Zionism Is Fascism


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Subject: Zionism has its roots in Italian fascism

Zionism has its roots in Italian fascism

by B. Merhav [Excerpted], Investigative Journalist and Researcher

Theodore Herzl (1860-1904) was the founder of political Zionism. His partners, and following in his footsteps, had been Max Nordau (1849-1923) and Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880-1940). The latter became the founder of fanatical Zionism ("revisionist Zionism"), which gave rise to Zionist terrorism by Irgun (Etzel), culminating in the present government of war criminals, the Olmert government ,of the Zionist apartheid regime of Israel.

In other words, Herzl, Nordau and Jabotinsky, were the founders of political Zionism and of fanatical Zionism, and this is how they have been officially regarded by Jabotinsky's followers over the past 100 years.

When Mussolini marched his fascist followers on to Rome in 1922, to establish the world's first fascist dictatorship, among the first to congratulate him were the Italian Zionist leaders, and soon after all the rest of the world's Zionist hierarchy. Indeed, there was a procession of top Zionist leaders from all over the world in this pilgrimage to Mussolini's Rome. However, none of them had done as "well" as Jabotinsky, who became a close personal friend of Mussolini. So much so, that the Italian fascist dictator agreed to the military training of some 135 Zionist cadets, of Jabotinsky's Betar movement, by Mussolini's Black Shirts during 1935.

The Italian Zionist leaders, who congratulated Mussolini ,explained their affinity with his fascist ideas and with his movement by comparing the similarity between Mussolini's fascism and the Zionist movement and its ideas. Certainly, they told the truth : Zionist fascism came into being some 25 years before the Mussolini regime began to rule in Italy. The entire history of Zionism - including its collaboration with the Hitler regime in fascist Germany - confirms that observation. Zionism is the cradle of fascism, and fanatical Zionism is fanatical fascism.

I have been reminded of that fundamental piece of Zionist history by Gilad Atzmon, the Israeli jazz musician who lives in London, in his article which he emailed to me today ( and published by counterpunch.com this weekend). However, the term fascism is not there in his article. Instead, the article titled, "One Hundred Years of Jewish Solitude", opens with a quotation from Max Nordau. Which is rather surprising, because Gilad Atzmon claims to be opposed to Zionism, as a supposed supporter of the Palestinian cause.

Having read the article, it gives me the impression that its author would rather sing the praises of Zionism than condemn it, much less fight it and its Zionist apartheid regime of Israel. As he states there :"Throughout the years Zionism has become a pretty efficient system that serves what may be defined as primary Jewish interests."

Has fascism ever served Jewish interests? It has indeed served Zionism, but not "Jewish interests", and certainly not those of the people who were killed by the fascists during World War II.

Is he, perhaps, confusing Zionism with Judaism, as many Zionists are used to do, and mostly deliberately?

The author ,in fact, goes on to offer a new definition of Zionism. Here are his words :

"Though traditionally we tend to associate Zionism with a particular Jewish national aspiration as well as a Jewish call for the return to Zion (Palestine), this is not necessarily the only viable historical or philosophical interpretation of the Zionist endeavour. I would suggest here that it makes far more sense to regard Zionism as a tribal Jewish preservation project. In other words, Zionism could be easily interpreted as a Jewish global movement which has as its aim the prevention of assimilation. . I would suggest here that it makes far more sense to regard Zionism as a tribal Jewish preservation project. In other words, Zionism could be easily interpreted as a Jewish global movement which has as its aim the prevention of assimilation."

There are a few errors in this statement . Firstly, Zionism is not a "Jewish national aspiration" (although this is what the Zionist propaganda says).

Secondly, the prevention of assimilation has certainly been one method of the Zionist propaganda, but not its final aim. Click to make a donation-pledge herein

The final aim of Zionism is to establish an expanding Zionist empire in the Middle East, and making people of Jewish background the ideological legitimacy for achieving this self-serving jingoistic aim, at the expense of the Arab people of Palestine and other Arab people (as well as non-Zionist Jews, and other peoples).

The author labels Zionism and its criminal Zionist regime " Zionist endeavour", and "Jewish preservation project", which are very benign terms to describe this fascist ideology and its criminal regime. Are they all naive mistakes made by Gilad Atzmon or are they perhaps Zionist propaganda ?

Zionism is little more than a brand of fascism.