Peter Hitchens

Is a journalist and political writer. of strong views He was a Marxist which means that he understands them in a way that I never could. He has changed to a much more conservative way of thinking and argues against many left wing positions in The Abolition of Britain He knows the logic of their positions. This makes his books worth reading and makes you realise just how much has been changed and how much for the worse.

A large part of the Marxist's  success comes from finding and infiltrating the moral vacuum left by the rise of science and the fall of religion especially Christianity. How many bishops in the Church of England believe what the Bible says and how many are going through the motions?

He tells us that they are humanists [ see Humanism ] and atheists who object to hanging on the grounds  that  a man has  no soul. It would follow that when he dies he has lost everything. There are men walking the streets this day having gotten away with murder, men who will go on to do it again. The innocent suffer; they lose all. The left cares not.

The left harass  smokers, passing laws against them on the grounds that their problems are self inflicted but they take a highly indulgent line on AIDS sufferers; the overwhelming majority of whom came to the disease by way of self indulgence. But homosexuals are one of the left's favoured groups so they get millions thrown at them.

Liberals [ American for the left ] pushed for female contraception in order to break the connection between sex and children. They wanted sexual intercourse to be an entertainment and sterile without consequences. This helps explain their enthusiasm for homosexuality.

Believing that there is no afterlife means that it makes sense to have fun now, to be a hedonist. It can lead people to believe that there is no point in having children with the hard work that they bring. It is certainly something that has happened. Women go out to work to get money. Children do not arrive as a result. Islamics have not fallen for this one.

Teachers do not teach any more on the grounds that rote learning is bad. They promote discovery which in practice means that children learn far less and do not even learn how to learn. If you cannot read you cannot access English literature. Teachers hate literature and promote their own brand of racist rubbish, while claiming that it superior to Shakespeare, who ever he was.

He has nothing to say about the mass immigration that has been inflicted on England and indeed the whole of Christendom. It is causing huge changes for the worse which seem to leave the left indifferent at best. Perhaps their enthusiasm is explained by Western Guilt, the proposition that white men are supremely evil. They will be learning about the stupidity and viciousness of blacks and Islamics the hard way in a decade or to.

Much of this destruction has been wrought as a result of Antonio Gramsci's incitement of post Marxists and their long march through the institutions.

For a brief biography of the man and a fairly neutral view see  Peter Hitchens. But its neutrality has been disputed. Politics can rear its ugly head and often does.


A Marxist Jew Recants After A Fashion [ 18 January 2014 ]
Peter Hitchens
claims that he is not a Jew now or even a Trotskyist. He says they inflicted their flood of
Third World aliens on us because they hate us & hate England. Socialism starts with sympathy for the underdog then briskly becomes hate. That is what drove Marx. Read the Communist Manifesto to see it.



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