Islam - a Religion of  Peace

Islam is a Religion Of Peace we are told sometimes and we should tolerate their funny little ways when they move in near us. The truth is rather different. The Religion Of Peace has more on them. Hoax Slayer at alleges that these photos are genuine and that various Islamics claimed that they did not approve. It even names one of the perpetrators, Anjem Choudary who was, naturally enough allowed to get away with it but Hoax Slayer ignores that little point.

The Official Lie - Mark Steyn Explains The Multiculti Delusion
Mark Steyn offers an objective analysis of the official lie forwarded by the Obama Administration with the help of Mark Zuckerberg and others.
Obama is an Islamic, an enemy of America and an illegal president using a Forged Birth Certificate to boot. He is far from being the only liar. American media are perverting the truth.


Cameron Says 'Islam is a Religion of Peace'
Cameron lies. Cameron sys he is going to carry on killing ISIS wallahs. Cameron is a murderous rogue.


The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority
The myth is a lie, a propaganda lie perpetrated by politicians as an excuse for flooding England with Third World aliens.


Islamic Radicals Are A Tiny Minority Alleges Jimmy Carter
Jim is one of Lenin's Useful Idiots albeit well meaning.


UK police told to go easy on Islamic extremists
Central London UK ~ The British police according to the Express have been told to go easy on these radical types. Yet people like Geert Wilders - critical of just this type of Islam and stealth Islamization - are being treated like criminals. Ole' Wilders might get upset - but he's not going to blow anything up! However the way it works out - inadvertently or otherwise - is that only radical Muslims are allowed the luxury of free speech ~ supposedly in a free country.

How about - a dose of reality - stop the marriages between Pakistan and the UK or set serious limits on them. Tighten the screws! They'll be free alright - to either assimilate or go quietly and leave everyone else alone.

Snopes, a Jew claims these pictures are genuine. He goes along with police excuses for letting them get away with it. I.e. cowardice in the face of the enemy.

Police ignore murder threats when foreign undesirables make them. That is policy. It is also crime. That will be why they are wearing masks and hiding their numbers.

Muslim ‘Lord’ threatens Parliament, Islamification of UK Police is the source

Hoax Slayer On Islamic Murder Threats
Email claims that a series of attached photographs depict a protest in London at which Muslim demonstrators displayed placards with violent and inflammatory slogans.
Brief Analysis

The photographs are genuine. The rally shown in the images took place in London on February 3, 2006 when some in the Muslim community gathered to protest against the publication of cartoons in the Danish press that were considered to be insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. Several protesters were later arrested. The protest was strongly condemned by some Muslim leaders [ and praised by others? - Editor ] .

There are eager liars out there. What happened to the perpetrators? A slap on the wrist? More?


Website for this image

The Brain of Britain? The brain of anywhere else? Got a brain? I think not.

There are even Englishmen who are fool enough to swallow this drivel.


Lots of people would agree with him. They have reasons, good reasons.

He is 'British' when it comes to his rights. After that all bets are off.



Start them young is way of it.


Islamic Thugs Full Of Hate


Islamic Thugs And Hate


Islamic Thugs Burn Poppies


Islamic Scum Burn Poppy


Islam Is Hate


Islamic Thug Gets £50 Fine & £800 A Month In Dole


Police Pander To Islamics Thugs


Islamics Hate


The Religion Of Peace?

True or false? It sounds about right to me.


Islam - Religion of Peace
Various liars tell us that. Various liars have agendas. Our well being is not on them. Scroll down to find a list of their attacks in the last six months.


Losers’ Vengeance
Gambling produces losers. We all know that. They can get irritated and do something about it. Islamics in the Punjab made fraudulent claims and rioted to show how it is done.


Moderate  Islam in Nigeria - Murder, Riots, Kidnapping, Arson
Teacher tells child to stop reading the Koran in class and off we go. Children attack her. It escalates but only twenty Christians got killed.


Moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia: Barbarism, pure and simple
Islam in Saudi is the Wahabi version, the vicious one, the sort that got men to fly aircraft into the Twin Towers on 9/11. Saudis export oil,  Wahabism and guns. They have a nonchalant view of women's rights too.

Serious human rights violations continued. Women continued to face severe discrimination, and suspected political or religious activists continued to suffer arbitrary arrest and detention or punishment under secretive criminal judicial procedures which deny the most basic rights, such as the right to be defended by a lawyer. At least 123 people were executed and there was an alarming increase in the number of amputations. One person reportedly had his eye surgically removed as judicial punishment. Torture and ill-treatment continued to be reported. The government continued to enforce a ban on political parties and trade unions and to impose restrictions on access to the country by non-governmental human rights organizations.


Sex Slave Jihad
The head of Iran’s Interpol bureau believes that the sex slave trade is one of the most profitable activities in Iran today. This criminal trade is not conducted outside the knowledge and participation of the ruling fundamentalists. Government officials themselves are involved in buying, selling, and sexually abusing women and girls.
It all sounds quite Islamic to me. Be aware that the originator of this article is part of the feminism operation and presumably the usual self righteous, subversive  harridan that follows Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party in order to destroy civilization and Christendom.

Islamic Tried To Behead British Soldier [ 10 February 2015  ]
A teenage Islamist fanatic who idolised the Lee Rigby killers was caught in the street with a hammer and knife on his way to behead a British soldier, a court heard.

Brustholm Ziamani, 19, was stopped and found with the weapons wrapped inside an Islamic flag and had researched a series of military bases around London........

After his arrest he told a security officer at a police station that he had been on his way to “kill a British soldier at an army barracks,” prosecutor Annabel Darlow said.
This twerp, a third generation import presumably is the sort being used by Cameron and other corrupt politicians to destroy England by Ethnic Fouling In England, to be followed by Genocide.


Muslim Illegal Immigrants Threw Christians Overboard [ 19 April 2015 ]
Italy's migration crisis took on a deadly new twist Thursday as police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and an aid group said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident.
Cameron Claims Islam Is A Religion Of Peace but then Cameron is a liar. Illegal Immigrants have taken the point, more or less that they are victims of the Marxist subversives who told them that Decolonisation was going make Africa better.


Crypto-Jew Incites Islamic Terrorism [ 14 September 2015 ]
I awoke this morning to a great blessing. The news that yet another 'Islamic' terrorist, "Australi Witness," showcased by the Judaic terror-monger Rita Katz is a really a crypto-Judaic kid, Joshua Ryne Goldberg operating out of his family home. The FBI criminal complaint dated 9/10/15 against this crypto-Judaic terrorist Joshua Goldberg is HERE.

The Judaic terror merchant, self-proclaimed 'terror expert' of exceedingly questionable background, motives and claims, Rita Katz HERE has described Joshua Goldberg as operating from a "prestige" position in online jihadi circles who was, "part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack" HERE. Does anyone recall how Rita Katz showcased that other crypto-Judaic 'Islamic terrorist' Adam Perlman HERE who also operated from a prestige position, as a grandson of an ADL board member from California?
Jews use Terrorism as a working tool. Jews carry out False Flag Operations e.g. by pretending to Islamics. Another one gets caught. Will the Main Stream Media do saturation coverage? No, because he is a Jew.


Islamic Terrorist Killed By Police In Berlin [ 18 September 2015 ]
This is good news for a change. One less criminals to deal with. it leaves millions more with thousands pouring in every day.  Merkel wants them. Merkel is inciting them - see e.g. Merkel Betraying Germany And Civilization. Merkel is not the solution; she is the problem. It is the same for England; betrayed by Cameron using our compassion as Pathological Altruism as a weapon against us.


Third World Hostile Attacks Three Women In France [ 21 July 2016 ]
Another Islamic, another Racist & in all probability anther dole parasite. What do the Main Stream Media have to say? As little as possible. It is just another example of the reality envisaged by Jean Raspail, a rather sound sort of chap in his book, The Camp of the Saints about Third World immigrants flooding civilization.


Manhattan Bomb Injures 29 [ 19 September 2016 ]
It happened; that seems clear. Who did it and why? Pass. Given that America is full of Illegal Immigrants, foreigners with grudges etc. it could have been anyone. The Main Stream Media are in the business of inciting Black Hate, using  Black Lives Matter et al. Then there is the general purpose Lunatic Fringe. It makes life more interesting.


Policewoman Who Killed Four Islamic Terrorists Was A Man  [ 21 August 2017 ]
And he served with the Spanish Legion. The early report, Policewoman Gets Four Kills was wrong.


Terrorist Shot By Dutch Police At Schiphol    [ 16 December 2017 ]
twerp full of hate? Believe it. Did the Main Stream Media admit it? No, they are lying Propaganda machines with an agenda. Killed? Hopefully. The Dutch police look competent.


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