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News is bad news. Good news does not sell so well. But we can still wonder about the kind of people that make it into the news and the kind that do not get a mention. Can this much bad news be the result of malice? Given that I prefer reports from Jewish sources the answer is probably not. Given that the media is largely Jewish owned one can see why news editors can be and are very selective about what they print. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


David Irving says Jews should ask themselves why they are hated
"They [Jews] should ask themselves the question, 'Why have they been so hated for 3000 years that there has been pogrom after pogrom in country after country?', said Irving, speaking at a press conference he convened in England on Friday, a day after he was
released from an Austrian prison .

Irving's comments aroused great anger within Britain's Jewish community. [ Why? What is wrong with them?  Editor ]

Lord Janner, president of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said Irving's release was "unwarranted" and that Irving's "latest comments were totally to be expected and should be totally ignored."  [ He said nothing about Jewish paedophiles though - Editor ]
Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Israel, said Irving's behaviour since his release in evidence that he should have remained in prison
It is a fair question and deserves an honest answer. The next stage would be cleaning up their act. Compensating Palestinians for years of murders and ethnic cleansing would a good start and go down like a cup of cold sick with God's Chosen People.

Jew, Politician, Finance Minister And Thief  [ 5 May 2008 ]
MK [ member of Parliament ] Abraham Hirchson will be indicted on charges of embezzlement, aggravated bribery, corporate breach of trust, money laundering and falsifying corporate documents..........

Hirchson headed.... Nili, an association that ran a network of kindergartens, he and others stole approximately NIS 4 million for Hirchson and for themselves. In 2003 he was appointed chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee.
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Robbing children goes down badly, even in Israel. Making him finance minister tells us a lot about the Jewish approach to money.

Israeli Labour Minister's Corruption Was Gross And Normal   [ 2 April 2008 ]
Labour contractor Moshe Sela, who specializes in foreign workers, was sitting in his Jerusalem office one night in 2001 when his secretary told him that then labor minister Shlomo Benizri wanted him urgently on the phone.......... "He told me: 'Moshe, you must run to the rabbi right now. He is weeping for sorrow, because he lacks money to pay salaries to his yeshiva students.' I asked Shlomo, 'how much does he need?' He told me about half a million dollars. I told him, 'I have $400,000 here, I'm going now.'" ...........

Two years ago, the story of a labor contractor who brought a bag full of dollars in the dead of night to the spiritual mentor of a cabinet minister with the power to help or hinder his business might have sounded like an Israeli rip-off of The Godfather. But yesterday, with the Jerusalem District Court's conviction of Benizri for taking bribes, it became clear that this story was merely one piece of an ugly mosaic, and that the money Sela gave to Elbaz at Benizri's urging was a real-life bribe..........
Anyone who reads the thousands of pages of testimony and documents amassed by the police in this case will receive an instructive lesson in the corrupt, ugly way Israel's civil service runs. He will discover other incidents that were no less grave, but that did not result in indictments............
Corruption in Israel is in depth, deep seated and wide ranging. Olmert, the Prime Minister has light fingers. The President is a rapist. It goes on and on.

Jew Advocated Castrating Lunatics - Herr Doktor Mengele Vindicated   [ 3 March 2008 ]
Castrating the mentally ill, encouraging reproduction among families "numbered among the intelligentsia" and limiting the size of "families of Eastern origin" and "preventing ... lives that are lacking in purpose" - these proposals are not from some program of the Third Reich but rather were brought up by key figures in the Zionist establishment of the Land of Israel during the period of the British Mandate. It turns out there was a great deal of enthusiasm here for the improvement of the hereditary characteristics of a particular race (eugenics). This support, which has been kept under wraps for many years, is revealed in a study that examines the ideological and intellectual roots at the basis of the establishment of the health system in Israel.

In various countries laws were passed that allowed for the forced sterilization of "hereditary paupers, criminals, the feeble-minded, tuberculous, shiftless and ne'er-do-wells." In the United States, up until 1935, about 20,000 people - "insane," "feeble-minded," immigrants, members of ethnic minorities and people with low IQs - were forcibly sterilized, most of them in California. The Californian law was revoked only in 1979.
God's Chosen People are deeply racist. They have the gall to complain about the Nazis who were much nicer people.
PS Searching for "Dr. Joseph Meir" on the Haaretz site draws blank. It is there but they are not very proud of the swine.

Israel's Prime Minister's Son Going To Prison For Fraud  [ 27 February 2008  ]
Omri Sharon, a former Knesset member and the son of former prime minister Ariel Sharon, will Wednesday begin serving a seven-month prison term for fraud related to his father's 1999 Likud primary campaign. He is expected to report by 10 A.M. to the Tel Aviv District Court, where an Israel Prisons Service vehicle will depart for one of its facilities in the central city of Ramle. In 2006, Sharon was convicted of violating campaign finance laws, falsifying corporate documents and perjury. He was fined NIS 300,000 [
circa US$83,000 ] and sentenced to nine months in jail, which was later reduced to seven months.
Sharon will probably serve his sentence at Maasiyahu Prison, a minimum-security prison near Ramle. During his stay, he is expected to work as a teacher for other inmates.
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Seven months in a soft nick for fraud and perjury mean he got off lightly. What will he be teaching other crooks in prison? Cooking the books sounds likely. He won't meet the President of Israel though. See Israel's President Beats The Rape Raps - No Prison Time


A great day for rapists - a Jew writes  [ 27 February 2008  ]
High Court’s ruling [
that let the Israeli President get away with it - Editor ] a victory for men who want to get away with hurting women The State Prosecutor’s Office, greedy attorneys, the police, and the High Court of Justice won. The woman only known as “A.” lost, along with other battered women, but A. tops the list.  She was unable to overcome the top lawyers and all their money. She lost on behalf of all women; any woman who seeks to charge a man who hurt her in the face of heartless lawyers.
A Jew writes about a Jew and his victims. It isn't quite that simple really. There are some lying rat bags out there but then he is a Jew making a case so truth is not a consideration. More at  Rape Special

Israel's President Beats The Rape Raps - No Prison Time  [ 26 February 2008 ]
The High Court of Justice on Tuesday approved the plea bargain signed with former president Moshe Katsav over alleged sex crimes..... The petitions were filed in response to Mazuz's decision in June 2007 to sign a plea bargain with Katsav that eliminated the two counts of rape that had appeared in the draft indictment. It also eliminated several other charges that had appeared in the draft indictment, including two counts of forcible indecent assault, and one of sexual intercourse while exploiting an employer-employee relationship.

The plea bargain includes only minor sexual offences - one count of indecent assault involving pressure and one of sexual harassment - and would give Katsav a suspended sentence rather than actual jail time. 
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Israel's President turned me into sex slave
The head politician sets the tone, doesn't he? It is foul but then they are Jews, Zionist Jews with ethnic cleansing a speciality.


President Of Israel To Be Charged With Multiple Rape
Attorney General Mazuz decides to file indictment Tuesday afternoon against president; Katsav's lawyer convinced A-G will reverse decision... President Moshe Katsav will be charged with a series of sexual offences, including rape, and breach of trust, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided Tuesday......

Should Katsav be convicted of rape he could face a maximum 16-year jail sentence. Under Israeli penal law the court could rule to reduce the sentence to four years under "special circumstances [
like he's our little mate - Editor ]."......

The president had also been accused of pardoning prisoners and illegal wiretapping. However, these allegations were dropped due to lack of evidence.
You don't have to believe that Jews are vicious and corrupt but it helps. The Prime Minister is trying to beat a number of fraud raps too. Notice that the main stream media has gone very quiet about this one.


Rape Special 
Read some of the murky details. It was reported in Israel. The rest of us get the big cover up.

Holocaust survivors paid $8 billion, urge more litigation [ 17 February 2008 ]
Ambassador Christian Kennedy, a U.S. diplomat seeking compensation and restitution for Holocaust survivors and descendants of victims said Wednesday that cash payments have reached about $8 billion but negotiations for more have so far remained fruitless.

Kennedy and a delegation of Holocaust survivors addressed the House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, and insisted negotiations for more payments continue. They complained that life insurance and other policies held by Holocaust victims have been ignored by European insurance companies and that compensation for property seized by the Nazis or the communist governments that followed them in Eastern and Central Europe was insufficient.

"With so much loss of life and the horrors of the Holocaust, there can never be adequate compensation to the victims, particularly at this late date," Kennedy said. "Our work surely embodies an effort to obtain 'imperfect justice.'
They want justice it seems but not from the Israeli government which took Brer Hun for the thick end of US$80 BILLION but didn't bother to see Holocaust survivors real and alleged all right or from banks in Israel which are still holding out on them [ see Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims ] Then there is The World Jewish Congress which made off with US$20 BILLION and had a lot of fun spending it. The claimants know that getting money out of a Jew is like getting blood out of a stone.

Jews Uprooted 200 Palestinian Olive Trees [ 4 February 2008 ]
Palestinian residents of the West Bank village of Jit claimed Sunday that settlers living in the neighbouring Havat Gilad outpost have uprooted some 200 olive seedlings belonging to villagers during the night.....

Rabbi Arik Asherman of the Rabbis for Human Rights organization, which helped the Palestinians plant the trees, told Ynet that the IDF forces stationed in the region should increase the monitoring of the settlers, whom he claimed were behind a similar act of vandalism two weeks ago. The area where the trees have been uprooted

"In June 2006, the High Court ruled that the army must allow the village farmers to access their land and that the IDF must protect the trees," Asherman added. "While the access issue has indeed improved, the subject of protecting the trees has not."
Ethnic cleansing is the name of the game and always has been. Jews want Lebensraum.. What Palestinians want in their own land is a mere detail of history.

Holocaust® Story Matters. Holocaust Survivors Do Not  [ 22 January 2008 ]
JERUSALEM — An Israeli government offer of a new $20 monthly stipend for Holocaust survivors provoked outrage Tuesday, with survivors charging the meagre allowance will do nothing to make up for [
over sixty ] years of neglect of the 240,000 Israelis who lived through Nazi horrors. Survivors have long claimed that European countries treat them far better than Israel, where many elderly survivors live in poverty...........

Critics maintain that more of the nearly $80 billion in reparations Israel has received in compensation from Germany should have gone to the survivors. A large percentage of the money, which was paid beginning in the 1950s as Israelis struggled to build their fledgling state, went to the military and for infrastructure.
Murdering Arabs was more important than looking after survivors. The Holocaust story may be the world's biggest boondoggle ever.
PS Brer Hun has been robbed blind but doesn't seem to have woken up to the fact. In fact they are still being fed the hard luck stories by the main stream media - Jewish Groups Call
Holocaust Compensation Unacceptable These are the groups robbing the survivors. Perhaps the German media is on a percentage of the take.

'Jew' is a curse among German youth [ 12 January 2008 ]
German schools are failing in educating students about the Holocaust, a new study by a political education centaur has found, as German youth, who one historian said use the word "Jew" as a common curse in daily discourse, are increasingly distant from the suffering of the victims of Nazism.

According to a study commissioned by the Federal Agency for Civic Education, a political education centaur [ sic ] known by its German acronym BPB, history courses no longer manage to teach Germany's younger generation of the horrors of the Nazis............ "The entire time we stood before the crematoriums of Auschwitz, the students took more interest in the types of pipes used to pump in the lethal Zyklon B gas, and not the fate of the Nazis victims," a teacher was quoted as saying.............. Experts are quoted in the study as saying that there is a marked rise in the number of Muslims in Germany, many of whom see the teaching of the Holocaust as a veiled endorsement of the policies of the state of Israel. [
They are absolutely right of course but mass murder is different when Jews are the perpetrators - Editor ]

"The word 'Jew' has turned into one of the most common curse words among students in both east and west Germany," said Gottfried Cosler, a Frankfurt-based Holocaust scholar. [
It is shorter and more offensive than Arschloch - Editor ]
You can fool some of the people all of the time et cetera. Brainwashing is not working in Germany. This is encouraging. Perhaps they should be told that the criminals who run the Holocaust industry are screwing the victims, real and alleged. As a result a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. But of course the Holocaust is a political asset and the survivors are mug punters.

Jews Rob Holocaust® Survivors [ 6 January 2008 ]
A survivors' group is calling for the immediate distribution of assets owned by Jews believed to have perished in the Holocaust and says a company set up to deal with such assets is slowing the process. Over the past few months, The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel has launched a campaign against The Holocaust Victims Assets Restitution (HVAR), demanding that it transfer its assets estimated at NIS 700 million without delay and that it include the Foundation among the beneficiaries.
Jews rob people. Jews rob Jews. This is kind of democratic. They have had sixty years to pay survivors but if they wait another sixty they won't have to give them a thing. They will be able to hang on to the money and spend it on wine, women, song, fun, jewels, fast cars, gambling, whoopee. 

That is exactly what they said about those nasty Swiss banks that held onto all of that money belonging to those poor victims of Adolf. In the meanwhile a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. Who cares? 

Not Rabbi Singer for starters. He ran the World Jewish Congress and extorted $20 BILLION. He was having a lot of fun doing it until he got sacked for thieving. The Claims Conference was allegedly in the business of paying victims. It was also run by Singer even after he was kicked out of the WJC.
Of course Jewish banks, never slow to see an opportunity cheated them too. See Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims

The Jewish government thought that cheating was the way to go. Offering Holocaust survivors $20 a month went down like a cup of cold sick. The comedian who made the offer is the Prime Minister of Israel and a thief. At all events the police seem to think so and they are investigating multiple frauds. Haaretz tells us that the Holocaust is a political asset and the survivors are pawns. The Holocaust® is a big money boondoggle. The bottom line is gigabucks and tax free to boot.

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