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Executive Summary:
Labour's paymasters are Jews. They control policy and send Englishmen to their deaths in Iraq. Blair pandered to Levy, the Jew. With Brown it is Mendelsohn also a Jew. The names change the agenda does not. They import illegal immigrants and bribe them to vote Labour.

Israel über alles.
The Labour Party was founded by various well meaning people to help the workers. That is the theory. The reality is not quite so pretty. The party today in 2007 has its financial problems. As a result it needs donations. They don't go to little people for their pennies or their unions any more. That one is played out so it is the rich instead. As a result they are in the hands of the Jews.

Blair pandered to Levy [ Jew ], Desmond [ Jew ] and Ecclestone. With Brown it is Mendelsohn. Traitors sent Englishmen send to die in Iraq and steal oil for Israel.

It is fair to say that when they took a bung of a ú1 million from Bernie Ecclestone the man who runs Formula One racing they gave him his pay off. They stalled their ban on advertising, corruption as normal. But then Bernie is a Jew too, or is he? Perhaps his quid pro quo was business rather than power over England. It has been said that it was Zionism rather than greed.

David Abrahams And Anonymous Bungs
Labour's secret donor David Abrahams has warned that the row over party funding may "take one or two dirty turns" if ministers "hammer" him, it was reported last night. The property developer was also quoted as saying he donated the £650,000 via proxies to avoid accusations that he was part of a "Jewish conspiracy". Last night he rang the BBC to say that his comments had been "misrepresented" and that he had given money secretly because he wanted to remain anonymous. He added: "All week long I have refused to give the Jewish Chronicle an interview."
The Jew, Levy said that he wasn't going to take a fall for Blair. Now the Jew Abrahams says much the same. Their modus operandi involves bribes and secret negotiations.


Lord Levy - Blair's Jew
THE millionaire businessman credited with turning round the Labour party's finances by raising up to £7m ahead of the last general election paid just £5,000 in taxes to the Inland Revenue last year. Lord Levy, 55, a former music business mogul and close confidant of the prime minister, sought but failed on Friday to obtain a gagging order preventing The Sunday Times from publishing this and other details of his tax affairs.
Even accountants are impressed by his ingenuity in getting his tax bill down. It is the reason why Blair used him to finance Labour goings on. There was a price but Blair ain't telling us what it was. Treason for Israel is the obvious answer.


Brown's Fundraiser Is The Jew Mendelsohn
Jon Mendelsohn, Labour’s chief fundraiser is facing calls for his resignation after admitting that he knew at least a month ago that the party had received more than £630,000 in unlawful donations from David Abrahams.
The fundraiser said he had learned after taking up his post as director of general election resources that Mr Abrahams had covertly donated money to the party through a number of intermediaries. He said he had not made that information public because he had been assured by Pete Watt, the Labour secretary general who quit on Monday, that the donations were all legitimate. Gordon Brown has now admitted that the payments were “not lawfully declared” and launched an internal investigation into the affair. 
Mr Mendelsohn, a former lobbyist who once worked for Tony Blair in Downing Street, returned to the Labour Party when Mr Brown was considering holding an autumn election.
Blair's fund raiser, the Jew Levy got away with it. The Jew, Janner did too after he was accused of abusing boys. He got to be a Lord instead of an MP so that honest men couldn't vote against the bugger.
PS Mendelsohn has a track record - and this is merely what the Wikipedia, a Propaganda machine has to tell us about him.


Richard Desmond, Jew, Pornographer And Oaf
Mail editor Paul Dacre, despite an eventual truce between the competitors, commented on Demond [ sic ] in the British Journalism Review (2002): Richard Desmond is an appalling man. He is bad for British journalism. He’s bad for public life and he’s bad for civilized standards. For Tony and Cherie Blair to court him so assiduously speaks volumes for their moral elasticity. As long as I’ve got energy in my body, I’m going to devote everything to try to see him off.
Blair dances to the Jews' tune.


British mass media owners
David and Frederick Barclay
Richard Desmond
Lew Grade
Robert Maxwell
Paul Reuter
The Wikipedia gives five. Four of them are Jews. There are other owners. Murdoch is a Zionist even if he is not one of God's Chosen. The Barclay brothers are Catholics. The Wiki does not bother to mention Black, thief, ardent Zionist, late owner of The Telegraph and The Spectator but then it is also a propaganda operation.


Abraham and Mendelsohn Fingered by Another Jew
The lead story in last week's Jewish Chronicle revealed the apprehension felt by some leading Jewish communal figures at the prominent involvement of two Jewish people, David Abrahams and Jon Mendelsohn, in the current Labour party funding controversy. The majority of people involved in the scandal are not Jewish, [ believe that if you want but look at Labour Friends of Israel first - Editor ]  but coming soon after Lord Levy's involvement in the "cash for honours" inquiry, the involvement of more Jews in public scandals provokes understandable concern in the Jewish community.

Given the long history of conspiracy theories featuring Jewish cabals and conspiracies, given the stereotypes of money-grubbing Jewish businessmen, Jews are acutely sensitive to anything that would confirm peoples' worst impressions of the Jewish community [ mass murder in Israel for example? - Editor ]. Indeed, an earlier Jewish-linked scandal - the conviction of the "Guinness Four" in 1990 - sparked snide media references to the "kosher nostra" [ not in the papers that I read, it didn't - Editor ]. Even if Abrahams and Mendelsohn are only two players in a wider scandal, their Jewishness stands out [ Again, not it the papers I saw. Do a search for yourself and see how many hits you get. Editor ].............. Philanthropy [ bribery? - Editor ] can be driven by the very worst and the very best motivations.
Keith Kahn-Harris  is a patter merchant and to be fair, a good one. He is also a Jew with an agenda that says Jews should get away with it no matter what. He does not bother to tell you that he is working under a false flag or rather no flag at all or that it is what many Jews do as a matter of course. 


Labour Friends of Israel
Labour Friends of Israel is a UK Parliament based campaign group promoting support within the British Labour Party for a strong bilateral relationship between Britain and Israel........ it has developed into one of the largest interest groups in the Labour Party, drawing wide support from Members of Parliament and Government Ministers. Labour Friends of Israel has a large membership, organised into local branches.
This mob is all about POWER. Money goes one way and control goes the other. They never use words like bribe, in public at all events.


Labour Immigration Policy In Action [ 31 March 2010 ]
An "asylum seeking" rapist criminal from the Congo has won the right to stay in Britain because of the EU "freedom of movement" laws and the failure of the Labour Party-controlled Home Office to deport him. A High Court judge ruled in the rapist's favour just two hours before he was to have been put on a taxpayer paid for flight to Africa. Alphonse Semo, of Deptford, south east London was jailed for eight years in 2002 for raping a Catford woman. Semo threw his victim onto a rubbish heap after brutally raping and assaulting her. He had just arrived in Britain claiming "asylum".

Mr Justice Collins, presiding at the hearing, quashed the Home Office removal order on learning that Semo has plans to marry a Congolese woman with EU citizenship. In practice it means that the convicted rapist can now live freely in any European Union country as the spouse of "German national´ty" Bunsana Kalonji........

This appears to be part of a pattern of the Labour-controlled Home Office being deliberately negligent in its duty of care towards the public and has once again revealed the difference between Government rhetoric and action when it comes to deporting foreign criminals. A British National Government would not even entertain an asylum claim from the Congo for the simple reason that there are many safe countries surrounding that African state in which a genuine asylum seeker can take refuge.
Inciting illegal immigration is Labour policy. The Tories will be no better. Labour is committing deliberate Cultural Genocide. The Tories are, perhaps to stupid to understand what they are doing to England or they are part of it.


Labour Imports Islamics With Malice Aforethought [ 1 November 2009 ]
Let me spell this out again very slowly. The neo-Nazi British National Party now has two MEPs, one million votes and a claim to a place in the legitimate political life of Britain principally because a very significant proportion of the electorate believe that Britain's culture and identity are being steadily transformed by mass immigration........

There could scarcely be a more profound abuse of the democratic process than to set out to destroy a nation's demographic and cultural identity through a conscious deception of the people of that nation. There could hardly be a more worthy issue for the Conservative party to leap upon. Yet the Tories' reaction so far has been muted........ Condemned out of its own mouth, it is New Labour that is responsible for the rise of the BNP by an act of unalloyed treachery to the entire nation.
It takes Philips, a Jew to tell us that Labour are traitors and that the Tories are worse than useless. NB that she has nothing to say about the problems caused by Jews, their take over of the media, universities, political parties et cetera.


Left Wingers Want Labour To Tax The Poor  [ 25 September 2011 ]
The best policy idea to come out of LibDem conference was Danny Alexander´┐Żs call for tax thresholds to be raised to ´┐Ż12,500, effectively taking minimum wage earners out of income tax. Reversing Gordon Brown´┐Żs complicated tax ´┐Ż the ´┐Ż poor ´┐Ż and ´┐Ż pay ´┐Ż them ´┐Ż benefits strategy. Brown effectively and deliberately made those in work on low earnings recipients of welfare benefits. Brown wanted everyone to be on state benefits (welfare ´┐Żuniversalism´┐Ż) for purely political reasons so as to maximise buy-in from all classes into the welfare state........

Raising the tax threshold is simple, has popular appeal and will benefit those on low earnings proportionately more than those on higher earnings. It will take some pressure off the ´┐Żsqueezed middle´┐Ż and won´┐Żt increase the welfare trap.

The organized opposition to this policy however is coming from the left-wing, EU-funded think-tank IPPR........... If in 2015 the coalition parties are standing on a platform of reducing taxes on the working poor with the Labour Party standing on a platform of taxing the poor, Miliband will be on the wrong side of the dividing line. ´┐ŻVote Labour and tax the poor´┐Ż is a winning campaign slogan ´┐Ż for the coalition parties.
Communist subversives have their uses from time to time. Another communist idea was murder millions; it stopped them voting the other way. It worked in the Ukraine for a while.


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