There are two of them out there, both influential. Richard Pipes [ 1923 - ]  is a crypto-Jew born in Poland  and an eminent historian. Daniel Pipes is his son and  a virulent Zionist. They both live and operate in America.

The Wikipedia tells us that Professor Pipes was:

also notable for his thesis that, contrary to many traditional histories of the USSR at the time, the "October Revolution" was, rather than a popular general uprising, practically a coup foisted upon the majority of the Russian population (and imperial national minorities) by a tiny segment of the population driven by a select group of intellectuals who subsequently established a dictatorship which was intolerant and repressive from the start, rather than having deviated from an initially benign course. This critical view of the Bolsheviks is a prime theme in his works.

I would agree with that assessment. The point that he does not bring out is that the Bolsheviks were largely Jewish. Last Days of the Romanovs by Robert Wilton tells us that they were and names them. The good professor's overall position is put well in:-


Three Whys of the Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes
Professor Pipes is not just another historian. He is an eminent historian who served on the National Security Council that advised Ronald Regan during the Cold War. There are plenty of thick books  which tell us at length about people with unfamiliar names and bury us in detail. Perhaps the truth is in there somewhere. This little book is different. It  is a summary of his view of modern Russian history and its context. He says that the Bolshevik Revolution probably caused the rise of the Nazi Party, the Second World War, decolonization and definitely caused the Cold War. These huge events make it worth understanding how and why it happened. He had reason to be interested because he was born in Poland just after the Russian Revolution. He says that it happened because of subversion by radical intellectuals. This is a part of the truth.  But you can read for yourself and decide whether you are better informed after. Robert Wilton tells us that most of the subversives  were Jews and he was there on the day. It is interesting to see how many of them are at the centre of subversive movements. Professor Pipes is just one such. See Richard Pipes

Some other important books on this area are reviewed in Review


The Wikipedia tells us that  Daniel Pipes [ 1949 - ] is a well know neoconservative who has been praised for his impartiality and condemned for his hostility to Arabs and Palestinians. Decide who to believe and wonder how they can disagree so much. Agendas can make a big difference to a journalist who has a family and a mortgage.


Jewish McCarthyism - danger to free speech
The title is uncompromising.
The Jewish McCarthys are named as Daniel Pipes, and Martin Kramer, editor [ sic ] of the forum's Middle East Quarterly are no strangers to those following the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Israel Lobby Watch
Joe McCarthy had a virtue. Communist subversives abuse him to this day but on the basics he was right. Pipes is different. Pipes is wrong.


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