Technology is in take off mode and changing the world. In 1947 the first transistor transisted. It led to integrated circuits with a few transistors and then to multimillion transistor devices. This process is not going to stop any time soon. This gives us the computer. Add in the laser and fibre optics to get a huge increase in Telecommunications. The speed and versatility are much greater. One of the spin offs is the Internet which started life as Arpanet and was given to us by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a branch of the American Department of Defence. Since which time things have moved on. Herewith is commentary.

The MakerBot is a three dimensional printer which makes devices out of plastic. You want it; you make it. Easy peasy.


Talk's cheap for the disciples of Skype [ 21 April 2006 ]
If you have a computer and broadband  Skype makes calls free to others on the Internet. It sounds good to me. It works well too. So well that EBay bought the company for  an upfront payment of $US2.6 billion. Their sales were $US60 million last year and rising. eBay may have been over confident.

Skype is the brain child of Niklas Zennstrom, a Swede.  He and Friis created Kazaa, a peer to peer file sharing programme that helped  millions to share their  music. This annoyed the music firms and they got it made illegal. They moved on. Skype will make telephone firms redundant but the line providers will survive and prosper.  His software writing is done  in Estonia.


Skype Security
The security is pretty good too, unless there are back doors. This is very possible.


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