These are the perpetrators, just a very few of thousands who were vicious rogues rather than their Useful Idiots

Antonio Gramsci
Antonio was the leading theoretician of the communist party in Italy. His insight was to infiltrate the Catholic Church and other institutions in order to destroy them from the inside by treachery. This was because they were the forces binding civilization together. Destruction was the aim.


Jacques Derrida
A Jew operating in France, a quasi-intellectual patter merchant and de facto communist.


Betty Friedan - Jew And Subversive
She worked as a labour union agitator then wrote a Feminist propaganda book. This attack was much more effective.


Eric Hobsbawm
Was a Jew, foreigner and leading communist theoretician.


Fabian Society
A bunch of socialists founded in England dedicated to spreading communism. Highly influential in The Labour Party


Karl Liebknecht
Founded the Spartakusbund and the Communist Party of Germany. He is best known for his role in the Spartacist uprising of 1919 which was how he came unstuck.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was just getting in to his stride as a mass murderer when ill health stopped him. It fell to Joe to carry on where he had every intention of carrying on.


Rosa Luxemburg
Jew and communist. Tried to conquer Germany. Came unstuck.


Karl Marx
A Jew and the definitive exponent of Marxism and the man who lead to the death of some 85 - 100 million.


John Reed
Communist writer. May have been sincere. Came from a wealthy background. He is written up in Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution - see John Reed: Establishment Revolutionary. He was financed largely from Wall Street sources. As a journalist he met


Willi Münzenberg
Willi was a German, leading communist and superb propagandist. Joe Stalin was so grateful that he had Willi murdered.


Joe Slovo
Joe was a Jew from Latvia who used Nelson Mandela to break the South African government.


Susan Sontag
Jew, nasty bit of work, happy about murder when Jews were at it.


Joe Stalin
Was perhaps the world's greatest murderer. He learnt from Lenin and carried out the Ukraine  Massacre killing some 7 million by starvation.


Howard Zinn
Jew, plausible rogue, subversive and dead.