Climate Change

Climate change matters immensely. The United Nations held a conference about it. The  United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  was attended by a lot of very important people. They told us that our carbon dioxide emissions were "very likely" to be the cause of climate changes. So we must act NOW. That is their story. There are other voices telling us that the whole thing is  a boondoggle; that there are agendas operating.

There are scientists who believe that we are damaging the earth. Politicians are jumping on the band wagon. There are also subversives who see cutting our emissions as a very effective way of destroying or at least damaging Western civilization. One aspect of the Kyoto Treaty is that would affect the West but not India or China. They would be allowed to carry on polluting. They would any way because it is getting their people out of poverty.

A problem for the propagandists is that global warming has reversed recently albeit not very much. The theory came up against reality but they had an answer:-
        Until 1975 they were pushing Global Cooling.
        Then it was Global Warming.
        Now it is Climate Change
That covers them for any weather pattern. It is our fault regardless.
PS The Climate-Change Emails have disappeared down the Memory Hole but contact me for a copy.

For an honest source on this one go to Global Warming and see what Tim Ball has to say. Doctor Ball's Ph.D. in is climatology. He recommends:-
        Friends of Science


Climate-Change Emails
They have disappeared down the Memory Hole but contact me for a copy.

Source data from Essex. It proves fraud and evidently the enthusiastic desire of journalists to be told lies.
PS There are a lot of them.


Heretical Thoughts About Science And Society
Professor Dyson really does have the background to understand the issues and understand what needs to be researched. He also considers the secular religion that proponents have created.


Climate scientists challenged [ 1 March 2007 ]
On Sunday, Al Gore's film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, won two Oscars. Today, the Royal Society starts a two-day event showcasing the science of climate change according to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Both the film and conference are based on an understanding that the science is settled. It isn't. But, in the meantime, the environmental bandwagon rolls on, and no self-respecting politician wants to be left without a seat.
The writer gives no particular reason for knowing what he is talking about but he has to be better than Al Gore, the man who invented the Internet - he claimed.


Global Warming, the Biggest Boondoggle [ 28 February 2007 ]
After the Al Gore Oscar-winning documentary and the Stern report, a back to basics science lesson would help to counter the hysteria over climate change.
Mrs Albrechtson takes a look and writes sense. She is a lawyer so she is used to looking for evidence as distinct from lies, quasi-religious fervour, agendas and hype.


Al Gore's gas and electricity bills [ 28 February 2007 ]
Household consumption is 20 times the national average.
Al is an important man. He needs lot of electricity. He can't be limited by this global warming nonsense that he is pushing. That is just for the rest of us.


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