Banksy Rides Again

Guerrilla artist extraordinaire. He does social commentary too. He is not alone in this. Charles Dickens wrote about the very ugly reality of London in his day. But there is still plenty of ugliness to be found. Banksy has a go at all sorts.


Banksy Is A Public School Man
One with a publicity agent but no mother - according to his mother that is.


Question Time In Parliament

Aircraft and tanks are the weapons of tyrants. Rifles and pistols are for the rest of us.

Surrealism is art too.

Could this be reverse surrealism?


The Fall of Man involved an Apple.

Feed the World! Give him honest work to do.

Give them sneakers. I think Banksy has allowed himself to be a bit Americanized.

You're nicked. Crucifixion later.

Your knickers aren't supposed to show.

Banksy does not approve of Her Majesty.

Banksy does not admire Old Mother Tesco either. I'll drink to that.

Roller Rat hints at his technique.

Banksy understands the art industry as well as art.

There is always hope. Banksy might even have girls of his own.

He hasn't seen many gun shot wounds.

Surveillance is what apparatchiks do to their enemies. We are the enemy.

The blue pointed hat mob are dangerous too.

Surely Banksy is not making snide points about our ethnic bretheren and sisteren.

Cars do get in everywhere. It is people who are the problem.

Surveillance was huge in 1984, Orwell's book. Now it is for real.

The girl is on the right lines. It is called revolutionary consciousness, isn't it?

This chopper shows it its lineage. The Russian Hind looked an impressive piece of kit.

The media has its priorities too.

A rat has to make a living too.


The great man has been to Centre Point.


American exports fun and death.


Explosives can spoil your day.


Surely Banksy does not hate our duly elected representatives and their well deserved freebies.


Cleaning up.


Gitmo has done things for America's reputation.


Can you help? Would you help? Should you help?


This is an installation in the jargon of the art racket.


A rat with poison.




Smiling coppers; armed coppers.


We do water the plant that makes the television grow.


Nature and man do their things.


An awkward moment.


We all care about the environment, don't we?


Guards  have their moments.


How did he do it?


Unknown hooded.


Banksy makes his point. I am not quite sure what it is though.


Banksy's Tunnel Is A Free Graffiti Zone


He did this as a thank you for a band whose name he took by accident.


More at his web site - Banksy