India is not so much a country as a group of tribes living in adjacent areas. It is a land of many languages, each of which indicates a tribe. They are not always friends. This is why it was partitioned into India and Pakistan when we left in 1947 and "only" a million or so died in the resulting kerfuffle.

They have talent and they have poverty. Building their own atom bomb took research as well as finance and political will. The same political will does not get applied to easing poverty or to getting a grip of in depth, wide ranging, deep seated, enthusiastic corruption.

Utterly Filthy India -
If ever an Indian or a Pakistani claims that they are cleaner than us, show him this. He is lying in his teeth. I have never seen anything so foul in my life. This what Chinamen have seen and photographed. They also survived presumably.


Where India's Brave New World is Headed
The poor are very poor. They always were. Kipling is clear on the point. The rich do not care in the slightest.

There are three indicators which hit records this week. Peasant suicides in Vidharbha went over  400.  The Sensex share index crossed the 11,000 mark. And Lakme Fashion Week issued over 500 media passes to journalists. So the middle classes are doing all right. It is just the peasants. Nobody cares about them.


Thuggee is the worship of the goddess Kali. It involves murdering travellers without spilling blood. Whence they are call Stranglers. Robbing them was the pay off. It was discovered by Brits & put down by Brits using the Thuggee & Dacoity Department. Dacoits are wayside robbers


Criminal MPs  [ 12 March 2014 ]
Indian members of Parliament are a bunch of crooks. This is not say they are any more corrupt than our lot. It is just that their police are more honest than ours. E.g. the Metropolitan police commissioner, a patter merchant called Hogan does not hesitate to ignore crime reports when the perpetrator is a Racist Pakistani called Ahmed. He would probably claim that it is not perverting the course of justice when he does it. One of these comedians is facing 46 charges including murder. One party has 80% of its men in the frame. The total is 146.


Fifth Of Indian Election Candidates Facing Criminal Charges [ 4 April 2014 ]
Four fifths have not been charged because they are too important/bribed the right people/cunning/lucky/faces fit/not guilty [ delete to taste ]. This comes from The Guardian, which is so very keen on importing Third World aliens/crime/corruption/disease [ delete to taste ].


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