Islamic Invasion

They invaded in 732 AD and were held at the gates of Vienna. They made it to Tours in France in 1683 AD. They held a large part of Spain until 1492 AD. That was when Ferdinand and Isabella united the country and got rid of them. Now they are infiltrating Christendom with the connivance of our rulers, post Marxist subversives and traitors; essentially the bulk of our ruling classes. Their arrivals have now, in 2015 AD turned into a flood of millions.  

The reasons given to Lenin's Useful Idiots are based on the idea of Western Guilt, the idea that we did Blacks down. The Education industry & Main Stream Media have been used to market systematic lies. 


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Islam - Religion of  Peace
Some examples of Islamic peace keeping operations. The idea is simple. Attack them until they go away. Then you have peace among the ruins.


Islamic Massacres
There have been all too many.


Muslim conquests
Were extensive. They were thrown back from the Gates of Vienna in 1683 AD. Now  they are back again due to the treason of Europe's rulers.


Iran to take revenge on Denmark with Holocaust cartoons  [ 8 February 2006 ]
Sounds good to me. Will we be allowed to publish with murder threats?


New Policy - Extremists face investigation  [ 8 February 2006 ]
Ethnics get away with it. That is policy. Pretending to make them obey the law is policy too - the pretence that is. If Englishmen threaten murder they get harassed with the full weight of malicious prosecutors.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Beirut [ 6 February 2006 ]
Lebanese are keen racists. They are inciting murder too. Burning the Danish embassy down was just for giggles and to prove that they meant it. Islam is a religion of peace according to post Marxist subversives and fans of Antonio Gramsci, chief theoretician of the communist party.


Danish Imams Urge Calm Over Muhammad Cartoons [ 2 February 2006 ]
Some one had the bottle to publish them. Here is one. See the rest at jyllands-posten.jpg


Islamics Beat Wives. Islamics Rape Australian Women. Islamics Attack Australians  [ 30 January 2006 ]
Lebanese go to the Cronulla Riots and attack life guards. Violence ensues. Police arrest Australians. Lebanese get away with it because they vote Labor [ sic ].
PS, Islamic women wear clothes to cover the bruises.
PPS, if you want to marry an Islamic go and talk to your psychiatrist. He can put you in a lunatic asylum until the feeling goes away.


Police 'told not to antagonise Lebanese'  [ 27 January 2006 ]
Let them get away with it because they vote Labor [ sic ] in Sydney. Deny it too but that comes naturally to politicians. The copper who talked has got his retirement cheque safely banked.


West Will Be Saved? Not By The Tories [ 5 January 2006 ]
Within days of David Cameron taking over the reins, the Conservative Party Chairman Francis Maude announced that immigration had been "fantastically good" for Britain [ Maude is a traitor as well as a liar. See Treason At Maastricht for more and better details - Editor ]. The party then called for the European Union worker registration scheme,  which helps limit the number of people coming to Britain from the Eastern European countries, to be scrapped. David Cameron said the Tories were jettisoning its policy calling for  stricter immigration controls and would now welcome those fleeing  persecution in their own countries. He told the Daily Mail:   "That means not just letting them in, but taking them to our hearts, feeding, clothing and schooling them".
Vote for them if that is what you want. Differences from Labour are marginal.


Islam - A Religion Of Peace?  [ 4 January 2006 ]
No, in spite of what liars tell you. The last time they came mob handed was 1683 AD. There was a previous try on - see Battle of Tours, 732. Now  it is infiltration with post Marxist connivance and official treason as their helpers.


The real reason the West is in danger of extinction. [ 4 January 2006 ]
Demographics is the reason. Simple isn't it? Women get jobs to get the money. House prices go up to match so they can't afford to stop and have children. Lots of them do want families which causes unhappiness. They have been propagandized by feminists who have done a lot of damage. That isn't quite what Mark Steyn says but he does it better than me. We are doomed unless we have more babies.


Sweden's rising Muslim tide [ 7 December 2005 ]
It isn't just England, America, France, Germany etc. It is the whole of Christendom. Antonio Gramsci is laughing down in Hell. So are the middle class lefties. It is only the working classes being screwed - so far.


The Religion of Peace
Islam is a newish religion. It came out the deserts in the Near East just like Christianity and Judaism. It has the same sort of arrogant assumption that it is right and entitled to world supremacy. So did Adolf, Joe, Lenin, Pot, Alexander and Sharon among others. It was less of a nuisance when it was confined to the uncivilized parts of the world but since the war its followers have infiltrated England America and Christendom generally. Immigration was sold to us a very good thing by capitalists and as a moral obligation by the left. It was approved and incited by post Marxist subversives who are followers of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party. But these are the sources of the problem. It makes sense to look at the problem as well as why they choose to deny it as they create it.


Islamics are infiltrating England and the West generally. Many of them are vicious and dangerous. Jihad Watch has something to say about the threat. Unlike various politicians who pander to voters, Robert Spencer actually knows something about them.


Islamic Operations
The 9/11 Job was a first class operation albeit if it had happened an hour or two later, they would have got far more kills. It is only one of their more recent efforts.


The Battle of Vienna - The Birdman Writes-- the last great confrontation of the West with Islam UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!! We must not forget that the war against Islam has been going on long before Charles Martel ('The Hammer') turned the Towelheads back at Tours in 732 (see below); and we equally must not forget that those same Towelheads -- turned back by Charles or not -- dominated Spain until 1492, when Ferdinand and Isabella, who united the country with their marriage, finally managed to throw the Muslims out (along with the Jews, BTW). Are we FUCKING BLIND???? This war has been going on for 1300 YEARS!!!!! And when you NEXT eat a croissant, remember that this pastry was a MEMORIAL TO THE BATTLE OF VIENNA!!!

Battle of Tours, 732 -> "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it".


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