Zionist Puppets

Jews infiltrate society, get power then use it for their own agenda. There are men out there who work for them. It is then prone to go wrong. Benjamin Ginsburg,  a Jew explains how and why in Fatal Embrace Adolf is one man who did not like them. There have been others. They have been kicked out of 109 Locations since AD250. There were reasons but still they carry on; worming their way in,  taking over men and institutions. A few of the more powerful and obvious are listed here.

Blair the Zionist Puppet
He is supposed to be our Prime Minister, not theirs. He is supposed to run England for the benefit of Englishmen rather than illegal immigrants and Jews. The reality is rather different


Bush Is A Jew? Maybe
It has been claimed. He alleges that he is Christian but he operates an agenda that is very satisfactory for Israel and Zionists. Others are less pleased. Thousands of Iraqis have been murdered to give Israel oil for example. This is indicative, not definitive but worth a look. Bushes served in the Second World War. There is also a link to an on line copy of the Soncino edition of the Talmud which is at The Babylonian Talmud in English. It is what they say for internal consumption.


Conservative Friends of Israel
Labour Friends of Israel
Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
These front organizations have infiltrated Parliament to run things for their advantage.


John Howard
Is the Prime Minister of Australia, one of the better countries in a wicked world albeit one that is getting worse as a result of government meddling. He gets a good press but then the media is very largely Jewish owned or Jewish controlled.


Is the new [ 2009 ] President of America. He is a foreigner, born in Kenya. Therefore he an illegal president. He made it from nowhere. He made it fast because he is a puppet of the men who run the place. In other words he is a creature of the Jews. Look at the Jews and criminals round him to know that he is bent.


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