Promised Land

The Promised Land was granted to God's Chosen People. How do we know that God gave it to them? Simple; His Chosen People said so. How do we know that they are His Chosen? Simple; they said so. How do we know they are not lying in their teeth? Simple; we do not. Do we, should we believe Jews? Simple; Not without lots of proof.

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The Promised Land (Hebrew: הארץ המובטחת‎, translit.: Ha'Aretz HaMuvtahat) is the land promised or given by God, according to the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), to the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob. The promise is first made to Abraham (Genesis 15:18-21) and then renewed to his son Isaac, and to Isaac's son Jacob (Genesis 28:13), Abraham's grandson. The promised land was described in terms of the territory from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates river (Exodus 23:31) and was given to their descendants after Moses led the Exodus out of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 1:8)

The term should not be confused with the expression "Land of Israel" which is first used in 1 Samuel 13:19, when the Israelite tribes were already in the Land of Canaan. The term is also used in the Book of Mormon, in which it refers to the American continent.
The real promised land, the one that Zionists want stretches from Portugal on east to Palestine right through the Americas back to Portugal. They are on their to getting it. ZOGs [ Zionist Occupation Governments ] run America, most of Europe,..... it goes on.