Banksy Goes To Palestine

Banksy is the secret artist. He does his graffiti and disappears. Then he turned up in Palestine commenting on the evil that is being done to the owners of the land. They didn't quite take his point. Now they know better. The Times explains so does The New Yorker [ well worth a read incidentally ]. It gets difficult when you are a guerrilla with a web site and write ups in the main stream media but we must all pretend that we don't know him, especially if we do.
NB There are more at Banksy Rides Again You might also like Julian Beever, another Englishman or
John Pugh an American.  

Banksy does some explaining too. When he was doing his work he was interrupted by an Israeli thug and then a Palestinian. The following exchanges ensued:-

Soldier: What the fuck are you doing?

Me: You'll have to wait 'til it's finished

Soldier (to colleagues): Safety's [ sic ] off

Old man: You paint the wall, you make it look beautiful.

Me: Thanks

Old man: We don't want it to be beautiful, we hate this wall, go home.

His web site is at Banksy
Everything in his shop is free - Is he trying to destroy capitalism?


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This is not Palestine but I couldn't resist it.


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