Ashley Mote

Ashley Mote is a stupid name but presumably he is used to it. He is a Member of the European Parliament or MEP and was a member of the UK Independence Party or UKIP until someone started asking questions about his accounts.

His web site is at Ashley Mote and tells us that he is doing things about the corruption and fraud which is endemic in the European set up. See Europe for other opinions. He seems to have reasonable views regarding cricket, illegal immigrants, liberty etc. See the Wikipedia but he is facing nine charges of false accounting. Given the highly lucrative expense set up in Europe [  see  Euro MPs and Their Expenses   ]   it seems unnecessary but the whole thing dates back many years so someone was digging for dirt or whatever.

Ashley Mote
Some of us are lucky when our parents name us. Others are not but he has sound views and was a member of UKIP until some comedian unearthed a bit of paper from years ago. He is being done for fraud. We will see how it goes. Of course Blair's mob do it all the time.


Wikipedia Tells All
Ashley Mote (born 25 January 1936, London) is an Independent Member of the European Parliament for South East England.[1][2]. He is currently in prison following his conviction on eight charges of false accounting, eight of obtaining a money transfer by deception, four of evading liabilities and one of failing to notify a change of circumstances in relation to his receipt of housing and council tax benefits.
He gets to keep his seat so he will still be paid pro tempore and he will be saving on expenses.


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