Europe and Membership

We are members of the European Union, aren't we? Once we have joined we cannot leave, can we? These sort of questions arose when the southern states of the United States of America decided to leave. The answer was civil war and thousands of dead. For us it is different.

We found that we had joined the European Union when Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude  signed the Maastricht Treaty. They acted in breach of their oaths sworn when they became Privy Councillors. They are traitors who acted with the connivance of the Cabinet. They acted ultra vires - in excess of their authority so their signatures are invalid and we are fully entitled to walk away from it. They acted at the behest of Heath who was Her Majesty's prime minister, a communist subversive with an unwholesome interest in choir boys and brown envelopes.

It is fair to say that we were invited to vote on whether to join a European free trade area. We did after a major propaganda operation carried out by the Foreign Office. We were never invited to surrender our sovereignty to a foreign power because we would never have swallowed it. Her Majesty's Government did it to us by cunning, treachery and treason instead. See Europe and Treason

This is not to say that Cabinet Ministers  since Hurd and Heath have been any better. In fact they are worse. Some American states have their own constitutions which specifically state that their citizens are entitled to mutiny against bad governments. Those constitutions were written by men who understood the corrupt misuse of power. They were very much on the right lines. It is possible for us to leave while we have our own armed forces. But they may well be disbanded by HMG so that we cannot.

A somewhat different view is given at:-

Leaving The EU
Is impossible according to a lot of politicians. It is not while we have an army and the 1969 Vienna Convention on Treaties which says in Article 49 that if we were induced to sign by the fraud of another state our consent is invalidated. Heath and the BBC never considered anything but fraud to make us vote for it.

Given that our joining of it was an act of treason by Hurd and Maude who signed the Maastricht Treaty, their act makes it invalid. They had the collusion of the ruling class who also betrayed us as well.


Treason at Maastricht: Destruction of the Nation State 
Deals more with the criminal aspects of political actions in the United Kingdom. Norris McWhirter and Rodney Atkinson, the authors brought criminal cases charging treason against Hurd and Maude to English courts. They were dismissed without a proper explanation. The men who make up the legal system are part of the problem.


Peers Petition The Queen Regarding European Usurpers
The Duke of Rutland, Viscount Masserene and Ferrard, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell and Lord Ashbourne were imbued with the spirit of the ancient Charter, thrust on King John in 1215. In accordance with the Charter's Clause 61, the famous enforcement clause, the four presented a vellum parchment at Buckingham Palace, declaring that the ancient rights and freedoms of the British people had to be defended.

The clause, one of the most important in the Charter, which was pressed on King John at Runnymede, allows subjects of the realm to present a quorum of 25 barons with a petition, which four of their number then have to take to the Monarch, who must accept it. It was last used in 1688 at the start of the Glorious Revolution.

The four peers, who were all thrown out of Parliament in November 1999, proved they had that quorum by presenting Sir Robin Janvrin, the Queen's private secretary, with the petition signed by 28 hereditaries and letters of support from another 60. In addition, they claim the support of thousands of members of the public.

They say that several articles in the Treaty of Nice agreed by Tony Blair in December will destroy fundamental British liberties. The Queen has 40 days to respond. Under the Magna Carta's provisions, if the Sovereign does not observe the Charter the people may rise up and wage war on her, seizing castles, lands and possessions until they have redress.
They did this in 2001 after the House of Lords was screwed by Blair in 1999. The Queen failed us - again.


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