White Slaving

We are told that slavery is a disgrace and a stain on our consciences. The left use it to promote Western Guilt. Black slaving is being referred to in the main. It goes on yet. White slaving means enforced prostitution nowadays, but see The Untold Story of White Slavery. That goes on even more. Who are the slavers? In Africa it is largely blacks and Arabs. In Europe and America it is largely Jews. Does it get reported? Not very much but then ask who owns and controls the media. The answer to that is Jews. See Jew Controlled Press

White Slaves Of Israel
It happens. It keeps on happening. Money rides on it. Human rights be damned.


White Slavery Denial
White people were slaves too. Do blacks know? Do they care? Would they care if they knew?


Russia: Sophisticated Sex Slave Operation Uncovered
An organization smuggled hundreds of women into Israel. The media refuse to name the guilty. The overwhelming assumption is that they are Jews in an area which has a large percentage of them and that they control local organizations eg police and media.


U.S. State Department: Israel Plagued by Trafficking
Jews tried to get themselves off the list by redefining slavery. It worked. How surprising. They are worried about getting listed again. One answer would be to clean up their act but that would hurt the bottom line.


Israel a Human Trafficking Haven
This is Foxnews reporting so it must be true.


Knesset: 3,000 women a year caught in modern slavery
There are Jews who disapprove of slaving.


Israel failing to stem sex-trade abuses, Amnesty says
Selling women per se is not illegal in occupied Palestine it seems. This makes it more difficult for the police to act. They can charge kidnapping, rape, assault and pimping. If there is a will there is a way.


Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
This outfit might very well have a view about slavery. It is Jewish, so they are not all crooked.


The Case Against Alan Dershowitz: e Public Committee Against Torture in Israel vs. Alan Dershowitz
So might this one. And BTW, Dershowitz lied in his teeth.


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