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Thechesapeakebay.com tells us that Zim was moving from New York to Norfolk, Virginia in 2001. This meant that they were out of New York and, it is claimed, the World Trade Centre on 9 September 2001 when it was hit by two aircraft. This was good timing due to good luck or good management? We can wonder which it was. Zim has done a bit of smuggling. The owner made it from rags to riches. One of their ships has recently rammed a Japanese fishing boat, killing seven men and doing a runner. See Ramming. Ruthless or competent and lucky?

Israeli Company Moves Out of WTC
The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli government owns 49 percent of the company. [Virginian-Pilot, 9/4/2001] Zim announced the move and its date six months earlier. [Virginian-Pilot, 4/3/2001] More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten are still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escape. [Jerusalem Post, 9/13/2001; Journal of Commerce, 10/18/2001] The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape. [Jerusalem Post, 9/13/2001] One year later, a Zim ship is impounded while attempting to ship Israeli military equipment to Iran; it is speculated that this is done with the knowledge of Israel. [Agence France-Presse, 3/29/2002]
Didn't we do well? There was a bit smuggling too. Sammy Ofer the owner made it from zilch.


Real History and the WTC
WHILE an Israeli real estate magnate from Australia insured his 99-year lease on the retail space of the World Trade Center against terrorism, one of Israel's biggest companies pulled out of the north tower just days before Sept. 11.

AFP has learned from a reliable source in the shipping industry that Zim American Israeli Shipping Co., Inc. broke the lease when it vacated the rented offices on the 16th and 17th floors of the north tower of the World Trade Center shortly before the Sept. 11 disaster.
Coincidences do happen. There can be innocent explanations but when things like this just keep on happening it is time to wonder who is pulling the strings.


New U.S. Headquarters For Shipping Company In Norfolk

Governor Jim Gilmore today announced that Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., Inc. will relocate its United States headquarters from New York City to Norfolk. Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. will invest $6.2 million to locate in a new building in the Lake Wright Executive Center. The company will also hire 235 people to work in this facility. Virginia successfully competed with Texas for this investment.

"With this move, Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., one of the world's largest international shipping organizations, has recognized the value of Virginia's central location and dynamic workforce," said Governor Gilmore. "Hampton Roads is one of great ports of the world, and an ideal place for this company to base its corporate headquarters. I welcome Zim to the Commonwealth and wish them many years of success in Virginia."

Governor Gilmore approved a $100,000 grant from the Governor's Opportunity Fund to assist the Development Authority of the City of Norfolk with site preparation. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance and the City of Norfolk assisted Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., Inc. with its decision. The Virginia Department of Business Assistance will provide workforce training services.

Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. Inc. is the general agent in North America for Zim Israel Navigation Company, one of the largest container shipping companies in the world (currently ranked ninth). Zim operates a large fleet of owned and chartered container ships, on three global services and 36 regional services reaching every continent and calling hundreds of ports worldwide. Operating an intermodal system, which combines sea, land and air transportation, Zim provides fast, frequent competitive door-to-door services around the globe. Through Zim's network of subsidiaries, the company is involved in a diversified scope of activities. Zim's Internet site, www.zim.co.il, offers access to on-line data resources for customers, including cargo tracing and interactive sailing schedules.

"The move was prompted for a number of reasons," said Shaul Cohen-Mintz, President of Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. "Zim is moving primarily to better position ourselves to meet our customers' requirements, market needs and future challenges. While many of the other shipping companies have moved across the river to New Jersey, Zim looked nationally for the location best meeting our long-term business needs. Norfolk emerged as an extremely attractive location, which met all of our targets. The area has many positive features and the state of Virginia and the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance were accommodating and very receptive to us."

"We are pleased that Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. has chosen to locate its U.S. headquarters in the Commonwealth," said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Barry E. DuVal. "Zim is a welcome addition to the international corporate diversity in Hampton Roads."

Zim Line inaugurated service through The Port of Virginia in July of 1985 with the announcement of its decision to move its mid-Atlantic load center to Virginia from the Port of Baltimore. Zim Line currently makes two calls a week at The Port of Virginia with two services.

"Our maritime economy will be enriched by Zim's presence," said Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim. "Zim will be an outstanding corporate citizen and we anxiously await their arrival."

Posted: 4-2-2001



Zim Shipping - Killers [ 5 October 2005 ]
They did a hit and run job in the Far East then denied all knowledge. Now they have admitted their guilt. It looks as though they are very well connected. J. Orlin Grabbe tells us that:-
Israeli movers quickly moved Zim American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of office space on the 17th Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The partially Israeli state-owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one week prior to 911. According to a non official cover (NOC) CIA source who worked with Dick, Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th Floor office space after Zim moved out.
UNQUOTE - no source given but see Captain was asleep during accident and Jews Kill Seven in Hit and Run Job


Jews Kill Seven in Hit and Run Job [ 2 October 2005 ]
They rammed a Japanese fishing boat, made off then got awkward when they were questioned by the police. They haven't explained the crash marks down the side of their ship. See also www.haaretz


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