts, but they are not discriminated against because they are white.
Jews on the make will tell any lie they think they can get away with. The claim that honest working men are not screwed because they are English is an example.


Project Syndicate
Another internationalist operation, an enemy of Western Civilization.


Is a propaganda machine run in the Zionist interest. It is run by Joseph Farah of Syrian parentage. He is sound on Obama, the citizen of Kenya and illegal president.


Pope Goes Easy On Paedophiles Says The Economist  [ 18 March 2017 ]
The Economist might be telling the truth.


The Economist Goes Easy On Jewish Paedophiles Perverts [ 18 March 2017 ]
So do the rest of the Main Stream Media but the Failed Messiah, an honest Jew tells the truth; he gave us 2,446 posts about Paedophile Jews at Mikva Abuse



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