Anthrax Special

After The 9/11 Job we were told about the follow up, the anthrax being delivered here and there. The FBI went into over drive and the Main Stream Media loved it, space filler that practically writes itself,  terrorizes the punters and sells the product. Then it all faded away. It became a non-story, rather like those non-people that Joe Stalin got rid of; air brushed out of the photos. Now we have all forgotten.

Given the new attack in London on 7 July 2005 by attackers unknown it could be a good time to think about how lack of evidence can be used.

Anthrax attacks 'work of neo-Nazis'
The Guardian puts the boot in. This is the kind of stuff that they love, not that  there is much truth in it, if any. Is there anything wrong with hating a vicious government?


Anthrax For Dummies
The Centre for Disease Control takes it from the beginning. It tells us:-
What You Need To Know
Information for Mail Handlers
Anthrax and Animal Hides


The Anthrax Mystery Solved
It was Mossad all along. Well there is a surprise. And I was thinking it must be MI6, the KGB, Castro.........


The Anthrax Mystery Solved II
More sources, more information, more truth.
PS Yes we are being lied to.


Steven Hatfill ex Wiki
Is a medic, germ war specialist and a good bloke. They screwed him. He took them for $5.8 million. Well done. Of course it was only tax payers who paid in the end.


Philip Zack ex Wiki
The Wiki claims that he is not a Jew and that he is not guilty. Believe the Wiki if you want. They chose not to link their article on Steve Hatfill to this one.


Dr. Philip Zack is a Catholic
Is clearly a propaganda operation set up to take the heat off Zack.


Complete 9/11 Timeline: Israel
This is a well written account of their operations with sources.


This is where we hit pay dirt. We find a real suspect and see why the case was covered up.

The FBI were keen to tell us that us Doctor Hatfill was guilty. This link leads to five more relevant stories. Put them together and it starts to make sense. Find the right suspect and see your promotion prospects disappear. Do you want to charge him or get sacked? It is a fairly easy question to answer when it comes to the point. Another False Flag Operation had to be covered up and covered up it was.

News Story identifying Dr. Philip Zack as the man caught entering the Anthrax storage area at Fort Detrick without authorization.

In this story, it is reported that Dr. Zack was caught on a security tape making an unauthorized entry into the Anthrax storage area.

Foreign press picks up story that Anthrax letters were sent by American bio-war scientist and that the FBI is dragging its feet on the case. This is off line but the next [  Pravda ] article is definitely foreign.

Letters with white powder will be referred to “anonymous threat of a terror act”
From Pravda.

Salon's story of the attempt to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian, for the Anthrax letters

No wonder they were dragging their feet.


Look at the Israelis in the White House.

Look at the Israelis in the Senate.

Look at the Israelis in Congress.

Look at  the Jew, Monica Lewinsky [ see Wikipedia  ]   in the White House.

BTW, ask yourself who got her there, why and how.


Caught! The FBI Lies Again
AGAIN? The FBI wouldn't do that, would they? They did after they carried out the Waco Massacre and investigated their  own crimes. This time it is covering up what they knew about cross contamination of letters in the postal system's sorting machines.


The Anthrax Files [ 21 August 2008 ]
Seven years after the anthrax attacks shut down Congress, sowed panic nationwide, killed five, sickened 17, and allowed neocon propagandists to variously blame al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, the FBI claims to have gotten its man. But the official story doesn't fully accord with the facts. Any reasonable assessment of the evidence suggests that the same powerful interests that might have been served by prolonging the investigation would have had a stake in finally bringing it to a tidy conclusion. That doesn't mean that the killer was caught.
The anthrax attacks served their purpose after the 9/11 Job. They gave the American government an excuse to do what it wanted. The FBI investigation was corrupt. They are the thugs who brought us the Waco Massacre.
PS They destroyed Doctor Hatfill's career but they got to pay him for their harassment. It was only tax payers' money of course so it doesn't really matter.


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