Racism in Ireland

When it comes to racism the Irish are experts. Mick versus Prod has been the name of the game since 1970 or so and that was just the current flare up. Now it is importing ethnics from all over. Capitalists are greed driven. Trots are ideology driven. Adams is not going to live with the damage he is doing. He's off on the international celebrity circuit.

Some of the guilty are named. Political manipulators, subversives and politicians use various people as secular saints. The truth behind the lies exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.


Forget lily-livered liberalism, time to take stand and say we don't want Muslim immigrants
LET me ask you something. Is it a rational decision for a secular-Christian society to admit thousands of Muslims into its midst? Comparable movements of Christians into Muslim societies are not permitted, so what essential, non-negotiable, mutually respected right is involved? .........

Enough. So what advantage do we derive from allowing Muslims into Ireland, rather than Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Parsis, Jains or even Christians? What rational justification is there for enlarging our Islamic population? What is it? Go on, what is it?
Mr Myers is racist for telling the truth according to a pressure group which wants to import more of them. Importing criminals and disease is a road to Hell. Mr Myers did not tell us who is inciting this influx but one is Gerry Adams the well known IRA murderer.


The problem in Ireland isn't racism, it's the tidal wave of immigrants [ 17 September 2007 ]
All right, you know about the Government's latest move to outlaw beggars? Do you really think it's really about beggars? It isn't. It's about immigrant-beggars, who now throng our streets...... Immigration is now not merely the dominant feature of Irish life, it is the greatest threat to the existence of the Irish nation as a coherent, and cohesive whole.......

The media should be asking the big question, 'Why are we still admitting hundreds of thousands of immigrants?' [ They aren't because they are part of the cause - Editor ]
It is isn't just Ireland but the whole of Christendom under attack. Meanwhile the thugs that run Israel are grossly racist; their law is grossly racist but the main stream media says nothing.


Ireland for the Irish - Not [ 21 December 2006 ]
[T]he Irish State-owned RTE 1 broadcast a 1-hour report on the Jihadi risk within Ireland. Firstly, there is a Jihadi propaganda operation active in Ireland. Secondly, there is, within the Muslim community in Ireland, high-level sympathy for Jihad. Thirdly, there is a small (15%-19%) element in this community, which supports such terror. Fourthly, several active Jihadi terrorists have been identified with Irish links. Fifthly, a significant Al-Qaida figure is based in Dublin for some 25 years [ How? ], and has acquired Irish citizenship [ in a Christian country! - Editor ]..... This level........ suggests a pro-terror base of at least 8,000 in Ireland.
The Irish have their own very real terrorists who have what it takes to sort incomers who try it on but Adams is for them so they might get away with it. He could well be encouraging them. See
Adams and Illegal Immigrants How this will go down with honest Irishmen is a question. They might decide that Adams need to be gripped too.


Sir Colin Figures  [ 21 December 2006 ]
Of MI6 dealt with Viktor Lazin, a KGB wallah who was talking to Provisional IRA men in Dublin.


Gerry Adams and Illegal Immigrants [ 27 August 2006 ]
Adams wants Ireland over run by blacks. He was at their demonstration telling anyone who cared to listen.
Perhaps the men of the IRA who care about Ireland will wonder whether Adams is on their side, or ever was for that matter.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Ireland  [ 22 December 2005 ]
Sinn Fein has a track record of murder, torture, extortion, robbery, smuggling, money laundering, espionage and political manipulation that makes the Mafia look like amateurs. They are up there with Mossad. Now they are going in for  multiculturalism or is it importing cheap labour? This is going to make enemies for them among their own as well as decent Irishmen. Sinn Fein has quote resolutely defended the right to freedom from sectarian harassment unquote. They were set up precisely to harass sectarians so that will go down like a cup of cold sick in their heartland.


Save The Males
From our Irish Correspondent
26 June  2006
I have to agree that diversity and minorities are the leading power block for law making and change in the modern world. Suiting the minority seems to be all important, laws are passed, rights protected, equality for homosexuals  to  marry and adopt is being pushed upon us.  Do I remember someone important once being quoted that laws enacted of the minority leads to bad law? Unlimited ethnic minorities from  former eastern block countries and elsewhere are being welcomed here with open arms saying they are essential for continuing growth......200,000 poles, 100,000 Lithuanians, 80,000 Estonians, Ukrainians, Russians, Czechs..........Chinese at least 200,000 etc.  

They may add to the economy short term when statistics are shown in the newspapers but there is a net out flow of money/ wealth from the country as these hard workers naturally send home their wages. For them wages here will enable them to buy a house in their homeland after a year or so but for us natives the cost of living is ever increasing and thus by them working for below minimum wage we are forced to lower our expectations and there is a net lowering of wages due to the competition. Do house prices, food, petrol follow the downward trend? They do not, in fact they seem inversely proportional.  This influx has all taken place in the last 3 years.

Ireland only has a population of 3.5 million so you can see how as this continues the country will fracture politically, socially and culturally making it so much easier to manipulate into the NWO mainstream. If I was a cynic I'd say that this is a policy implemented to squeeze out the middle class and at the same time break down nationalism and identity ahead of some global event so that there will be little resistance from fractured and ghettoized societies.


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