Racism in Africa

After the war the Russians had slave states in eastern Europe and they tried subverting the rest of the world. Their story line was plausible enough to fool black peasants in Africa and fools in humanities departments in western universities. They won in both places and the results of black rule are manifesting themselves; War, plague, famine and death plus of course, corruption, stupidity, malice, greed and tribal rivalries. Read about some of the reported effects.

Political manipulators, subversives and politicians use various people as secular saints. The truth behind the lies exposes the corruption and hypocrisy.


Racist Now That It Is Run By a Black Marxist?
Is that possible? Too true, it is and the photos are not pretty.


Racism In South Africa Is Called Xenophobia
James Oatway, a South African photographer with the Sunday Times in Johannesburg, South Africa documented the xenophobic violence that swept through South African townships last year, leaving 61 dead and thousands more beaten or injured. 150,000 refugees left the township areas for refugee camps until the violence abated. The majority of the casualties were immigrants from neighbouring Zimbabwe and Mozambique. In Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe�s brutal regime forced thousands to leave Zimbabwe. Every month hundreds risk their lives to cross illegally into South Africa. There may be over a million Zimbabweans living in South Africa� most of them illegal.
Blacks cannot be racist can they? They can only be victims of nasty white men - according to lefties. That is why their racism gets called xenophobia and a very low key treatment. There are even web sites dealing with it but ignoring the racism directed against anyone who is white - http://www.xenophobia.org.za/


Racism in Zimbabwe
When blacks murder each other it is called xenophobia and swept under the carpet. That is because it does not fit the left wing agenda. Millions have died for aforesaid agenda but still it goes on. You can learn something about it from The Black Book of Communism


Africans Deal With Illegal Immigrants Using Zero Tolerance  [ 31 July 2008 ]
This is what is happening here (in case why you were wondering why the EU have issued a travel warning to South Africa). These are the scenes that have been happening everyday for the last week. I am ashamed and truly heart broken ... Residents laugh as foreigner burns in his own blankets. As we made our way through the Ramaphosa squatter camp in Reiger Park on Gauteng's East Rand, a woman's words made us freeze in horror. "They are burning people down there," she said......

Two hundred metres down the road we found the first man. He had been severely beaten and was semi- conscious. Police thought he was dead, but later realised he wasn't. About 25m from him a man was on his knees. There was a mattress covering him, and it was on fire.
He, too, was set alight. Police threw the mattress off him and kicked sand onto him to put out the flames. Another officer ran over with a fire extinguisher, pointed it at him and extinguished the flames. Other officers radioed for medical help. The man was alive, but barely. He groaned, but he could not speak................. But residents gathered at the scene were laughing.
When a black is allegedly murdered by Englishmen we never hear the last of it. If blacks are the perpetrators the media close ranks.


Racism In South Africa [ 20 May 2008 ]
No one in Cleveland squatter camp seemed to know the names of the five burned or bludgeoned bodies. They were referred to simply as Zimbabweans, though no one could even be sure they were that.

It was enough that they were foreigners accused of taking jobs, houses and women - or of leading a crime wave - by the mobs that killed them and drove hundreds of others from their homes. About 50 people were taken to hospital with gunshot and stab wounds as the gangs smashed their way in to the dozen or so foreign-owned shops in Cleveland, in the south of Johannesburg.

"It is unfortunate that people got killed," said one of a group of young men lounging on a main street who gave his name only as PK. "But they had to go. They do not belong here taking jobs. Let them go back to Zimbabwe and solve their own problems instead of bringing them here. We have enough problems of our own."
To be fair, why should they let themselves be overwhelmed by foreigners on the make? Of course if blacks are racist that is different. It is only when Englishmen are that the media get nasty. They will not be saying much about this one.


After expropriating White farmers Mugabe now takes control of farms owned by blacks [ 29 May 2006 ]
Racism is a word the left wing subversives are very fond of when it is Englishmen who are being blamed. Mugabe is different. Now he is robbing other blacks too and demonstrating how long it takes to destroy a country. Blair is taking longer but then England is a better country.


Darkest Africa- Mauritanian Leader Calls for Abolishment of Slavery [ 29 May 2006 ]
I thought it was nasty white men who enslaved those poor black people. Now it looks as though slavery is thriving in black Africa. How awful. How racist. The Hausa do it to the Ibo or is it vice versa in Nigeria?


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In South Africa [ 25 May 2006 ]
And the media do a news black out because white men are the victims not the perpetrators. The ANC is actively inciting these murders and robberies but that is all right because they are black.


Former SA deputy president charged with rape [ 7 December 2005 ]
And gets a soft ride from the press. So did Mandela's old woman after various people were murdered. Compare this with the abuse of Sir Ian Smith who flew Spitfires and wonder about double standards. PS, Zuma is also getting aggro reference sticky fingers.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Zanzibar. Telegraph Keeps Quiet [ 1 November 2005 ]
Tribe X versus Tribe Y. What's new? Nothing except the enthusiasm for pretending that it is something else. Blair pushes the line that the head crook is a wonderful human being. He might well be less corrupt than Blair.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in Botswana [ 29 October 2005 ]
Clearing Bushmen to make way for game reserves and rich foreigners makes sense. Ask your accountant. Of course human rights come down the line.


Racism rears its ugly head in Alexandria [ 25 October 2005 ]
Isn't it awful? Real Egyptians were attacked by Islamic Negroids and Araboids. Blame white men? They can't so they pretend it didn't happen.


Racism, Ritual Murder, Revenge in Lagos [ 24 October 2005 ]
Any resemblance to goings on in Birmingham are coincidental. They have only got twenty kills so far. Ritual murder of children can irritate people. Did the English media bother to tell you about this one? Me neither.


Racism in Pretoria  [ 24 October 2005 ]
'We will kill the whites, all of them' - it makes a good headline doesn't it? Were they sincere? I wouldn't be surprised. Did the BBC bother to tell us about it? It doesn't fit their agenda. Of course if white men had threatened murder they would have been all over it.


Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in South Africa [ 23 October 2005 ]
Apartheid was awful. Racism is worse but that has been sorted in South Africa, hasn't it? No. It getting worse and the  oppressors are black. A few blacks are getting rich. The rest are poor and going to stay that way. Big business men [ Jews ] there are staying rich, the cunning ones that is. They incited the ANC all those years ago and now it is paying off. They are playing like Mugabe and thousands will starve as a result.


Multiculturalism in Action - Diversity Celebrated [ 21 October 2005 ]
A man was captured smuggling people's heads into Uganda from Kenya. A regular customer pays about £100 for fresh heads. They are useful for witchcraft. This is a good price in the local economy.

Africa 'better in colonial times'  [ 20 October 2005 ]
China got  400,000 out of poverty. Nigeria has got 71 million in to it. Thus one Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of the prime minister of South Africa. He accused [ the BBC is in propaganda mode as usual. Editor ] African elites of stealing money and keeping it abroad, while colonial rulers planted crops and built roads and cities. BBC tells the truth for once. That is real news but they didn't splash it all over their headlines. They were keen to end colonization. They are Marxists.


Rape in the Congo is Different and Much Nastier   [ 18 October 2005 ]
Rape is fun especially when you have to make your own amusement but deliberately injuring the woman and permanently is malice. The left wanted blacks to run the place. They got their way. Do they care about the results? No! They are trying to do the same to us by destroying our culture. See Culture Wars


30,000 more illegal immigrants 'ready to force way into Europe' [ 13 October 2005 ]
That is 30,000 more criminals who will sponge off the dole and be given better treatment than Englishmen. We just get to pay for them. Actually the number is 30 million at least. The problem is that Africa is run by blacks so most blacks want out. The left wanted it. We get the problems.


Mbeki is Racist say Bushmen  [ 7 October 2005 ]
Mbeki's government's refusal to grant his 5,000-strong community official status as the country's earliest inhabitants was insulting. Treating them as  "highly-stressed coloureds [ mixed race people ] who are without a sense of belonging, with any creative spirit, confused, anxious and mostly drunk". Whether it is true was not said. Xhosa and other tribes are achieving  world standards in the crime industry.


Spain to repatriate enclave migrants  [ 6 October 2005 ]
Politicians can sort illegal immigrants if they want. Bush is encouraging them. So is our lot. You might reasonably think that this is treason or something very like it.


Zimbabwe votes for final steps to seize white farms [ 31 August 2005 ]
Racism is just fine when it happens to white men. It is only when it is the other way round that howls of protest go up. The Indy does not even use the word in this article.  There will be a lot of blacks as well as white men there who wish that Sir Ian Smith was still running the place even though the left hated him.


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