Post Marxists

Marx was the man who told us that the workers were being screwed and that they should do something about it. Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Antonio Gramsci was later the chief theoretician of the communist party in Italy. He noticed that they had not risen up; that they were enmeshed in society. His insight was that revolution would be achieved by destroying the institutions that held society together and that were society. Post Marxists have taken his position on board and are busy destroying our institutions. They are have infiltrated the whole English speaking world in politics, business, education, law,  religion and especially the media. They are attacking the family, the fundamental unit of society from the outside.

Marx was about destroying civilization from the bottom up. Gramsci was about destroying it from the top down. He got it right and his techniques are being used against us now. Curiously his followers do not seem to realise that they are cutting their own throats too.

Here are some of the guilty. They would claim that their Hard Left connections are behind them. This is more or less true. They would claim that they are going to make the world a better place but they are keeping quiet about what they are achieving and how. The Conservative Party are too stupid to realize what has been done to them and to England.

The links go the Wikipedia entries all of which manage to tread lightly or not all over their past. This tells us more about Wikipedia than the guilty. It is entirely reasonable to regard the encyclopaedia as part of a post Marxist conspiracy. Actually it is more an unspoken agreement among the influential. They went to the same universities. They swallowed the same lies from the same subversives. They go with the flow. They get on by getting on with others of the same bent.

Is Her Majesty's Prime Minister [  - 2007 ] which is about as good as it gets in English politics. He has no very obvious political convictions apart from a desire to climb the greasy pole. He is widely regarded as an unprincipled liar who sent our armed forces to Iraq on a basis of fraudulent intelligence. Impeachment proceedings were put before the House but were voted down on political grounds as distinct from the merits of the case. It is a matter of fact that he has made bad law which is destroying our political freedom and judicial protection from a malicious Executive. He has also reemployed political colleagues after their misbehaviour which demonstrates a lack of principle. He is a big man when it comes to the freebies that come his way.


Is a sour, canting, spendthrift  rogue. He claims that he is prudent in finance. He lies. He is screwing the tax payer while using privatization to raise gigabucks and waste them. He complained about Maggie doing it. Now he has power and he loves it. He may not be milking the system for his personal benefit which makes him a very odd man out in this gang.


Mandelson ex Wiki
The Wikipedia tells us that he is a criminal [  mortgage fraud ] and a homosexual but skates over the important detail; how he got away with it. Politicians have power. Blair knew that he was bent and didn't care in the least. The Wikipedia also fails to mention that he is a Jew. He was one of the Gang of Four who  are New Labour and took over the Labour Party. He was important in the propaganda side.

He was a communist, did PPE at St Catherine's College, Oxford. Television producing and Parliament came later. He was one of Blair's chief apparatchiks. He also tried to  help a rich  Indian, one Hinduja get a passport. He was given a job in Europe because the Hinduja stain had not worn off.


John Reid




Stephen Byers


Alan Milburne


Margaret Hodge


Paul Boateng
Was born in Hackney of mixed Ghanaian and Scottish ancestry  becoming a solicitor then a barrister specializing in civil rights cases. He  supported Livingstone. He objected to the way that police dealt with ethnics. He became "more moderate" under Kinnock when was getting power.


Charles Clarke
Did maths and economics at King's College, Cambridge so he is moderately intelligent. As Home Secretary he is the front man for the destruction of centuries of law that protect Englishmen against malicious prosecution by the State and imprisonment using enemy foreigners which Labour have imported as the excuse.


George Bush and his Marxist Handlers
Make that Zionist and I would agree totally but the difference is slight. It means much the same men. They are more cunning than Joe and Lenin. They are the enemy within using Gramsci's post Marxist techniques. Being at the very top apart from their front man is as good as it gets for a traitor or a subversive. They control Bush and get a Marxist agenda running for them. It is a Zionist agenda too. Add in gross financial irresponsibility and wonder when it is all going to fall apart. John Laughland writes in The Spectator [ page 42 et seq on 5 November 2005 - a significant date for Parliament  and Guy Fawkes ] and explains. The Wikipedia does not approve of him which is a point in his favour.


George Bush and his Marxist Handlers tells us about:-


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