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The current Bill to outlaw fox hunting in England is a malicious abuse of power by mainly Labour MPs. It is no more complicated than that. It is nicely illustrated by the fact that Kosher and halal slaughter are both permitted. They are slower and nastier than a fox kill. Jews don't care. Nor do Arabs. Nor do Labour MPs. It is their pay back time in class warfare. Jews and Arabs enjoy torture and murder too as we can see from the newspapers. Labour MPs would probably tell us that they do not. You are fully at liberty to believe them if you want.

Hunting takes on biggest hurdle
The anti-hunting may be invalid law as well as bad law. There are procedural issues. Blair wants this one to go into effect after he has had his election and won it. Give the peasants a few months to forget what he is going to do to them then do it. Such is the cynical calculation of Blair and New Labour.


Big turn out for the Boxing Day hunts
The Grauniad approves of the hatred of a corrupt and malicious government. Also of hunts  quote legally flouting unquote the law; a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one. If  hooligans write bad law don't blame us. The Telegraph has a rather more civilised view.


Investigation reveals slaughter horrors at Agriprocessors
Kosher slaughter by the rules are quite bad enough. Kosher practice is another. PETA mentions the Jewish commitment to compassion. Whether this extends to Palestinians is another issue altogether.


An end to 700 years of hunting
The politics of envy have succeeded. The alleged representatives of the horny handed sons of toil have screwed the rich and foxes be damned. They care nothing for them. You might ask how many of those representatives have ever worked in their lives. The answer is not many. Are they representing their constituents? Somehow I doubt it. The Civil Contingencies Bill has a clause [ 22 ] which was put in for the purpose of screwing hunts. Another cynical abuse of power.


Divide and conquer
When it comes politics Blair et al are past masters. The Countryside Alliance listened to assurances that mean nothing and left huntsmen to their fate. They will be the next victims. Thus quoth The Spectator.


Kosher Slaughter
Jews are allowed to be cruel. Jews bribe politicians make political contributions. Jews are influential. Jews infiltrate the political process and corrupt it.


Ritual Slaughter
Of course  Jews and Muslims are allowed to do what they will in their slaughterhouses. To find out about their specific exemption in English law go to:- Ritual Slaughter


For the current [ Saturday 13 November 2004 ] state of play go to Peers to delay hunt Bill

And even more currently [ Sunday ]  at Kamikaze' hunting vote


Some more links:- - The RSPCA was run by people who understood the countryside. Is this still true?


An argument that kosher slaughter is not cruel

More info on kosher slaughter


ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) kosher slaughter pen
These articles claim that kosher is not bad. They even sound plausible. There are plenty of people out there willing to use our ignorance to further their agendas.


Kosher cruelty now on video in major PETA expose
An outfit called PETA argues that kosher is cruel and has footage to make the point. Believing political propagandists is not my first inclination. So believe PETA or rabbis? I'll go with the former this time.


Labour's Class Hatred Rears Its Ugly Head Again  [ 16 January 2015 ]
Their hate failed. Their malicious law failed. Now they want a second run at oppressing us. Banning Fox Hunting is class warfare, it is malice. Labour doesn't care about cruelty to foxes. They don't care about Kosher Slaughter, which is wilful cruelty. Jews like that so Labour turns a blind eye. Marxism something else Jews like, it is about cruelty to people.


Master Of Fox Hounds Beats Malicious Prosecution  [ 10 October 2017 ]
Telling a loud mouthed fat lump that he would like to shag her was, one assumes sarcasm.


Criminals Attack Horsewoman - Daily Mail Lies About It  [ 20 November 2017 ]
No, this was not Lady Muck flogging the down trodden peasant masses. Hunt saboteurs attacked, she fought back, the Daily Mail pretended that the sabs were victims, the Mail's readers were largely on side.
PS The Mail's owner, Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, might not ride to hounds but he isn't stupid enough to pay tax when he doesn't have to. Being a non-dom is a big help in that game.


Hunting Thrives In America  [ 29 December 2017 ]
It is the most British [ English, Darling, not Brit - Editor ] of scenes – a pack of hounds in full cry flying across the landscape, with a red-coated horseman leading a field in pursuit. And yet this is not the Shires, nor the Dales, nor the moors. 

Instead it is New York, where, over the holiday period, hundreds of people saddle up in pursuit of a British tradition which has established a firm footing in the United States.

“We hunt on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day – even though Boxing Day isn’t actually a holiday in the US. New Year’s Day is also a big one for us,"  says Marion Thorne, joint master of the Genesee Valley hunt, one of the oldest packs in America.

Being New York, however, there are differences to British experiences.

For one, snow frequently stops play. Mrs Thorne, 59, who is currently in her 17th season with the hunt, said they were watching the weather carefully ahead of the hunts.

Hounds are fitted with GPS tracking devices on their collars, so that hunt staff in their cars can track them and stop the traffic on roads to prevent accidents – something unheard of in the UK.

Then there are the foxes, whose control is not the priority, as it is in Britain. Instead it is more about the sport, with fewer animals killed, and terriers not used to flush them from their holes. 

Mrs Thorne has hunted in the UK, with the North Cotswold Hunt, and said she was amazed by how many hedges, gates and walls her horse had to jump over. 

“In New York - Virginia maybe more so – not all our country is set up for jumping, and we have more crop land,” she said.

“But we have a lot of big, open, green space, and very big coverts – half a mile long sometimes. We have a lot of hunting in the woods, so everyone’s behind me, on trails. Sometimes riding in the woods, until the fox breaks out.”

And then there are the crowds.

“You have thousands of spectators turning out for Boxing Day,” said Mrs Thorne. “We have 10 or 20!”

Indeed, Rachel Smedley of the Countryside Alliance said that last year 250,000 spectators turned out in the UK to watch the Boxing Day meets.

But there is no denying that fox hunting is thriving in the US – even, as in the case of Golden’s Bridge Hounds, within sight of New York City itself. 

Their pack, founded in 1924, once saw its hunting country extended as far south as Manhattan and the Bronx. Today it meets somewhat further north, but still only 50 miles from midtown Manhattan.

And the Millbrook Hunt, north of the city, is so over-subscribed it is turning people away.

“Around 12,000 people follow hounds on horses in the United States,” said David Twiggs, executive director of the masters of foxhounds association of America, based in Virginia. 

By comparison, the Countryside Alliance estimates 40,000 people ride to hounds in the UK, at one of 186 recognised packs of foxhounds hunting legally in Britain today.

Yet America is catching up fast.  The oldest continuing hunt in the United States is Piedmont Hunt, established in Virginia in 1840. The Genesee Valley Hunt was founded 36 years later.

There are now 156 organised clubs in North America and Canada, spread across 37 states. In addition, Mr Twiggs told The Telegraph, there are many more “farmer-owned” packs.

“Communities come together to celebrate their lifestyle through the sporting traditions of that region,” he said.

“Beyond the positive economic impact these sporting traditions have on the community, it ties the sportsman to the farmer, the forester, the land owner, and the larger community. It is a social bond these rural communities have been built around these common sporting interests for hundreds of years. 

“These are as important to the community culture as the fair, church picnics, and high school homecomings.”

British huntsman Chris Burrows-Wood, 59, has been huntsman of the Windy Hollow Hunt in New York for the past four years, joining from the Clifton-on-Teme in the Malvern Hills.

“The sport here in the US is strong and healthy, and well supported,” said Mr Burrows-Wood.

Indeed, Orange County, in upstate New York where he hunts, has a tradition of fox hunting dating back over a century. The Orange County Hunt, Windy Hollow’s predecessor, started when 25 couple of hounds were brought back from England in 1901.

Importation of hounds dates far beyond that, however: the earliest recorded importation from the UK was in June 1650.

Mr Burrows-Wood's hunt will attract on average around 30 riders. They frequently find themselves hunting coyotes rather than foxes - and their season ends earlier than Mrs Thorne’s, due to frequent snow.

“We have all sorts of people riding with us – those up from New York City, plus local plumbers, electricians, waitresses,” he said.

“It truly does attract all sorts of people.

“And the hunt is thriving.”
The Piedmont hunt is older than many English packs.


250 Boxing Day Hunts Rode Out  [ 27 December 2017 ]
Fox hunting protesters and supporters clashed on the streets today as more than 250 hunts met for the annual Boxing Day event after Theresa May U-turned over plans for a vote on scrapping the ban.

Tempers flared at the Tredegar Farmers Hunt in Bassaleg, near Newport, Wales, as the two groups squared up to each other and the police had to intervene in a bid to diffuse the situation.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was seen laughing while he made his way to the hunt meeting point in Chiddingstone Castle, Kent.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people lined the streets in Elham in Kent and Ledbury in Herefordshire to watch the men and women, wearing their 'hunting pink', parade through the villages before taking part in the hunt.
Blair gave Labour class warriors a vote against Fox Hunting as a quid pro quo, as a pay off for their support of his agenda. Their anti-hunting act didn't work because it was badly drawn; there were however Malicious Prosecutions which largely failed. Rent A Mob turned up to make themselves a nuisance The Countryside Alliance says that Hunting Remains Totemic As Ever.
PS Nigel Farage's Barbour jacket is due for retirement.


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