The Alt Right and the Jews

Professor MacDonald explains. The Wikipedia's explanation of the Alt Right was written with its political agenda in full force. The claim that it is about far-right ideologies qualifies as Propaganda rather than truth. There are explanations from #Alt-Right ex Wiki [ pretending to be neutral ], #Alternative Right ex SPLC [ the Southern Poverty Law Center is run a homosexual Jew on the make ],  #Alt-Right ex ADL, [ Jews and Racists ] and #Alt-Right ex Rationalwiki [ just plain hostile ]

An honest appreciation comes from Andrew Anglin, the publisher of The Daily Stormer. It is rather good. Linking to relevant sites makes it easier to check sources; an indicator of honesty. Go to A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Kevin MacDonald
17 September 2016  

The Alt Right and the Jews
Certainly the most basic issue of the Alt Right is that it is entirely legitimate for Whites to identify as Whites and to pursue their interests as Whites, such as resisting attempts to make White Americans a minority.

Ethnic and racial identities are common among all other groups, and, despite constant propaganda emanating from centers of media and academic power, Whites should be no exception. Voluntarily ceding political and cultural power is the ultimate foolishness, particularly in an atmosphere of non-White grievance and the hostility towards Whites, their history and their culture, that is so apparent today.

However, another issue that is central to the world view of many on the Alt Right (but by no means unanimous) is the issue of Jewish power and influence. Ultimately, this stems from an understanding of the role of Jews in White dispossession, both historically and in the contemporary West. Accounting for around 2% of the U.S. population, Jews have never had much power as a result of sheer numbers. What counts is Jewish power in the media, in the academic world, and in government.

It must be made clear at the outset that the Jewish community is not monolithic, and, as discussed below, there may be some Jews who are wholeheartedly opposed to the de-Europeanization of America. As an obvious example of the lack of unanimity among Jews on important issues, neo-conservatism is a Jewish movement, led by and dominated by Jews since its inception. Most Jews are not neocons, but neo-conservatism has had a huge influence on American foreign policy, successfully dominating the George W. Bush administration and promoting the Iraq war. And long before that, during the Reagan administration, neoconservatives were instrumental in expelling more traditional conservatives from power in the GOP and in general moving it to the left on critical issues like immigration. [ See e.g. The Israel Lobby - Editor ]

Samuel Francis recounts the

catalog of neoconservative efforts not merely to debate, criticize, and refute the ideas of traditional conservatism but to denounce, vilify, and harm the careers of those Old Right figures and institutions they have targeted. There are countless stories of how neoconservatives have succeeded in entering conservative institutions, forcing out or demoting traditional conservatives, and changing the positions and philosophy of such institutions in neoconservative directions. . . . Writers like M. E. Bradford, Joseph Sobran, Pat Buchanan, and Russell Kirk, and institutions like Chronicles, the Rockford Institute, the Philadelphia Society, and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute have been among the most respected and distinguished names in American conservatism. The dedication of their neoconservative enemies to driving them out of the movement they have taken over and demonizing them as marginal and dangerous figures has no legitimate basis in reality. It is clear evidence of the ulterior aspirations of those behind neo-conservatism to dominate and subvert American conservatism from its original purposes and agenda and turn it to other purposes. . . . What neoconservatives really dislike about their “allies” among traditional conservatives is simply the fact that the conservatives are conservatives at all — that they support “this notion of a Christian civilization,” as Midge Decter put it, that they oppose mass immigration, that they criticize Martin Luther King and reject the racial dispossession of white Western culture, that they support or approve of Joe McCarthy, that they entertain doubts or strong disagreement over American foreign policy in the Middle East, that they oppose reckless involvement in foreign wars and foreign entanglements, and that, in company with the Founding Fathers of the United States, they reject the concept of a pure democracy and the belief that the United States is or should evolve toward it.[1]

The result is that the GOP has become the party of the Chamber of Commerce and the Israel Lobby. They are entirely on board with massive non-White immigration, and this is in no small part due to neoconservative influence. Neoconservatives have been staunch supporters of arguably the most destructive force associated with the left in the twentieth century — massive non-European immigration. Support for massive non-European immigration has spanned the Jewish political spectrum throughout the twentieth century to the present and, as noted below, Jewish organizations and activism were responsible for the sea change in immigration policy resulting from the 1965 immigration law. A principal motivation of the organized Jewish community for encouraging such immigration has involved a deeply felt animosity toward the people and culture responsible for the immigration restriction of 1924–1965 — “this notion of a Christian civilization” as Samuel Francis characterized it. The comment of neoconservative Ben Wattenberg indicates the emotional commitment that many Jews have to the ethnic transformation of America: “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.”

Even Daniel Pipes, who is known as an “Islamophobic” critic of the Muslim community, is not supporting Donald Trump because of his stance on immigration- and diversity-related issues. This may seem surprising because one of Trump’s signature proposals has been a moratorium on Muslim immigration, while Hillary Clinton wants to ramp up the number of refugees and other immigrants from Muslim countries.

Actually, it should not be surprising that Pipes is anti-Trump given that he favors a “house-broken Islam” in Western countries. What neocons like Pipes want is continued immigration of Muslims and the creation of Muslim communities that do not threaten the status quo on Israel. They are quite content with the demographic decline of White populations, whether in Europe or the US.

Indeed, Pipes just quit the GOP over this issue, complaining about Trump’s “pro-fascistic tendencies”:

The United States, the world’s oldest democratic republic, faces an internal danger unlike any in the past 1½ centuries, one with the potential to degrade domestic life and reduce the country’s standing in the world. Nothing is as important as resisting and defeating Donald J. Trump and the neo-fascist virus he wishes to bring to the White House.

Needless to say, this is especially hypocritical given Pipes’ status as a pro-Israel activist, since Trump’s proposals parallel the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. A consistent theme on the Alt Right is that diaspora Jews have advocated very generous immigration and refugee policies in the West and the idea that Western countries have no ethnic core (the proposition nation idea) while supporting Israel as a Jewish ethnostate. This should be infuriating to anyone who advocates White interests.

But most Jews are not neocons and remain Democrats. Most Jews did not support the Iraq invasion. Nevertheless, Jewish power was very much a part of the Iraq war story. Besides neocons, other prominent elements of the organized Jewish community were intimately involved in the Iraq invasion as well, especially AIPAC. Moreover, the ADL was involved because it called people “anti-Semites” if they said true things about the role of the Israel Lobby in promoting the war; also, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the American Jewish Congress made comments encouraging President Bush to engage in some kind of military action in Iraq (see first link). The role of the Jewish lobby and neocons in the Iraq war has been noted by many, including John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Another example was bombing Syria in 2013 (“Wall-to-Wall Support for a Strike on Syria”) when the entire organized Jewish community (including the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ADL, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations) advocated the strike — a view that was out of step with “record opposition” to the strike noted by many Congressmen but entirely in line with Israeli policy.

Every American, and especially anyone with any sense of American nationalism and sympathetic to the Alt Right, should be furious at Jewish involvement in this disastrous war — thousands dead, tens of thousands grievously wounded, trillions of dollars, with no end in sight. The instability caused by these wars is a main cause of the refugee crisis that is engulfing Europe (abetted by treasonous elites in Europe), and as usual, the entire organized Jewish community in Europe and the U.S. is encouraging generous refugee policies.

Given Jewish influence over the political process, their opinion matters, so that it is vitally important for those of us attempting to reverse White dispossession to understand this, to call attention to it, and to combat it.

The special role of Jewish organizations in the 1965 law is the theme of my chapter in The  Culture of Critique and was also noted by historians Hugh Davis Graham and Otis Graham. This is how Hugh Davis Graham summarized it in his 2002 book Collision Course (pp. 56–57):

Most important for the content of immigration reform, the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas. These included the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe. Jewish members of the Congress, particularly representatives from New York and Chicago, had maintained steady but largely ineffective pressure against the national origins quotas since the 1920s. . . . Following the shock of the Holocaust, Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration.

This unanimity across the Jewish organizational spectrum continues today. For example, a wide range of Jewish organizations advocate a path to citizenship for illegals. And in 2013 during debate over the immigration amnesty/surge bill, a letter organized by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and sent by over 100 Jewish organizations to President Obama and Congress notes that “American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies.” This bill was bitterly opposed by the grassroots Republican base and didn’t make it through the House. There were no Jewish organizations that came out against the bill.

Jewish Activism on Behalf of Blacks
Activist Jews and the organized Jewish community had a critical role in changing the racial landscape of America. Given that Alt Righters tend strongly to be race realists (i.e., they accept research findings that there are real average differences between races that are important for success in the contemporary world, such as IQ and impulse control), they realize that these actions of the Jewish community have compromised legitimate White interests in a creating a culture of grievance and White guilt in which the genetically based tendencies of Blacks are ignored.

The role of the Jewish community in the transformation of racial attitudes and institutions during the 1950s and 1960s is well known and often commented on with pride by Jewish intellectuals. As I noted in my chapter titled “Jews and Blacks,”

Jews contributed from two thirds to three quarters of the money for civil rights groups during the 1960s. The AJCongress, the AJCommittee, and the ADL worked closely with the NAACP to write legal briefs and raise money in the effort to end segregation. Jewish groups, particularly the AJCongress, played a leading role in drafting civil rights legislation and pursuing legal challenges related to civil rights issues mainly benefiting blacks. “Jewish support, legal and monetary, afforded the civil rights movement a string of legal victories. . . . There is little exaggeration in an American Jewish Congress lawyer’s claim that ‘many of these laws were actually written in the offices of Jewish agencies by Jewish staff people, introduced by Jewish legislators and pressured into being by Jewish voters.”

This Jewish role in the racial reconstruction of the US should certainly be something that should be of deep concern to people who identify with the Alt Right.

Jews and the Media
Because of their very powerful role in the media, Jews are also important for the cultural transformations in the areas of promoting a public culture of homosexuality, premarital sex, pornography, and adultery.
Survey data continue to show that Jewish attitudes on these issues are well to the left of most Americans. The fact that Jewish attitudes depart from traditional American attitudes on these issues has therefore had a huge effect on American culture and certainly not in a direction supported most of those associated with the Alt Right. And although Jewish activists like Abe Foxman claim that the large number of Jews with positions of power in Hollywood makes no difference, it makes a very large difference (here, pp. xlvi–lvi, especially p. l (50) ff). Even Joe Biden thinks (correctly) that Jews were behind the gay marriage movement.

In general, television portrays Jewish issues “with respect, relative depth, affection and good intentions, and the Jewish characters who appear in these shows have, without any doubt, been Jewish — often depicted as deeply involved in their Judaism” (Pearl & Pearl 1999, 5). For example, All in the Family (and its sequel, Archie Bunker’s Place) not only managed to portray working class Europeans as stupid and bigoted, it portrayed Jewish themes very positively. By the end of its 12-year run, even archenemy Archie Bunker had raised a Jewish child in his home, befriended a black Jew (implication: Judaism has no ethnic connotations), gone into business with a Jewish partner, enrolled as a member of a synagogue, praised his close friend at a Jewish funeral, hosted a Sabbath dinner, participated in a bat mitzvah ceremony, and joined a group to fight synagogue vandalism. These shows, produced by liberal political activist Norman Lear, thus exemplify the general trend for television to portray non-Jews as participating in Jewish ritual, and “respecting, enjoying, and learning from it. Their frequent presence and active involvement underscores the message that these things are a normal part of American life” (Pearl & Pearl 1999, 16). Jewish rituals are portrayed as “pleasant and ennobling, and they bestow strength, harmony, fulfillment, and sense of identity upon those who observe them” (p. 62).

Television presents images of Jewish issues that conform to the views of mainstream Jewish organizations. Television “invariably depicts anti-Semitism as an ugly, abhorrent trait that must be fought at every turn” (p. 103). It is seen as metaphysical and beyond analysis. There is never any rational explanation for anti-Semitism; anti-Semitism is portrayed as an absolute, irrational evil. Positive, well-liked, non-Jewish characters, such as Mary Tyler Moore, often lead the fight against anti-Semitism—a pattern reminiscent of that noted in CofC in which non-Jews become high-profile spokespersons for Jewish-dominated movements. There is also the implication that anti-Semitism is a proper concern of the entire community.

Jewish Involvement in Censorship and Punishing Thought Crimes

Another issue that concerns many Alt Righters is that Jewish groups have been in the forefront of penalizing thought crimes related to White identity. Groups like the ADL and the SPLC (funded mainly by Jews) have successfully gotten people fired from their jobs for criticizing Jews or dissenting from other multicultural orthodoxies. As the article on the ADL shows, this is true in other Western countries as well. The general picture is that Jewish groups were enthusiastic defenders of free speech during the 1950s when Jewish communists were being called up before Congressional committees and forced to sign loyalty oaths, but this is definitely not the case now. Even within the Jewish community, there have been campaigns to silence Jewish critics of Israel and thus present a united front (reviewed in Mearsheimer and Walt’s The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy).

Jews and the Alt Right
Although I certainly believe that it’s important for the Alt Right to be aware of the Jewish involvement in White displacement, I think it’s fine that some organizations and Alt Right figures do not discuss Jewish issues. Many people are more open to that approach, and we have to recognize that there are different audiences that can be reached with different messages. My general impression in talking to Alt Righters is that many begin with an awareness of White decline, race differences in traits like IQ, and minority hostility, and then progress toward an understanding of Jewish influence as they read more widely. I would love it if there could be an Alt Right mass movement with significant Jewish support. But at the same time, it is also legitimate for others to discuss Jewish issues in a critical manner.

At the same time, I am often dismayed by how some people associated with the Alt Right express their views on Jewish issues. I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.

It is certainly possible that individual Jews may be attracted to work in concert with the Alt Right. This attraction may come because of a genuine concern that a non-White America would not be good for Jews. Indeed, we are already seeing in some European countries that Muslim immigration has resulted in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes being increasingly common on the left, and that some parties on the left (e.g., the Labour Party in the UK) depend on Muslims votes. Jews have no problem in being friendly with non-Jews, such as Christian Zionists, whenever doing so is “good for the Jews.” We can do the same: whatever is good for European-Americans.

However, as Andrew Joyce has noted, there is a historical pattern where Jews have entered putatively nationalist movements and directed them towards positions that make them “safe for the Jews,” at the expense of developing a true sense of ethnic interests.

That Jews would try to co-opt, or attempt to derail, a potentially damaging movement does have many historical precedents. In one of the most pertinent, Steven Beller writes that during the rise of German nationalism in 1860–1880, Jews attempted to take key roles in the movement with a view to re-directing it from its roots in volkisch philosophy and an antagonism towards Jewish influence, and towards a mission of “cultural and social revolution.” Media promotion and careful networking even led to two Jews, Victor Adler and Heinrich Friedjung, vying for leadership of the German nationalist movement in Austria. Indeed, Adler and Friedjung were two of the five framers of the famous Linz Program of 1882, a political platform that called for the complete Germanization of the Austrian state. It was only due to the continued insistence of the non-Jewish movement leaders, particularly Georg Schönerer, that an ethnic version of German nationalism was eventually adhered to. On Schönerer’s insistence, and to the dismay of the erstwhile Jewish “leaders,” the movement adopted an “Aryan clause.” Their attempt to co-opt the movement having failed, Beller adds, “the Jewish reaction was to look elsewhere for their goals of social and cultural change.” For example, Adler became an out and out Marxist overnight.

Similarly in Germany, historian Gordon Mork notes that Jews were also “prominent” among the early leading advocates of German nationalism. In particular, Jews were concentrated in the National Liberal Party, and then formed an influential clique around Bismarck himself. This diversionary clique within German nationalism may be regarded as a key reason why it was more stunted, in terms of an ethnic expression, than its Austrian counterpart until after World War I.

Moreover, Jews who align themselves with organizations or publications that explicitly promote the interests of European-Americans should be willing to acknowledge the role of the organized Jewish community in the dispossession of European America. They should also acknowledge that the policies of the organized Jewish community at the present time are definitely opposed to the interests of European Americans.

Jews who want to be considered our allies should direct most of their activism to changing the direction of the organized Jewish community. Just as Joe Lieberman was the emissary of the McCain campaign to the traditionally Democratic Jewish community, there is every reason to think that Jews would be far more effective in producing change in the organized Jewish community than non-Jews. Such efforts, especially if they were successful, would be the surest sign of their sincerity and good will.

On the other hand, the absence of a commitment to change the Jewish community or refusing to acknowledge the historical role of the organized Jewish community in producing our present malaise invites the skepticism that the Jews involved in pro-European-American movements are simply trying to make these movements safe for Jews in the event that such movements gain traction. It’s a fallback plan and an escape hatch if things start to get sticky.

Moreover, when pro-European-American groups feel it judicious to be silent about the role of the organized Jewish community in our current malaise, this must be seen as an expression of Jewish power. Much of our task on behalf of European-American civilization and our people is the promotion of historical understanding. Many Jews will inevitably find an honest discussion of the history of European dispossession threatening because of the prominent role of Jews revealed by any objective account of that history. However, silence on the role of Jews in our current malaise forces these groups to live in a sort of a-historical present—avoiding a realistic discussion of the past and preventing any attempt to understand this past in an objective manner.

This forces these pro-European movements into a major departure from all other ethnic activist movements we are aware of, including Judaism: Ethnic identity and commitment are deeply interwoven with an understanding of history. Indeed, Jews’ understanding of their own history as victims of Europeans is an important wellspring of Jewish identity and Jewish activism against European-Americans. As Paul Johnson said in describing the philosophy of Walter Benjamin, a Jewish cultural Marxist: “Politics [is] not merely a fierce physical struggle to control the present, and so the future, but an intellectual battle to control the record of the past.”

Even worse, it prevents these organizations from making explicit attempts to oppose the very real power that the organized Jewish community and other strongly identified Jews continue to exert in a wide range of areas in opposition to the interests of European-Americans. Again, the best role for Jews in these movements is to be vocal critics of the Jewish community and its role in the dispossession of European-Americans. But the unfortunate reality is that, just like mainstream politicians forced to never mention the power of the Israel Lobby, these pro-European-American groups end up ignoring the 800-lb gorilla in their midst — a wonderful comment on Jewish power in America.

In guarded optimism, we might look to the future and hope that some influential Jews will be able to look at this history without their ethnic blinders and come to see their own best interests lie with a renewed European America.

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1. Samuel Francis, “The Neoconservative Subversion,” in Brent Nelson, ed.,Neoconservatism. Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens’ Foundation, no. 6 (2004) (St. Louis: Conservative Citizens’ Foundation), 6–12.

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  1.  Pierre de Craon
    September 19, 2016 - 11:21 am | Permalink

    Earlier on this thread, K.K. (September 17, 2016, 11:06 pm) wrote the following:

    I think Kevin is writing in the awareness that his voice is heard by a whole new audience, given the current developments.

    The issue is simple really: the Alt-Right doesn’t hold grudges against Jews simply because they’re Jews. In essence, not even their disproportionate power is the problem. Our grudge against Jews is based solely on their well-organized and unrelenting subversion of our People’s societies and the fact that, in the end, they clearly aim at our genocide.

    These sentences display close observation and excellent analysis; perhaps the best on this thread.

    Every time Professor MacDonald tips his hat in the direction of subtlety, prudence, and discretion, some well-meaning people hereabouts react impatiently and, alas, sometimes rancorously (being myself prone to the temptation to act thus, I find it easy to spot elsewhere). Yet surely KM has earned breathing space and reflection time for the inestimable contributions he’s made to our awareness and thinking, not to mention the cause of the Christian West’s retrieval!

    What this article shows me yet again is that KM is deeply cognizant of something that those who, with tunnel-vision focus, obsess on IQ to the exclusion of virtually all else are simply incapable of seeing: that it is impossible to cleanly and categorically dissociate the significance of intelligence, great as that significance is, from its relation to character, principle, education, general upbringing, temperament, habits of mind and thought, modes of speech and address, and even (for a surprising number of people) plain good manners—in short, from a nexus of moral, psychological, and social factors and dimensions, by no means all of which are listed earlier in this sentence.

    These factors can frequently be seen coming into play in infants, toddlers, and mentally impaired people, yet far too many “normal” adults seem reflexively to think of themselves as no longer (if ever) subject to the same forces. If only such were the case!

    Surely KM expected some commenters to bridle at certain of this article’s sentences and sentiments that seemed overly “Jew-friendly,” and surely he would acknowledge that, in degree at least, his own perspective has shifted over the course of the decades since he first began his close study of the Jews and the problem they pose for the world’s few white nations. Yet I cannot imagine that he ever believed that a one-size-fits-all approach to the existential difficulties we face might be the approach to adopt.

    For the present, at least, I pray that it isn’t. Should that approach become the only available one, no bets as to the consequences are worth the investment of a dime.

  2.  Matthew
    September 19, 2016 - 8:05 am | Permalink

    I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.

    I think anyone should be allowed to speak on this issue, because you want to appeal to as many people as possible. Look at Trump. He deliberately speaks at a fifth grade level in order to connect with the maximum number of people. There is obviously an important place for scholarly, academic writing and speaking, but sometimes you have to speak plainly in order to connect with a wide audience.

    Most Iraq veterans don’t have 120 iqs or degrees from fancy colleges, but they are personally aware of the consequences of our servility to Israel. Their opinions should be listened to.

  3. September 19, 2016 - 7:11 am | Permalink

    Jews who want to be considered our allies should direct most of their activism to changing the direction of the organized Jewish community.

    I’m glad to see this sentiment expressed as it is one I have been suggesting as a litmus test for Jewish involvement for the last five years. The neo-conservatives did not go to the Jewish community and purge anti-whites – they went into the White community and White institutions and purged “anti-semites” and traditional conservatives. So we can see that they were never allies in any way.

    If there are Jews that are, in fact, interested in keeping White countries White, restricting immigration, fighting anti-white bigotry, and otherwise promoting the ideas of the “alt right” – the only place they can legitimately do such things is within their own Jewish community. They really have no need to even address the “alt right” itself, nor the White community generally – they are needed in their own Jewish community. When we see the Jewish community engaged in a much needed self-inventory and actively purging their own institutions of anti-Europeanism, I’m sure the larger White community will take note and welcome collaboration with sincere sympathizers.

    So, we can, in fact, welcome Jews into the “alt right” – providing they are taking “alt right” ideas to the Jewish community. Any Jews attempting to manage or otherwise influence the White community can been seen as simply entryists.

    I am often dismayed by how some people associated with the Alt Right express their views on Jewish issues. I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.

    What makes MacDonald’s work so important and so unique is that he gave us an analysis of, and a language to discuss, Jewish power, without resorting to Catholic superstition or Protocols of Zion style conspiracy theorizing.

    Raw IQ scores aside, there are many commenters on the “Alt Right” that are more interested in their Catholic superstitions and their Protocols of Zion conspiracy theories than they are in promoting the interests of White people.

    Much of this is simply a function of the internet – in order to be “alt right” all you have to do is fill out a comment box on a blog.

    I suspect that if a very large percentage of commenters on alt-right blogs were to give a five minute speech at an NPI conference, they would come across as unhinged paranoid lunatics, embarrassingly muddled thinkers and even agent provocateurs. Many TOO commenters are more interested in discussing obscure religious topics or the minutia of World War II – because they simply do not have the candlepower or the insight on the current situation to contribute anything else. Online it can seem impressive – at a real life conference, people would vote with their feet and take a bathroom break or take the opportunity to get some refreshments.

    Also, the teenagers that are interested in the “4Chan” style trolling – despite how popular their websites may be – and just that – teenagers who enjoy telling “naughty” jokes online and otherwise being “shocking.” Back in the 1980s, teenagers liked to listen to “Satanic” heavy metal music because it scandalized their parents. These days, they enjoy “neo-Nazi” style internet trolling because it scandalizes their liberal parents. It would be a mistake to take any of it particularly seriously. If, as adults, they discover the serious “alt right” – great. But let’s not waste any time or credibility worrying about the young people who enjoy posting Japanese Hitler cartoons on blogs.

  4.  Michael Adkins
    September 19, 2016 - 6:01 am | Permalink

    Listening to “geniuses” has led us to our present situation.

  5.  katana
    September 19, 2016 - 5:23 am | Permalink

    Kmac wrote:

    Jews and the Alt Right

    Although I certainly believe that it’s important for the Alt Right to be aware of the Jewish involvement in White displacement, I think it’s fine that some organizations and Alt Right figures do not discuss Jewish issues. Many people are more open to that approach, and we have to recognize that there are different audiences that can be reached with different messages. “


    I have to say I also find this mild mannered, almost causal, attitude towards the jewish role as the instigator of White displacement, shockingly complacent, as if it’s only of some kind of academic concern.

    We are talking about the slow motion, in terms of our life times, eventual literal genocide of the White race by relentless psychological warfare via jewish control of information, as well as our physical dispossession by the jewish engineered importation of the Third World, waged upon us by a tiny minority of psychopaths.

    I don’t think it’s fine at all, that some organizations and Alt Right figures do not discuss jewish issues, given our dire situation. This pandering to the Jared Taylor types with a “big tent” approach is only perpetuating the widespread ignorance of who the real enemy really is, namely organized jewry, and consequently causing more suffering and destruction among Whites and the rest of the world.

    Rather than Kmac urging that only people of a well above average IQ be involved in public discussion of the jewish Problem (jP), he should be urging everyone, regardless of IQ, to get involved in talking about jews and their leadership role in not only their world changing, monstrous and murderous, behavior in the 20th century, but what a tyrannical future organized jewry has planned for us, unless stopped and held accountable for the greatest crimes against humanity in human history.

  6.  Jake
    September 19, 2016 - 2:50 am | Permalink

    I also have problems with using a certain IQ as a threshold for white advocacy. It’s less a matter of intelligence than of finding one’s proper fit. I could never be a Dr. MacDonald or Dr. Joyce, but each of us within our means has a contribution to make. For example, many whites may not be suited for scholarly polemics but still be superior soldiers—and if there’s one thing our cause is short on it’s a soldier class. Certainly the Blacks have theirs of a sort—the rapists, murderers, and rioters that give “No Justice, No Peace” such import and which the media Jews are always keen to incite as a vengeance proxy to keep us timid and pliable. In any case it’s been my experience that white racial loyalty starts out as an emotional rather than intellectual attachment. Granted, it’s not in our interest to feed Jewish caricatures of us, but we should be nonetheless sympathetic to those less refined whites whose schools, families, and livelihoods have born the brunt of Jewish designs (after the Jews ghettoized my public school I myself lost three years of schooling). We can communicate other avenues to be healthy, proud, decent whites that develop resistance to the Jewish poison—and do so for ends that are good for everybody–not just to save whites but to save Jews from themselves.

  7.  Captainchaos
    September 18, 2016 - 9:45 pm | Permalink

    It seems to me that the commentariat is of the unanimous opinion that Jewry’s malevolent will to destroy our race – to see the European race utterly genetically extinguished – is simply implacable. This is the voice of wisdom; and hopefully it will one day swell to a chorus of millions of voices.

  8.  Betty
    September 18, 2016 - 5:06 pm | Permalink

    I don’t believe that people with an IQ of less than 120 are unable to argue against the Jews and their influence. People with IQs starting at 90 can be properly educated to counter wrong information. Many times it is the people with IQs at 120 and above that are the troublemakers. For example, Stefan Molyneux has a podcast with Bill Whittle (Sept. 17) where they start discussing the alt-rt and how they don’t understand it. These men have IQs of at least 120 and above. They then proceeded to talk about Trump and it ended with talk about education, what is needed to help blacks and how they could change Detroit. Molyneux had a podcast a couple days earlier where he said that philosophy is what is needed to help blacks. They are cowardly cucks. Blacks have an average IQ of 85. There is nothing that can be done for them. “Mr. Facts/Evidence” Molyneux has had many podcasts about IQ but should it come down to the topic of separating low IQers, he would cuck. Trillions have been spent since the mid-1960s with no improvements in black achievement. Yet, cuck Molyneux believes that the Socratic method is the ticket.

    The next point to deal with in any conversation is the issue of “universality.” Once this is defined according to Western standards-Jews, blacks, Asians are eliminated. These 3 groups had nothing to do with the West.

    Religion would be next. The RCC [ The Roman Catholic Church ]/Zioevangiers are causing huge problems in the West. It takes alot of brains to concoct theologies of “universal church,” “Jews are the chosen people,” etc. But a commentator on another website wrote: “even Jesus cannot change genetics.” The RCC now believes that the Africans will save the church. The cucks at Churchmilitant are busy raising money for RCC churches in Africa. They don’t care about whites. And I believe it’s because they know they cannot argue and prove their positions. The cri de coeur of the cuck male is who loves the blacks more: Repubs/Dems; cucks/gentile libertards. The cucks believe they do.

    On Saturday, Pope Frannie said that “welcoming migrants is a safeguard against terrorism.” We had 3 terroist attacks since then – New York City, New Jersey, Minnesota. This evil castrato is setting up the West for war. This is esoterica for non-RCCers, but I must write this. Frannie has pretty much allowed communion for the divorced/remarried and he is allowing “Catholic divorce,” i.e., easy annulments. An RCC cuck Robert Royal wrote an article that this might cause a schism in the RCC. Let’s recall what has happened when the RCC has caused problems. If the RCC had granted Henry VIII’s annulment request, Western European history would have been radically different. The negrophiliac shabbas goy Rush Limbaugh had an excellent comment about this- Then there was the 30 Years’ War – the deadliest religious war in Europe. Cuck cardinal Schonborn of Vienna is yapping about how Islam will change Europe. This is a variation of closing the barn door after the horse is gone. At the next family synods, women deacons, married priests and eventually gay marriage will be allowed. What will the cucks do? The only bright spots concerning the RCC are China and the Philippines. The Chinese government has complete control of priests. The Vatican doesn’t like this but this will break the Chinese RCC from Rome. President Duterte of the Philippines has reined in the RCC concerning birth control. The Philippines has a high birth rate but Filipino average IQ is 86 – below 90 is bad. The Asians are breaking away from Rome.

    it is up to Caucasian Christians to face reality. Zioevangizers and their twisted theology must be confronted whenever they say “Jews are the chosen.” They are not. All of these issues can be confronted when people are properly educated.

  9.  bsmith
    September 18, 2016 - 11:31 am | Permalink

    Sir you discredit yourself!

    If there are some jews out there who are decent human beings then they ought to attempt to prove it by standing up and screaming continuously that the jews are behind the world wars that so decimated the white race, that their Talmud (Orthodox faith), is evil incarnate, the Holy Holocaust is indeed a Hellish Hoax being leveraged to do immense evil, and that yes the jews are attempting to genocide the white race, etc.

    If they actually accomplish something helpful to us, and survive the vengeance of their evil tribe, then maybe we can consider trusting them, someday, on a probationary basis, maybe.

    It isn’t our fault we cannot trust a jew. That is the fault of the Jews — they are the ones constantly attacking us, killing us, attempting to genocide us.

    And when oh when has compromising with the jews ever resulted in a benefit to the White race?

  10. September 18, 2016 - 9:44 am | Permalink

    Kai Wesselchak – “What counts is Jewish power in the media, in the academic world, and in government.” — Don’t forget finance!!!

    And don’t forget religion. In my view, Christianity was Judaized at the outset, as a deliberate mimicry of ‘Rabbis’. And in my view the entire New Testament is a fake, along the same lines as Hollywood ‘superhero’ style films. All the material on Yeshua (Romanized to ‘Jesus’) is phony; there never was such a person. Jewish unparalleled deceit and lies have built up a literature of psychopathy and parasitism. But there are vast numbers of people still mesmerised by this Jewish garbage. Part of the critique of Jews as a hostile group (not just ‘elite’) must be to get rid of this 1,500 year old fictional rubbish which has elbowed out many of the proper concerns of whites, and others.

    •  TimPietersen
      September 18, 2016 - 11:42 pm | Permalink

      the new testament is fake but the old one is real? its the old testament that all te zionist christians follow to wage wars for jews

      • September 19, 2016 - 9:32 am | Permalink

        The ‘Old Testament’ of course is full of junk pseudo-history etc, and was inserted into the official ‘Canon’ (someone said by Jerome), after the NT, presumably as a further indication that Jews had muscled into early Christianity, which did not have ‘Yeshua’ etc – and it’s not certain what it did consist of. Ever after there’s been tension between various brands of Catholics and Jews dipping in where they can – though for some time Catholicism seemed to have had the upper hand. My comment was a short one – intended really to gain attention. And nobody here I imagine would dispute that ‘Jews’ have the upper hand now, what with absurd televangelists and Scofield and crits of Christians plus absence of crits of Jews. In addition to removing Jews from money, they must be removed from popular belief systems. Maybe Mel Gibson could do a film showing primitive Christians being displaced by aggressive Rabbinical liars.

    •  David Ashton
      September 19, 2016 - 6:59 am | Permalink

      @ Rerevisionist

      While you are “not interested” at all in anything I might write, I and many others will be very interested in your demonstration that “the entire New Testament” is a fake produced by the Jews, like both the entire “Holocaust” and belief in the existence of nuclear weapons, missiles and technology.

      You would be more than yet another “Yeshua” mythicist, instead the pioneer of a completely new and apparently conclusive explanation of Christian doctrine, organization and sacrament as nothing but an exclusively Jewish Hollywood-style production of garbage.

      You alone could thereby explode a century of “rubbish” from classical scholars and specialists in New Testament Greek, refuting, with your logical mind and indisputable data, anti-Christian Jewish historians like Jules Isaac, Hyam Maccoby and Robert Eisenman; assorted Christian apologists like Ernst Bammel, Joseph Fitzmyer, Craig Evans and Edwin Yamauchi; National Socialists like Grundmann, Kittel and Rosenberg; and professionally qualified non-believers like Richard Carrier, Maurice Casey and Revilo Oliver.

      Add your comments on “antisemitism” and “supersession” of the NT and early fathers; the reigns of Nero, Domitian and Constantine; apocalyptic literature; Marcionism; Josephus and Jerome; the Talmudic Jesus; and much, much more – sweeping away in the purgative process the relevant work of Kevin MacDonald and Cecil B. DeMille alike?

  11.  Sandy
    September 18, 2016 - 9:25 am | Permalink

    As one of those doomed to being a ninety niner and never to enjoy the delights of being a one percenter I tend to agree with Kmac that the less gifted shouldn’t mouth off in public. I enjoy and appreciate the professing of Kmac and my hope is that one day somebody like Greg Johnston at one of his gatherings would get Kmac, Michael Hoffman and E Michael Jones together and let them loose on the Jewish Question and White Nationalism. Now that would be an education for us not quite 120 per centers and I would certainly buy the DVD!!!!!

  12.  Jack Highlands
    September 18, 2016 - 9:21 am | Permalink

    For any organization in a position of influence, even a pro-White organization, if it’s leadership is not specifically constituted as anti-Semitic, it will be taken over by Jews eventually. The Alt Right, very loose organization though it be, is not immune from this rule. In fact that very looseness of our structure will, for a time, make it easier for them. Witness Milo.

  13.  Helvena
    September 18, 2016 - 8:15 am | Permalink

    Will Asians, Africans, Indians etc. be allowed in the alt-right if they sincerely believe in a White western civilization? In other words is it attitude or genetics that is our membership criteria? And if it is genetics, what percentage of non-White is acceptable? Or is the alt-right a ‘who you know’ group where a non-White is in if you can get an influential member to vouch for you?

    •  Luke
      September 19, 2016 - 4:35 am | Permalink

      You have not paid very close attention, Hellvena – to the stated goals of those individuals who are currently seen as the leading voices of the alt-right, because they’ve already answered your question.

      Even Richard Spencer, the alt-leftist, has said that the long term objective of the alt-right movement is to work towards the creation of an exclusively White Ethnostate – because that is the only guaranteed path to ensure the survival of White European mankind. That excludes any possibility of allowing Asians, Africans, Indians, etc., to join the alt-right – because if they were allowed in, they would be certain to agitate for being allowed to move into the White Ethnostate, which destroys the entire concept and within a very short time, the new White homeland would be right back to where the USA is today – with non-whites outbreeding Whites and posing an existential threat to the desire of Whites to secure their racial self-determination and self-rule within this new homeland.

      Personally, I think the hardest and most difficult nut to crack will be the jewish question. And, here is where we are going to have to take a very hard and non-negotiable stance. We need to really dig in our heels on this question. I am already seeing arguments and disagreements starting to simmer as to whether or not the new White Ethnostate or the alt-right movement in general – should allow jews to take part in it.

      In the very near future, I anticipate an attempted repeat of what the loathsome and despicable cuck William F. Buckley did with his National Review magazine – when Buckley decided to purge all of the former writers for his publication who were White race realists and then he replaced them with his cabal of blood thirsty, war mongering, mostly jewish Israel Firsters – and then, he placed a prohibition on any discussion of immigration or of the jewish role in this conspiracy to racially displace the White American majority in the USA. I predict that Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow and possibly Richard Spencer will assume the Bill Buckley role of designated purgers – although, Spencer has disagreed with Taylor on the jewish question and whether jews should be permitted to join the alt-right. And, this time around, the targets of the purging action will be alt-righters who oppose allowing jews to swarm into the movement.

      This disagreement between Spencer and Taylor could be a good cop, bad cop stage play – and nothing more than theatrics, designed to appease the alt-righters who oppose allowing jews to sneak into, and then hijack the alt-right movement. Time will tell. But, mark my words and remember this prediction – there will be an internal struggle within the alt-right and the 1 issue of contention will be the jewish question.

      And, also remember – if they are allowed in, we will be sowing the seeds of destruction for the alt-right movement.

      One final comment – directed again to Helvena. Would you mind explaining how the alt-right could verify whether or not Asians, Africans, Indians, jews, etc., were telling us the truth when they place a check mark in the membership survey box next to the question: “Do you sincerely believe in White Western Civilization”? What would prevent them from lying just so they could get a toe-hold into the alt-right and an residency permit stamp for the coming White Ethnostate? And, once the ethnostate is established – are we going to allow them to chain immigrate every member of their family tree, just as long as those family members also check the right box on the membership survey?

      •  Helvena
        September 19, 2016 - 7:00 am | Permalink

        Hi Luker. We totally agree. My post was written ‘tongue in cheek’ trying to point out the ridiculousness of allowing jews in. Sincerity can’t be proven short of a life time. Over at Irish Savant’s I argued this, by suggesting a sincerely tests, like for instance, the sterilization of their first born, again tongue in cheek. Jews aren’t White so letting them in would be the same as letting in non-White others. I’m fine with letting them advocate for White civilization consisting of White people but let them do it on their own platform, not ever on ours. There is a lot I respect about KM but Taylor makes my skin crawl. Taylor harps on about IQ and then makes the argument for jews that ‘they look White to me’, that’s when I fell off the wagon.

        I’m seeing the same thing you are, that is the constant, low grade push to accept the jews (one of the things that bothered me about Majority Rights). Just like there use to be a push to ‘step over the holocaust’. NO. We must be brutally honest and forthright and carry on because truth is on our side. And yes if the jews are allow in it will only be a matter of time until truth is sacrificed to political expediency and then we are lost. I may not be sophisticated but I’ll never get lost in the woods.

  14. September 18, 2016 - 5:55 am | Permalink

    Thanks MacDonald for this shrewd commentary on the vexing issue of Jews and the AltRight. Nonetheless, the following facts need to be considered:
    1. Jews are a diverse group and not a distinct racial entity. For instance, there are Ethiopian Jews in Israel (who are black).
    2. Within Jewry, there is a special group of people known as the Erev Rav [ NB A Jew's version of truth - Editor ] (Hebrew for Leaders of the Generation). They are generally the smartest and wealthiest members of the society. History shows us that the Erev Rav are basically hostile to the concept of a United People. In the Bible they instigated the Sin of the Golden Calf so as to cause dissension among Israelites, as well as detach Israel from God. They hoped that their action would drive God to destroy (the infant nation of) Israel, and in the process ensure that the Messiah will never come to the world. Presently, they form the Engine of the Jewish Left.
    3. The concept of Jewish Unity is quite a slippery one. Jews are not generally united, and the Talmud attests to this by stating that the Second Temple was destroyed because of the Baseless Hatred among Jews.
    4. In all monotheistic religions, Judaism included; the Antithesis of Human Salvation is always personified by a Jew (Anti-Christ in Christinity and Armilius in Judaism). The Talmud even recounts how Armilius will kill the First Messiah (named Moshiach ben Yoseph), and in the process lead to the death of over 60% of all Jews. Armilius belongs to the Erev Rav, as does all Jews who proclaim anti-messiah message.
    Based on the above facts, its clear that within the Jewish people, there will always be an Elite hostile to both their Host Societies and the Ordinary Jews in general. In the New Testament, Jesus described this Hostile Elite as the “Synagogue of Satan”. In the Talmud, they are described as the “Erev Rav”.
    This also means that you have conflated a treacherous segment of the Jewish community as representative of the whole community. The Erev Rav don’t seek to destroy the White People only; their primary aim is to destroy Humanity and the World. Thus, ordinary Jews are just victims of their nefarious activities just as Whites and other people are.

    •  Franklin Ryckaert
      September 18, 2016 - 11:20 am | Permalink

      As far as I know erev rav does not mean “leaders of the generation” but “mixed multitude” and they are mentioned as joining the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt (Ex. 12 : 38). The erev rav are the mythical internal enemies of the Jewish people, while the Amalekites are their mythical external enemies (at present identified with the Palestinians).

      Armilus (not : Armilius) is the Jewish equivalent of the “Anti-Christ” of the Christians, a medieval Jewish idea clearly modeled after him.

      Collective misbehavior of the Jews cannot be blamed on their leadership only, the more so since they mostly follow their leaders in misbehavior that is advantageous to them.

      • September 18, 2016 - 1:48 pm | Permalink

        Modern translations render “Erev Rav” as the mixed multitudes; but the word “Rav” means Rabbi, and Erev means “the eve of”, and in this case “the eve of redemption”. Thus Erev Rav can be translated as the leaders of the Generation during the eve of Human Redemption.
        You’re right about Armilus, I misspelled the name.
        Nonetheless, there is no need to hope for a wholesome persecution of the Jews, especially now that some of their mistakes are coming back to haunt them.

    •  Pierre de Craon
      September 18, 2016 - 3:37 pm | Permalink

      … ordinary Jews are just victims of [the Erev Rav’s] nefarious activities just as Whites and other people are.

      I still await a Jewish explanation where, rather than being the prime victims, they are instead the victimizers—that is to say, something other than the self-serving recital, above, of thrice-told yarns, which Mr. Patrushev fancifully terms “facts” and offers as excuse for the Tribe’s immorality and criminality. I’m not holding my breath, however.

      •  Franklin Ryckaert
        September 18, 2016 - 6:51 pm | Permalink

        Well, don’t you see, Jews are always victims. Thus when (not if) they commit crimes, they are simply victims of a corrupt leadership. Can you not show some solidarity with them, or are you an “anti-Semite” ?

        •  Pierre de Craon
          September 18, 2016 - 11:56 pm | Permalink

          Well, solidarity isn’t happening; that much is certain.

          I think I’ll just wait in the car.

  15.  WunderHund
    September 18, 2016 - 5:08 am | Permalink

    It doesn’t matter whether we wish (((them))) to be our enemies. (((They))) have made the choice for us. It will be a fight to the death and we will mourn thier innocent dead to the same degree ((( they))) mourn ours.(not at all) As Julius Caesar said ” The die is cast.”

  16.  katana
    September 18, 2016 - 4:42 am | Permalink

    Kmac wrote:

    ”I would love it if there could be an Alt Right mass movement with significant Jewish support. But at the same time, it is also legitimate for others to discuss Jewish issues in a critical manner.

    At the same time, I am often dismayed by how some people associated with the Alt Right express their views on Jewish issues. I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.”

    What I find a little disturbing in the quote above, is this naive and odd wish that our cause could have significant jewish support. This is almost like wishing that we could have significant enemy support in our movement!

    Then there’s the unhelpful, impractical suggestion that only people who have “studied” the JP and have an IQ of at least 120 should comment on it publicly! This idea is pure ivory tower thinking and on the face of it would seem to disqualify him on the second requirement, for those that don’t know about him! Sorry Kmac.

    We need widespread public discussion about the jewish problem from all levels of society because they are the victims of jewish predations and will be doing the hard work of putting things right. As to coming up with a solution to the jewish problem, then that’s when we need the best and brightest to offer their advice.

    Other than those complaints, an informative post.

    •  Doug
      September 18, 2016 - 12:05 pm | Permalink

      However much I deeply respect and appreciate Kmac, I tend to agree with you, Katana. Kmac has suffered bitterly (from the Jews) for his brilliant endeavors in our behalf, and I would be reluctant to open the door to one Jew. That’s how they co-opt, isn’t it?

  17.  PaleoAtlantid
    September 18, 2016 - 3:43 am | Permalink

    Why should Jews wish to join the ‘Alt Right’? At the present state of the war Jews and their allies are winning, if they are patient and pursue the policies which have gotten them to this position then another 50 years will see their triumph. It will be ‘game over man’ for us. Their only motivation for joining the growing Alt Right movement would be to neutralize it, or subvert it with the aim of using it as a vehicle to speed up their agenda.
    We need only look to the ancient wisdom of our people; Aesop’s fable of the frog and the scorpion.

  18.  Shimshon
    September 18, 2016 - 3:05 am | Permalink

    “Jews who want to be considered our allies should direct most of their activism to changing the direction of the organized Jewish community.”

    Jews who want to ally with the alt-right should move to the national home of the Jewish people, Israel. The alt-right is pro-nationalist. That doesn’t mean they want Jews in their own nations, or, especially, in positions of power over them.

    •  Doug
      September 18, 2016 - 12:13 pm | Permalink

      Better yet, they should form their own alt-right organization and first prove themselves publicly.

  19.  Kai Wesselchak
    September 18, 2016 - 2:31 am | Permalink

    “What counts is Jewish power in the media, in the academic world, and in government.”

    Don’t forget finance!!!

  20.  James Hallman
    September 17, 2016 - 11:07 pm | Permalink

    The Jewish problem will never be solved if the masses of white people don’t discard the Christian notion that Jews, the very people who are at the forefront of trying to undermine almost everything they can appreciate when it comes to Western Culture, are the supposed “Chosen People”, thus in need of support and protection. This idea is self-defeating!

    •  Doug
      September 18, 2016 - 12:48 pm | Permalink

      Amen. Evangelical pro-Israel Christians like the Rev. John Hagee must be a hilarious joke to most Jews. And the joke on the rest of us is that the dogma that Hagee follows comes from an interpretation of the Bible by Cyrus Scofield, a corrupt, crooked lawyer funded by Zionist Jews from New York City in the late 19th century. Scofield’s heresies include promoting a Jewish kingdom and an earthly Zionist New World Order to be ruled over by a god-like Jewish race, without any Christian gentiles around to mess things up, which soon became fashionable among some denominations, especially among the Pentecostals and Southern Baptists, through their use of the annotated “Schofield Bible”. This is what is propelling the “evangelical’s” fanatical pro-Israel stance today, not the New Testament.

      •  cm miller
        September 19, 2016 - 11:29 am | Permalink

        Doug, I am happy to see that others are well informed about the Scofield Bible corruption. Samuel Untermeyer – yes, that Untermeyer – has been identified as the money behind Cyrus Scofield but the tracks are well hidden.

    •  Pierre de Craon
      September 18, 2016 - 4:15 pm | Permalink

      Mr. Hallman: There is no “Christian notion” that the Jews are any longer the Chosen People. Whatever authority they had to describe themselves thus ended sine die in Pilate’s courtyard. Any self-styled Christian who describes the Jews thus is a knave or a fool. Sadly, as anyone looking to left or right can readily see, the world has no shortage of either commodity.

      • September 19, 2016 - 11:26 am | Permalink

        Thank you, M. Craon. The present horror of subversion in the church, which I now refer to as Cultural Marxist Christianity is not recognized by most who call themselves Christian. The Jews were chosen to produce Jesus Christ which they did. Now their situation is the same as everyone else. We have lost the word for this and need to bring it back: “Supersessionism, also called replacement theology or fulfillment theology, is a Christian theological view on the current status of the church in relation to the Jewish people and Judaism. Supersessionism is the belief that the Christian Church has replaced the Israelites as God’s chosen people and that the Mosaic covenant has been replaced or superseded by the New Covenant.”

        • September 19, 2016 - 12:08 pm | Permalink

          To make the argument for Christians, the Apostles Paul and Peter first tangled over the role of the Jews in Christianity when Paul confronted Peter as a “Judaizer” because he kowtowed to the “circumcision party” who were trying to bring those wayward scamps back under the “chosen people”. Almost every church father warned us against elevating the Jews: Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, John Chrysostom, using the terms like Philo-Semite, Judeophile. The Reformers Luther and Calvin were not shy either, writing specifically about the Jews. Then since WWII out of manufactured guilt, arose the term Judeo-Christian, now even worse, Christian Zionist is used. Remember too that Paul, truly a Jewish friend, in a vision was prevented from preaching in Asia, then in a vision a man from Macedonia called him to go there, and so Europe was obviously chosen. As the European People Group we have such little protection against our innate universal morality. But as Christians in imitation of Christ, we include our friends, exclude our enemies and conduct Just Wars of self-defense.

  21.  K.K.
    September 17, 2016 - 11:06 pm | Permalink

    Saw a couple of winks to the mainstream in the article. I think Kevin is writing in the awareness that his voice is heard by a whole new audience, given the current developments.

    The issue is simple really: the Alt-Right doesn’t hold grudges against Jews simply because they’re Jews. In essence, not even their disproportionate power is the problem. Our grudge against Jews is based solely on their well-organized and unrelenting subversion of our People’s societies and the fact that, in the end, they clearly aim at our genocide.

    If there are Jews who genuinely want to stand on our side, defending against the Jewish-led attack on the European people, then all power to them. In that sense, it’s not even necessary that they talk about the Jewish-led nature of our subversion – although they must be willing to acknowledge it – they can also fight the subversion indirectly, on level-by-level basis, such as Milo does (and btw, I think that Milo is genuinely on our side, in the grand scheme of things, and is doing a lot of good work overall). But they’ll obviously have to understand that they’ll be under more than ordinary scrutiny and looked at with a lot of suspicion – and if they don’t understand that, then they’re not really on our side anyway.

  22.  Robert Bloc
    September 17, 2016 - 8:51 pm | Permalink

     regard Dr. MacDonald as both hero and genius. It is with trepidation that I express disagreement. Silencing whites with IQs < 120 on the Jewish question (approximately 90% of whites) seems a high price to pay to stay in the good graces of Paul Gottfried, the only Jew who might both embrace the alt right and acknowledge a Jewish role in our dispossession. Jews tend to criticize Jews from the left. After brilliantly dissecting Neocon subversion of the faux right (Cuckzilla Buckley) can it be anything but suicidal to invite subversion of the alt right? Yes, I too wish they liked us. I wish they could be reasoned with. I too tired of being alienated from my society and my elites. But the alternative is to be immersed in their lies. Too high a price to pick up Gottfried. I'll take the Arayan left hander…

    •  Kai Wesselchak
      September 18, 2016 - 2:33 am | Permalink

      @Robert Bloc
      Agreed 100%. Jews have a long history of trying to subvert movements dangerous to them. Gottfried in particular has usually dismissed Herr-Doktor-Professor MacDonald’s work out of hand.

      •  Kai Wesselchak
        September 18, 2016 - 2:42 am | Permalink

        That said, Dr. MacDonald is of course right that people (a la Anglin) can put their feet in their mouths in the presence of “normies” and make us look bad. My only real argument with this article is our ultimate, long-term goal should be White ethnostates entirely devoid of Jews (except for any especially brave ones that worked in our interest and might get asylum for protection from ZOG, but no voting or intermarriage rights). I’m very skeptical of having any Jewish community in a White country, even if it’s radicalism has been tempered, its capacity for financial manipulation cut off by ending the FED, and its high IQ put to non-subversive uses. Of course, that’s something that could only be achieved in the distant future, after we save ourselves from extinction and prevent neocons from causing WWIII.

      •  Betty
        September 18, 2016 - 3:38 pm | Permalink

        Paul Gottfried does not like gentiles. He really believes Jews are the “chosen people.” I read an article where he gave an interview to (((Illana Mercer))) and they both talked about not liking “flyover people,” – their eating habits, their obesity. Mercer’s rabbi father and the entire family were kicked out of South Africa for their anti-apartheid work. Gottfried is an enemy.

        •  Fanklin Ryckaert
          September 18, 2016 - 6:41 pm | Permalink

          Can you provide a link to that article?

        •  Helvena
          September 19, 2016 - 4:00 am | Permalink

          ” I’m not much impressed with the “traditionalism” of the American heartland or (to use that ridiculous neologism “red states”). That heartland, in which I’ve spent much of my life, has supplied the teeming footsoldiers for McCain, Karl Rove, the inexpressibly stupid “W,” and loudmouths like Sean Hannity. It is the American heartland that now identifies patriotism with launching wars of choice in the name of spreading “our democracy.” Its inhabitants, moreover, suffer from the vulgar eating habits and lack of cultural literacy that their critics often impute to them. However perverse in their political judgments these critics may be, they are right about the ignorance and gullibility of heartland Americans.”

        •  Luke
          September 19, 2016 - 4:46 am | Permalink

          Someone needs to inform the Political Cesspool gang about Gottfried being an enemy, because those guys seem to worship the ground Gottfried walks on.

          And, I agree with Betty about Gottfried. And, Illana Mercer – who at least Keith Alexander seems to be wise to. She was a guest on their radio show several years ago – and her whole line of baloney-advice was that Whites should not organize themselves racially and fight for their racially specific interests.

          I just can’t understand how Keith Alexander can be savvy to Mercer but let himself get hornswaggled by Gottfried.

        •  JM
          September 19, 2016 - 5:03 am | Permalink

          @Betty I’ve been reading some of Ilana Mercer’s material and looking at interviews. She’s an extremely intelligent and vital woman, a model of pushiness, which often verges on contempt. She takes on the whole of the territory of the ‘AltRight’ and puts her own – usually – destructive twist to it. My seat-of-the-pants view of her is that, far from being able to be assimilated into any patriotic movement, she is out to get them and may well do so if ‘she’s’ not ideologically destroyed first.

  23. September 17, 2016 - 6:25 pm | Permalink

    Deplorable transmuted from a deplorable label (literally) into a badge of honor of rebels against (((globalists))). I am preparing for the word Nazi to undergo the same transformation. Like, offend kikes in such a way that they will accuse me of being a Nazi, seize the moment and turn Nazi into a badge of honor in the fight against (((globalists))) and (((bankers))). Hoping it unchains a tsunami of solidarity, and there we go. Working on it. Just alerting others, maybe somebody else is in a position to do it faster.

  24.  antuerius
    September 17, 2016 - 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Defining more distant roles for Jews who would actively support white interests among their own is a productive area of strategic speculation. In house participation in any field, including Christianity, neo-Paganism, Professions, etcetera, has clearly and repeatedly proved disastrous for ours. With a minor reciprocation of the limitation on white Intelligence Quotient for public speech on the Jewish Question, it would seem more appropriate that upper limits on Jewish IQ be considered in the mobilization of purported white interest Jewish representatives to Jewish bodies of politic.

    Jewish Intelligence — their own postmodernish fetish — has a consistently expressed instinct for venal opportunism at our expense. Our Monarchies, Democracies, Professional Associations, Christianity, Military’s nor Academia have been unable to withstand the desperate core of malevolent self-interest that all but defines these strange and dangerous elements. If there is one agreeable aspect to average IQ whites speaking out negatively about Jews, it is the soulful referent to our instinct, ancestry and survival.

  25.  RoyAlbrecht
    September 17, 2016 - 4:06 pm | Permalink

    “A consistent theme on the Alt Right is that diaspora Jews have advocated very generous immigration and refugee policies in the West and the idea that Western countries have no ethnic core (the proposition nation idea) while supporting Israel as a Jewish ethnostate. This should be infuriating to anyone who advocates White interests.”

    As someone who believes that “…fury…” has its place in military battles as an important source of energizing hormones and that in “scriptural battles”, or the war of ideas, tranquility and deep metabolic equilibrium combined with knowledge and experience are far more important, fury should be held in check until such time that a flesh and blood state of war has been overtly recognized.
    I’m not so sure that the White world at large is either intellectually prepared or sufficiently unified behind the concept that a large chunk of the moneyed classes along with the law enforcement agencies that protect them should be killed (the former) and will need to be killed (the latter) in order to set things right again.
    IMO, since infuriation is often accompanied by the loss of critical thinking skills, of objectivity, of mental control, and the loss of other faculties that are essential in the battle of ideas, infuriation should be replaced with dead seriousness and steely determination to seek justice until such time that we are forced to take the battle to the flesh and blood of the criminals.
    “It must be made clear at the outset that the Jewish community is not monolithic, and, as discussed below, there may be some Jews who are wholeheartedly opposed to the de-Europeanization of America. As an obvious example of the lack of unanimity among Jews on important issues, neoconservatism is a Jewish movement, led by and dominated by Jews since its inception. Most Jews are not neocons, but neoconservatism has had a huge influence on American foreign policy,…”

    Even if some Jews do not participate in some type of ethnic networking organizations.., loose or otherwise;
    1) can they be taken at their word when they tell Whites that they are “…non-participants…” given the tendency for Jews to lie with impunity and audacity to the Goyem and the difficulty one has with confirming the veracity of such “denial” statements…,
    2) even if they do not go to the local synagogue, donate to Jewish lobby groups, or overtly associate with other Jews, off the top of my head, do most American Jews (over 75% ?) not vote Democrat, did most Israeli Jews not support the hard line policies of Ariel Sharon (again, some 80%?) and…,
    3) from a statistically significant perspective, may one not simply say that ALL Jews know of the immense power that the “organized Jewish Mafia” have and that those, IMO, miniscule numbers of Jews that are at best “non-participatory and secular” still identify with their Jewish kinfolk on an ethnic basis if for no other reason than to affirm their Jewishness amongst their own and reap the benefits or at least avoid the possibility of ostracism that not doing so would entail?
    Simply look at comments that so called “friendly Jews” make on our White Identity Forums and ask yourself, “How many of them are either intellectually below par or obfuscating with straw-issues?”


    “I would love it if there could be an Alt Right mass movement with significant Jewish support. But at the same time, it is also legitimate for others to discuss Jewish issues in a critical manner.”
    By your own admission you seem to acknowledge the dearth of Jews that actually support White issues. From my intimate interaction with Jews over a lifetime of being aware of the nature of Jews, EVERY Jew I have ever met is a speculator and a short term usurer of the host nation and peoples in which they reside.
    Even when they work hard physically, they do so with the knowledge that their hard physical labour will someday pay BIG (disproportionately larger than the work they actually put forth) dividends at the expense of the population that they are aiming to exploit.
    Jews are privy to the knowledge of what the Jewish Race, as a whole, is doing to non-Jews on the planet. As such they have a choice to make early on in life: either get on board the usury-train or be run over by it. Few opt to be run over by it when getting on board is so financially lucrative.
    “At the same time, I am often dismayed by how some people associated with the Alt Right express their views on Jewish issues. I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.”
    This would be extremely funny if it were not completely true!
    Here in Iceland, I routinely dismiss people to their face who oppose me on Jewish issues,
    from an “..Illdabeast supporters’ frame of mindlessness..”, I simply tell them point blank that I do not have time for these idiots, that they are mentally ill, that they are not fit to hold a conversation with. In the end I simply tell them to, “…run along and don’t bother me…”.

  26.  Nice Guy Eddie
    September 17, 2016 - 3:21 pm | Permalink

    Professor MacDonald, thank you for another informative and enjoyable read. However, I have a problem with it, as I imagine will others.

    The idea that we should even consider bringing amenable Jews into the Alt Right or any other pro-Western movement is anathema to me, and considering the tenor of your work over the years I am surprised you seem to be advocating it, even tentatively.

    Jewish corruption is the central rotten thread that runs through what is being done to Western nations, so bringing any of them on board is beyond my understanding. They are waging war on us, pure and simple, and must be shut out as a matter of policy – all of them, even the apparent “good” ones.

    There may very well be some Jews who genuinely support us (though I have yet to meet any and I’ve met plenty) but we simply cannot afford to take the risk that they might betray us, because almost certainly they will.

    Taking Alt Right mainstream is a worthy aim, but flirting with the enemy, especially this enemy, is a recipe for disaster further down the line. I also believe it is unnecessary. With the middle east situation and even more so with mass immigration, Western populations are showing signs of rebellion and we should be pointing the finger, aggressively and often, at who is to blame, not reaching out to them. That’s our market, not the very few Jews who may be (but most likely are not) on our side.

    Forgive me if I sound unduly harsh (on you, not on them). I accept your article is overwhelmingly critical of Jewish influence and does not directly advocate Jewish inclusion, but when you say such as “I would love it if there could be an Alt Right mass movement with significant Jewish support” and “Jews who want to be considered our allies should direct most of their activism to changing the direction of the organized Jewish community” . . . well, it isn’t going to happen is it? And I wouldn’t want them as allies anyway. History teaches us there can be no flirting with the Jews – they don’t play by our rules. Or maybe I have misread your meaning?

    Professor MacDonald, thank you again for this valuable forum. I am now going to do what I should have done long ago and subscribe to the Occidental Quarterly. I urge everyone else reading this to do likewise if they have not done so already.

    •  Junghans
      September 18, 2016 - 7:19 am | Permalink

      Very well said, and my sentiments as well, Eddie.

  27.  daniel
    September 17, 2016 - 2:04 pm | Permalink

    Whites are already minority in the US
    When you add 30 million illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, and all Middle Eastern people who are considered caucasion, but not Hispanic, along with all entities of mixed race(people like Rob Schneider, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, tayler liv, Cameron,
    Freddie Prinze Jr. (puerto rican father), Diaz, sarah palin, Ted Cruz, Fergie, Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray, etc etc etc) who call themselves White, I strongly suspect that those of us European decent are 30%.

    I live in a Mexifornia southern suburb that is far from the city center, however, the percentage of people under 30 who are White is not more than 10%.

    •  T
      September 17, 2016 - 6:30 pm | Permalink

      You are absolutely correct about what you said.

      However your list of people is not accurate.
      I dont know about all of them on your list. But one of them is not like the others.
      One of them is a direct descendent of 5 Mayflower survivors. That’s nearly 10 percent of the survivors. Also descended from William 1 and Henry 3, John Lothrop and is Irish and German to boot. Not Jewish or non -European ancestry. Although some people for whatever private reason like to say so.

      They also like to claim Audrey Hepburn.

      •  T
        September 17, 2016 - 6:57 pm | Permalink

        That would be William 1 of Scotland.

        •  T
          September 17, 2016 - 7:07 pm | Permalink

          USA is about 50 percent white today. When you take out the Mixed, Jewish, North Africans, Levantines, Armenians, Turks, Irani, Arabs, etc. Now i realize the alt-right counts those as does the Census bureau.

          Sarah Palin doesn’t belong on your list. She’s not mixed or Jewish. Todd Palin has Injun, though.

    •  Barkingmad
      September 18, 2016 - 1:55 pm | Permalink

      You mention Wentworth Miller, the actor from the silly but suspensefully entertaining tv series “Prison Break”.

      Read this if you wish:

      As I see it, there’s true ancestry and then there’s Hollywood-style racial identity. Everybody there and his dog claims both Cherokee and Black ancestry. Mega-lols!

      Anyway, casting Wentworth Miller as the the genius engineer who not only planned Mission Impossible-style prison breaks and break-ins was as clever and manipulative as casting can possibly get. He’s hyper-moral, too – he can’t kill the most wicked characters under any circumstances.

      In “Prison Break” the totally evil and seriously mentally damaged characters have light blue eyes and-or southern accents and-or sickly white skin and-or German names; and the imperfect but useful white characters are brown-eyed. Except for the Wentworth Miller character himself, who is obviously mixed race yet blue eyed. They muddy the waters by having one blacker- than-black man evil as well. The somewhat-decent ones are all mixed one way or another. There’s loads of minor characters who fit the bill too.

      Know that this casting is not an accident next time you are feeling all mellow about who’s our friend and who ain’t.

  28.  Caryn Goddard
    September 17, 2016 - 12:01 pm | Permalink

    As a secular Jew opposed to Zionism and basic Jewish Superiority Complexes, I largely agree with the Alt. Right as I understand it. I’m not sure what MacDonald means by Jews as European victims, if he’s referring to the so-called ‘holocaust’
    he’s wrong and needs not to pander to standard Jewish paranoia.
    Anti-Semitism was invented in the 1890s as racism was invented in the 1930s, the latter being an entirely Marxist invention.
    Most of the Right from the Ayn Randites to the corrupt Libertarians to the Homo Right to the Buckleyites to the neocons to the regular GOP boobs have been thoroughly corrupted and are incapable of grasping radical new ideas.
    Trump is good for imploding this Right if he never did anything else though oddly enough the Billary Bitch will do more to promote it in the long run if she’s elected.
    We need more positive stuff and less doom & gloom, most of which is fostered by the Left & Zionoid types.

    •  borstyalboy
      September 17, 2016 - 4:04 pm | Permalink

      i would be very careful – and hesitant – about accepting the comments above @ caryn goddard as representative of very many or very much. this woman is waiting with baited breath to be invited into the fold just as some german jews in the 1930s would have eagerly joined the nazi party had they been admitted. her statement “so-called ‘holocaust'” is all the evidence you need. If you are going to invite Jews to join the alt-right you cannot take the position of a holocaust denier. and as the alt-right seems to favor this position, it seems very unlikely that many jews will want to come along for the ride. what this poor woman doesn’t understand is that traitors are never embraced – they are always suspected by everyone, especially their new friends. jews like goddard should be turned away at the door. if the alt-right, which in its current iteration will not succeed in my opinion wants jewish support (which it obviously could use to its advantage) it will have to accept the jews as a separate group within its fold. i agree completely with MacDonald that jews have to divorce themselves from the positions that christian society is the enemy, that all people have equal abilities, that anti-semitism (that is fear/hatred of jews has no experiencial element) and that concern for all other groups will somehow protect jews from further difficulties. (Which side are you on, in other words.) But its unlikely the less intellectual elements of the alt-right are going to be willing to deep-six their masturbatory enjoyment of jew-baiting. I believe the alt-right must maintain its homogeneous composition: that is, no conflicts of interest in terms of national identity. but it can enlist allies. it would behoove the jews to align themselves with the alt-right. they would be able to use their considerable influence in the cause. but we are a separate people and that is all there is to it. we should seek allies in our own best interests and in this world it is with those who recognize differences among folk – not those who pretend otherwise.

      •  Captainchaos
        September 17, 2016 - 6:28 pm | Permalink

        The traditional Holocaust narrative is a lie. Whites have no obligation to labor under the burden of such demoralizing slander merely to suit the fancy of those who wish to destroy us.

        •  Doug
          September 18, 2016 - 1:32 pm | Permalink

          The “holocaust” indoctrination of generations of Germans has demoralized one of the previously most intellectual and productive populations in the world. I can have only sympathy for the Germans. God bless them.

    •  Sgt. Pepper
      September 18, 2016 - 11:44 pm | Permalink

      We need more positive stuff and less doom & gloom […]

      No, what we need is for your people to stop promoting white genocide. (But that’s not going to happen, is it?)

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