Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy  was  a Republican Senator who disliked Communists and  aggressively investigated claims that there were Communist and Soviet spies inside the Federal Government. He was right. There were but he didn't find them. John Beaty, an academic when he was not being colonel with military intelligence did better. He fingered Franklin D Roosevelt as a de facto traitor who infiltrated large numbers of enemy aliens in the U.S. government. See The Iron Curtain Over America for evidence. The Communists and the left generally hate Joe to this day. With Colonel Beaty it is different. They pretend he does not exist because they cannot discredit him.

Joe stirred up Hollywood, which had a lot of Jews and caused a lot of grief. David Niven, an English actor who came back to England in 1939 to enlist was there at the time and disapproved of the whole thing. He knew a lot of important people,  felt that Hollywood's powers of subversion were pretty well non-existent and Hollywood's inmates were not political. See page 93 onward in Bring on the Empty Horses. I think he might change his mind if he were with us now. He has a low view of Roy Cohn and Schine who helped Joe get to grips.

An amusing aspect of the whole thing is that Parnell Thomas  who ran the   House of Un-American Activities Committee which put various communist subversives in prison got nine months for fraud and was actually in the same prison as a couple of men that he had put away.

The Venona decrypts were declassified later and proved that Alger Hiss  was just one of the spies that Joe wanted. The left were proclaiming his innocence for years after he was convicted; in fact the Wikipedia article still claims that there is scope for doubt while the Spartacus article claims that the whole McCarthy  thing was right wing paranoia, a Red Scare. The Vindication of Senator Joseph McCarthy tells us that he was right.

Patricia Cockburn tells us that Joe issued a list of 250 dangerous communists. Her husband, Claud Cockburn  was disappointed at being only 84 but the Irish detested Joe, a jumped up, drunken foreigner. See 216 Figure of Eight by Patricia Cockburn.

Mitrokhin Archive 215
Truman said Joe McCarthy was a loud mouthed oaf who did more harm than good because he allowed the Trots to believe that his side was just waffle.


Joe McCarthy And The Jews
Professor MacDonald explains all. Yes it was the Jews who hated Joe.


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