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Doctor Duke is an American political activist. The Wiki's write up is very hostile, eagerly telling us that he is a liar, thief and fornicator. It alleges that 'Duke says' or 'Duke claims'. It does not say he is wrong. That would be the lie direct, which contravenes their policy of pretending to take it down the middle. You might like to compare their story with that of the Metapedia. Doctor Duke wrote Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question, which got some very good reviews on Amazon.com. It sold well in Russia, which has cause to remember Jews without love. You can get it free as a download from Archive.org. If you can fault it on fact, sources, references, or entirely reasonable inferences do let me know; I am open to comment.

UPDATE 2016 David Duke Is Running For The U.S. Senate In Louisiana. He is recommended by Kevin MacDonald and hated by the Main Stream Media, just like Donald Trump, two big points in his favour.


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He wrote Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question in Russia - free download from https://archive.org/details/JewishSupremacismByDavidDuke - expensive version from http://www.amazon.com/Jewish-Supremacism-My-Awakening-Question/dp/1892796058 with good reviews

'Jewish Supremacism, My Awakening to the Jewish Question' by Dr. David Duke, Ph.D., is a lucid aggregate of meticulously annotated research about the Jewish people, individual Jewish behavior, Jewish evolutionary strategy, collective Jewish Behavior and the host-parasite relationships Jews form with the non-Jewish people in countries they inhabit and occupy.

Interestingly, 'Jewish Supremacism' was published first in Russia, the same nation that published the Protocols of Zion (Meeting Minutes from the Zionist Council that met secretly in Basel Switzerland 1896). In 2000 Dr. Duke's monograph quickly became a best seller throughout the entirety of the former Eastern bloc. At one time it sold briskly in the corridors of the Russian Duma (Parliament) and has prompted Levinsky, Goldman and other leading Jews to seek its censorship and ban under old Soviet laws forbidding 'anti-Semitism'.

In the Autumn of 2000, Levinsky and others filed a formal complaint to the Russian Prosecutor General and asked for the book to be classified as anti-Semitic and thus illegal in Russia. After a year of close examination (they painstakingly verified all 669 of the documentations), the Russian Government shocked the Jewish community by officially declaring that the book is not anti-Semitic because it backed up its conclusions with facts and research. Jewish members of the Duma then introduced new legislation aimed at outlawing the book Jewish Supremacism, but it failed by a few votes and then the book became a forbidden fruit, and they couldn't print them fast enough for the avalanche of buyers.

Since then, the book has been sold in thousands of street corners across the breadth of the Russian Federation and has now topped an incredible 500,000 in print. English language versions, more than 100,000 copies of the book have been sold world wide.

Translated into most of the Eastern European languages, the book has won Duke many academic awards for its scholarship, including an honorary Doctorate awarded by President's University, the second largest university in the nation of Ukraine. David Duke, later wrote a dissertation on Zionism and earned himself a bona fide Ph.D.

Subsequently, the university itself published a best-selling Ukrainian edition. In May of 2003, Free Speech Press published the English version of Jewish Supremacism, accompanied by a storm of interest, demand and controversy. Jewish leaders are horrified that it is well on its way to becoming the best-read book in the world on Zionism within the 21st century.

Jewish Supremacism begins with David Duke's first great epiphany on the Jewish question: his learning that the Russian Revolution wasn't Russian but overwhelmingly Jewish. Using powerful documentary evidence, he shows that the Bolshevik Revolution was actually financed and led by Jews who had their own agenda against the Czar and European traditionalism. He quotes from familiar and impeccable sources such as Winston Churchill, the dispatches of the American ambassador to Russia, the chief of British Intelligence and copious Jewish sources. For instance, he quotes a report from the National Archives of the United States showing that of the 384 members of the first Bolshevik government, there were more than 300 Jews and only 13 ethnic Russians.

How could such an enormous fact of history be hidden? Duke asks. His rhetorical question is answered throughout the rest of this book by giving the clear evidence of the tremendous power exercised by Jewish supremacists in government, media and the academic establishment. Not only has the pre-eminent Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and its Gulags been quietly suppressed, but also, even the very existence of Jewish supremacism has been kept from public awareness. One can freely discuss the evils of white supremacism, but if one dares to expose Jewish supremacism, one will assuredly be labeled an 'anti-Semite', the ultimate smear term of opprobrium in modern society. In very effective arguments, Duke points out that one is not called 'anti-Christian' for exposing the excesses of the Inquisition or 'anti-Muslim' for opposing the intolerance of some extremist Moslem sects. But dare simply to quote the hateful statements of important leaders of Judaism and Zionism, and because of Jewish created laws and Jewish power in many countries, one could well wind up in prison for 'hate speech'.

Download this incredibly controversial book that is slated to become a classic!

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David Duke Is Running For The U.S. Senate In Louisiana [ 31 October 2016 ]
The Main Stream Media hate him more than Donald Trump. That alone is reason to vote for him.