Antony Sutton

An Englishman, by birth at all events. He went to America became a writer on economics and told a truth so pungent that most other political writers pretend he does not exist. The thrust of his output was that the men who run the West are on much closer and friendlier terms with those in the Soviet empire than we have been told. Richard Pipes, an eminent historian is quite specific on the point. Zbigniew Brzezinski, a heavy weight politician confirms it. His books are out of print and very elusive. But some are on line including Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. It is also his case that Wall Street colluded with the Nazis. The company a man chooses to keep tells the world something about him.

In his preface to America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (1983, 1986, 2002 tells us that it is his magnum opus, the one that really brings things together. It is on line and important. The fact that main stream media have not told us about it helps confirm his point. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Antony Sutton
Antony Cyril Sutton (February 14 1925 - June 17 2002) was a British-born economist, historian, and writer.......... During his time at the Hoover Institute he wrote the major study Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (in three volumes), detailing how the West played a major role in developing Soviet Union from its very beginnings up until the present time (1970). He was forced out of the Hoover Institute after publishing National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union in 1973.

Sutton's next three major published books Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Wall Street and FDR detailed Wall Street's involvement in the Russian Revolution as well as its decisive contributions to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His books became classics in the study of covert politics and economics in the twentieth century. In Sutton's own words he was "persecuted but never prosecuted" for his research and subsequent publication of his findings.

In 1968, Sutton wrote Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, which was first published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Sutton alleged that the Soviet Union's technological and manufacturing base -- which was then engaged in supplying the Viet Cong -- was built by United States corporations and largely funded by US taxpayers. Steel and iron plants, the GAZ automobile factory, and many other Soviet industrial enterprises were, according to Sutton, built with the help or technical assistance of the United States or U.S. corporations. He alleged further that the Soviet Union's acquisition of MIRV technology was made possible by receiving (from U.S. sources) machining equipment for the manufacture of precision ball bearings, necessary to mass-produce MIRV-enabled missiles.

In the early 1980s, using membership lists revealing the historical membership of Yale's Skull and Bones society (which in fact is also available in the Yale Library), dating from 1832 -- which Sutton said he received from an anonymous source -- he speculated about political and economic relationships underlying significant historical events, from which he extrapolated the apparent purpose of these relationships. He published these conclusions as America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones -- which, according to Sutton, was his most important work.

In his book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era (New York: Viking Press;1970), Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote:

"For impressive evidence of Western participation in the early phase of Soviet economic growth, see Antony C. Sutton's Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917-1930, which argues that 'Soviet economic development for 1917-1930 was essentially dependent on Western technological aid' (p.283), and that 'at least 95 per cent of the industrial structure received this assistance.' (p. 348)."

Professor Richard Pipes, of Harvard, said in his book, Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America's Future (Simon & Schuster;1984):

"In his three-volume detailed account of Soviet Purchases of Western Equipment and Technology ..." Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as 'extreme' or, more often, simply ignored."

Good sourcing helps confirm a story.


Antony C. Sutton ex Wiki
Gives more detail.

The links are to the last interview of Dr. Anthony Sutton of Stanford University, which was conducted in 1980.

This is highly recommended for all those who still think that Americans are fighting and dying to protect freedom.

Subject: Wall St and the rise of Hitler
PS This group of films came from, a good source.

His books are:-
Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917-1930 (1968)
Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1930-1945 (1971)

  • Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1945-1965 (1973)
  • National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union (1973)
  • What Is Libertarianism? (1973)
  • Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974, 1999) (Online version) (Online Russian version)
  • Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976, 1999) (Online version)
  • Wall Street and FDR (1976, 1999) (Online version)
  • The War on Gold: How to Profit from the Gold Crisis (1977)
  • Energy: The Created Crisis (1979)
  • The Diamond Connection: A manual for investors (1979)
  • Trilaterals Over Washington - Volume I (1979; with Patrick M. Wood)
  • Trilaterals Over Washington - Volume II (1980; with Patrick M. Wood)
  • Gold vs Paper: A cartoon history of inflation (1981)
  • Investing in Platinum Metals (1982)
  • Technological Treason: A catalog of U.S. firms with Soviet contracts, 1917-1982 (1982)
  • America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (1983, 1986, 2002) (Online version)
  • How the Order Creates War and Revolution (1985) (Online Russian version)
  • How the Order Controls Education (1985)
  • The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986) (Online version)
  • The Two Faces of George Bush (1988)
  • The Federal Reserve Conspiracy (1995) (Online Russian version (as Vlast' dollara))
  • Trilaterals Over America (1995) (Online version) (Online Russian version)
  • Cold Fusion: Secret Energy Revolution (1997)
  • Gold For Survival (1999)


Robert Minor
A communist subversive drew this cartoon. It is the frontispiece in Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

You just might wonder why Wall Street was so keen on funding the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazis too. Also why an ardent communist told the world that.


Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall Street financed the Bolsheviks. Believe it or believe it not; It is true. Both sides of the matter profited and that is the way they like it. And if you don't think that is politics in action it is time to rethink.


Wall Street Financed Nazis, Bolsheviks & Roosevelt
This is the third and final volume of a trilogy describing the role of the American corporate  socialists, otherwise known as the Wall Street financial elite or the Eastern Liberal Establishment, in three significant twentieth-century historical events: the 1917  Lenin-Trotsky Revolution in Russia, the 1933 election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States, and the 1933 seizure of power by Adolf Hitler in Germany. Each of these events introduced some variant of socialism into a major country  i.e., l Bolshevik socialism in Russia, New Deal socialism in the United States, and National socialism in Germany. Contemporary academic histories, with perhaps the sole exception of Carroll Quigley's  Tragedy And Hope, ignore this evidence. On the other hand, it is understandable that  universities and research organizations, dependent on financial aid from foundations that are controlled by this same New York financial elite, would hardly want to support and to publish research on these aspects of international politics. The bravest of trustees is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds his organization. It is also eminently clear from the evidence in this trilogy that "public-spirited businessmen" do not journey to Washington as lobbyists and administrators in order to serve the United  States. They are in Washington to serve their own profit-maximizing interests. Their purpose is not to further a competitive, free-market economy, but to manipulate a politicized regime, call it what you will, to their own advantage.

It is business manipulation of Hitler's accession to power in March 1933 that is the topic of  Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.  ANTONY C. SUTTON
This is big time; not so much Conspiracy theory as conspiracy nightmare. Antony Sutton is a sober historian telling it like it is. His preface is entirely sensible, entirely plausible No wonder the Main Stream Media keep quiet about him.


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