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 "People shouldn't be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people."

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot.


V For Vendetta - A Cunning Perversion Of The Truth
Imagine a dystopian England under the rule of a brutal fascistic regime. Political opposition is outlawed. Free speech is non-existent. Government spies go undercover in pubs and restaurants searching for prohibited expressions. Security cameras tape everything you do and even occasionally yell at you...........

Such is the world of V for Vendetta, a nightmarish fantasy designed to show how even terrorism may be justified to fight tyranny and secure freedom. The film dares to ask if violence is ever a legitimate tactic if the government crosses a certain line. It is a favorite of libertarians, including many YWC members, and tomorrow, tens of thousands will “Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November” and ponder whether they’d be willing to act if the government ever crosses that fateful Rubicon........

V for Vendetta is almost a perfect reversal of the actual situation in England today......... In the actually existing England of today, the English flag is considered a racist symbol. The officials of the state are told the Red Cross is offensive because it reminds those oppressed Muslims about the CrusadesSix year olds are investigated for racism. The leader of the Church of England is busy advocating for Muslim Sharia law. The state maintains that Islamic terrorism must be labeled anti-Islam activity” so Muslims do not have their feelings hurt. It is not criminal to be a homosexual – it is criminal to criticize them, even in the mildest of terms. Perhaps most revealing, political leaders have actually admitted that mass immigration offered no benefits for England but was a tactic to make electing conservatives and libertarians impossible in the future by flooding the country with Third Worlders dependent on the welfare state. In essence, by their own words, the English government is a conspiracy against their own people........

So for my Fifth of November toast — if I may borrow the handle of the Voice of London — I say “Good guys win, bad guys lose, and, as always – England Prevails.”
Mr DeAnna is right. The film is clever propaganda, part of the Culture War inflicting Cultural Genocide on England and Christendom, a war being waged by the followers of Antonio Gramsci and Lenin's Useful Idiots  


V For Vendetta Goes To Washington [ 23 November 2006 ]
The armed servants of the New World Order did not like it at all. They had a petition for Bush but he had more important things to do. A petition is a step in the right direction. It is polite. It is an invitation to clean up his act. He will treat it with contempt. Will the courts? Will the US Army? Will the people? There are reviews of that excellent film from left and right - see under:-


Reviewed by Wayne Madsen a leftie

and Justin Raimondo another leftie - Go see V for Vendetta


Hal Turner a sound chap

LOTS of people don't like the government. Lots of people are right  - and it is not all powerful.


I saw "V for Vendetta"

The similarities to actual happenings here in the U.S. as well as the U.K. -- a lying news media, government lies, repression, false-flag "terrorist" attacks and such -- are striking

What got me was the CHEERING at the end of the film. . .

As Parliament in the U.K. is blown up, the audience here in the U.S. cheered "Do it to the Capitol" and "Do it to the White House!" to wild applause!

I recommend you see the film.

March 20/21, 2006 -- Its not often that a film can affect the body politic of a nation. But that is the effect of the movie released on St. Patrick's Day, V for Vendetta. Set in a near future England ruled by a Conservative Party government-turned-fascist, the hero, a horribly burned escaped political prisoner named "V" who dons a Guy Fawkes mask, cape, hat, and has an array of fancy weapons (sort of a Zorro, Phantom of the Opera, and Batman clone), blows up London's Old Bailey judicial building and the Houses of Parliament as an act of vengeance for the genocide and political repression carried out by the fascist government. As a historical note, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament in 1605 with gunpowder in a plot involving Catholics and Spain. He was caught and hanged but soon became a folk hero to England's working class and Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated with fireworks every November 5. [Note to royalist Anglophiles: yes, I understand that many Britons burn Guy Fawkes in effigy on Nov, 5, but many Britons also celebrate his almost feat with fireworks. I've been to Britain too many times during the festival and know what Fawkes means to those who despise the pederasts and imbeciles who make up the British Royal Family and the House of Lords/House of Commons. It's too bad Fawkes did not succeed in blowing the monarchy and Parliament to hell and back in 1605 . . . there would have never been a Puritan/Pilgrim invasion of North America with all of the concomitant religious idiocy and paranoia we experience today -- which means that George W. Bush would likely presently be a bestial sheepherder on some Shropshire farm].

What has our own fascist right wing media hopping mad are the references to the Bush regime and its wars. One political dissident in the movie has a secret room displaying banned art and posters. One of the posters is from the anti- Iraq war London protests -- it displays a U.S. flag and U.K. flag inter-connected by a swastika with the words "Coalition of the Willing."

There are references to a civil war- and virus-ravaged "former United States" that has engaged not only in the actual war in Iraq but wars in Syria and Kurdistan. There are comments about America's rendition and there are plenty of black hoods thrown on the heads of political detainees and "yellow" terrorist alerts. Not only has TV come under total fascist control, but Britain's Royal Mail has been privatized and turned into the "British Freight Co." There is also a reference to a genocide carried out by the English fascists in Ireland and it may not have been totally coincidental that a film focusing on an English fascist government's repression of freedom fighters was released on St. Patrick's Day.

The Conservative Party reaches ultimate power by unleashing a virus on Britain killing thousands. It turns out that leading members of the Conservative Party own stock in the pharmaceutical firms that have the vaccine drugs and enrich themselves in the process. Several top officials of the Bush regime have interests in various pharmaceutical firms involved with anthrax, smallpox, and avian flu vaccines --including Donald Rumsfeld, the former CEO of G.D. Searle [sold to Monsanto] -- and V for Vendetta's references to avian flu as a government attempt to hype the media and bamboozle the public is another clear link between the film's anti-fascist message and the Bush/Tony Blair governments.

Britain's near future features a Fox/Sky News type propaganda news network called "British Television Network." Its major racist, right-wing blatherer also happens to enjoy romping around in a specially-built shower in his office (hmmm... I wonder who that might really be?). There is also the bald, pudgy, and thoroughly revolting top assistant and chief dirty tricks operative to the fascist High Chancellor (hmmm...again, I wonder who that could be?). And then there is the English Bishop who happens to like little girls (well, that could be any of our so-called "moral majority" religious leaders, except in some cases, little boys could be substituted for little girls).

In the end, all these fiends are eliminated, one by one, by our man "V." And this is what probably, more than anything else, has the right-wing defecating in their pants. They know that one day they will face a reckoning for the damage they've done to the United States, to Iraq, to the United Nations process and international law, and to peoples and nations around the world. And that reckoning will be far from a slap on the wrists and the right-wing is beginning to wake up to that fact. Some on the right now understand they overplayed their hand and are trying to change their spots.

The left has always been tolerant to a point. But pushed against the wall, the progressives of the world have always discovered how to treat their vanquished enemies -- just look at what happened to Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Julius Streicher, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Pierre Laval, Vidkun Quisling, and other fascist leaders of the 20th century.

V has one bit of advice that is already echoing around the Internet: "People shouldn't be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people."

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