Speed Cameras

Speed cameras were foisted onto us with a wave of propaganda and lies. They were going to save lives. Wasn't it wonderful? No! But they do please politicians, police, power freaks, and road safety propagandists. They make money like it is going out of fashion and with Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer it is. Cameras give him even more money to waste. No matter how much he gets, he can get rid of it. Here is something about the reality of them.

Parking Nausea Sorted Out By Ombudsman
Worth a look if you get aggravation.


Court gives up on ‘speeding’ driver who made a fuss
A motorist accused of driving at 37mph in a 30mph zone has had the case against him dropped after the prosecution decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Michael Ives, 68, a self-employed, semi-retired plumbing and heating engineer, had received a speeding notice in the post alleging that he had been driving his Ford Mondeo at 7mph above the limit......

Determined to fight the case, he investigated, using the Freedom of Information Act to find out at what distance mobile speed cameras are guaranteed to be accurate. The manufacturer replied with some interesting information: the tripod-mounted laser mobile cameras were accurate only up to 109 yards (100m)
Depend on The Times for a tendentious head line. The law is a two edged sword. The mob that run it are subject to it as well. The police are supposed to play by the rules but then but they only know a few bits of it. They have no compunction when it comes to abusing our ignorance though. If they lean on you email me for suggestions.
PS They made  £130 million out of us last year. Then we get to pay more for our insurance. Rip off Britain again.


Britain is now speed camera capital of Europe [ 15 June 2007 ]
The number of roadside cameras has trebled in six years while mobile speed traps set up across the country have increased 14-fold. Yet despite an unrelenting war on the motorist, Britain's record for saving lives and reducing accidents is much worse than other countries..
Speed cameras are an aspect of Tax farming. Road safety is the excuse. Money is the reason.


Speed cameras are con, says boss [ 16 October 2006 ]
A SPEED camera firm boss hid from The Sun last night after being caught bragging about the “buckets of money” to be made. Ex-cop Jon Bond, 49, claimed the Treasury makes a fortune because of the way the government funds road safety partnerships and that  regions set low targets for catching speeding drivers to be sure of hitting them and retaining funding. Bond, who supplies 97 per cent of the police’s portable laser cameras, said: “The Treasury can’t lose — brilliant really.” also  “There will be so much money you won’t know what to do with it. You catch businessmen in the morning and school run mums in the afternoon.”
The Department for Transport claimed that he lied. You might be silly enough to believe them. But it does show that police are willing to tell the truth when it serves their purposes - if they think they can get away with it.

Variable speed cameras
I have been reliably informed by a friend who works for the Metropolitan Police Service, that as from the 15th February 08 all the speed camera’s in the variable speed limit section of the M25 near Heathrow Airport (Jct 10-15) are going digital and the activation limit is being lowered. They are currently the older film type cameras and set at 90mph when the variable limit signs are not in operation.

The new digital cameras are going to be set at the normal 10% of the speed limit +2mph (80mph +and your taking a risk basically) when the signs are not in use I.E. national speed limit I can’t confirm the activation limit when signs are set but believe it would be the same 10%+2mph of the speed shown by the sign at the time. Please pass this on to anyone you know, it could save a few of you getting points on your licence - source Ginge


Speed camera boss caught doing 102mph on a 70mph road - Telegraph
"James May Mike Rutherford Honest John Neil Lyndon ... By Lucy Cockcroft 1: 52PM BST 03 May 2009 ... Anyone caught doing more than 100mph faces a driving ban of up to two years and a 2500 ... consequences of reckless and dangerous driving every single day. .... Win a great British holiday: last chance to enter ..."
They know it is a fraud just as much as everyone else.


Beer Lovers Unite - You Have Nothing To Lose Except Your Licence


Car Parking Industry Makes 3 Billion, Lots Of It By Fraud  [ 31 March 2014 ]
Don't swallow it. Don't pay. Complain in writing. Make them prove they are entitled to charge you.


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