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The thugs running the Stolen Land of Palestine have their Israel Prison Service with its very own website, one that admits to the existence of Saharonim Concentration Camp but not other holding areas in the Negev Desert. They make it sound quite worthy. Notice that they use Administrative detention, what the Nazis called Schutzhaft or protective custody. The Wikipedia has a rather more comprehensive listing at Israel Prison Service albeit there is no mention of Holot Concentration Camp


Israel Prison Service - Official Site
The Israel Prison Service (IPS) represents the operational arm of the law enforcement system, caring for security and criminal prisoners and persons remanded in custody. The IPS, as the main prison authority for the State of Israel, is responsible for ensuring the incarceration of prisoners and those remanded in custody in a secure and suitable environment, while respecting their dignity, accommodating their needs and assisting them in acquiring appropriate rehabilitative skills.
It sounds like a fun place to be. The reality is rather different. If you feel disposed to believe the bit about how nice they are read on down then change your mind or go to a good psychiatrist. Notice that they use M16 rifles as well as submachine guns.

They admitted to prisons at:-
Ohalay Kedar
Shikma Prison once home of Mordechai Vanunu
Jerusalem Detention Facility
but not of course
Khiam Prison - Israel's Torture Den
That will have been run by Mossad or other criminals.
PS The little sweety in their publicity photo is holding that weapon like she knows how to use it. Finger off the trigger is a good sign. Taped magazines are not. Would you want to meet her on a bad day?

Or the other two for that matter.


Israel to add 25,000 holding cells for migrants by 2013
Defense Ministry says all new infiltrators will be sent to one of five holding facilities from now on
Meanwhile, the construction of a fence on the Egyptian border continues at a speed of one kilometer per day. According to the Defense Ministry, 95% of the fence will be completed by October of this year. More than 170 kilometers have already been built so far. Three new facilities are set to be built in the Keziot compound and join the Prison Service's Saharonim holding facility and Keziot prison. According to the Defense Ministry's statement, the preparation of water, sewage and electricity infrastructure is at an advanced stage.
Jews can do it but Americans must not; it would not be nice to illegal immigrants.


Blacks Infest Tel Aviv. Blacks Lie. Blacks Steal
I enter the park wearing my new Saharonim shoes. Welcome to the State of Levinsky. Two slides and three swings, but this afternoon there are no children here; only infiltrators, most of them in their first days in Israel. My cover story has not been finalized yet, but luckily I run into Jeremiah, who’s been in Israel for three years now. “What do I tell those who ask how I got into Israel?” I ask him. “Lie,” he says. “Don’t tell the whole story. The Israelis, and mostly the non-profit groups working with the infiltrators here, like to be lied to.”

“Say you were a soldier, and that if you return to Eritrea you’ll get a death sentence. Keep in mind that you must be consistent with your story. The bottom line is that everyone uses the story I’m telling you here, and this way they fool everybody,” he says. “Almost none of them arrived on foot from Egypt to Israel. None of us crossed any deserts…it’s all nonsense.”.
A black tells the truth about lying, or does he? The Useful Idiots prefer the lies, the hard luck stories.


Jews Beat Up Blacks At Egyptian Border For Fun [ 14 September 2012 ]
Eritrean migrants tell of IDF violence at Israel-Egypt border
Testimonies suggest that the men who had been trapped at the Israeli-Egyptian border for 8 days were tear gassed, forcefully dragged into Egyptian territory.

For the first time since they were allowed into Israel, the three Eritrean migrants who were held at the border with Egypt along with 18 others for over a week, served affidavits claiming that the IDF used physical force as well as tear gas against the migrants. The two women and one 14-year-old boy were sent to Saharonim Prison in the Negev after being allowed to enter the country.....

 From the third affidavit, which was given separately, it was revealed that Israeli security forces which crossed the fence into the Egyptian side “used force, held them physically and pushed them onto a tarp which was dragged over to the Egyptian side.”
Saharonim Concentration Camp is run by Israeli thugs. It is less luxurious than Auschwitz.

Blacks do not get huts or even tents. The barbed wire is higher than Auschwitz.


Jobs For Jews Offer - Running Concentration Camps - Psychopaths Preferred  [ 14 September 2012 ]
Saharonim Prison. ... prisons, both of which will also be the site of three of the five planned Negev detention facilities for migrants. Construction at Saharonim is ... Israel Prison Service seeking staff for African migrant detention facilities

Construction at Saharonim is slated to be completed by November, at which point two facilities there are expected to hold some 1,200 migrants; prison authority is also short on staff at two jails in the south.

The Israel Prison Service is recruiting workers for detention facilities in the south designated for holding African migrants.
Konzentrationslager Saharonim, is one of a number of prisons created by Jews in the Negev Desert. It is not so luxurious as Auschwitz concentration camp but then Nazis are nicer people. Jews feel that blacks are Untermenschen, the Nazi term for subhmans. They are treated accordingly.


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