White Renegades

It was tempting to call this article Traitors. In fact American Renaissance refers to them as White Renegades. They have precisely the same effect. They are just as dangerous. The worst of them have named as Race Traitors. Amren explains.

Race Traitor 2013

Rand Paul - White Renegade Of The Year
"Who did the most damage when he could have done the most good?
Today we inaugurate what we expect to be an annual series. At the end of each year we will profile a white person who could have been a champion for his people, but instead joined the fight against us. The White Renegade of the Year can be someone like this year’s award-winner, who attracted and mobilized supporters only to turn on them, or he can be someone who has never shown the slightest sign of racial awareness but who has been especially diligent in working against his own people.

There are so many good candidates that we could make a white renegade award every month—heck, every day—but this year’s inaugural honors go to the junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul.

What Might Have Been
“For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’ ” So we may say of Rand Paul.

Much like his father Ron, the younger Paul was initially a favorite of white advocates, running as a populist, anti-Establishment candidate who strongly opposed illegal immigration. His platform on border security included the construction of an electric border fence—underground. When he beat the odds to enter the Senate, it was as if Tom Tancredo had somehow reached the upper chamber—indeed, Congressman Tancredo endorsed Rand Paul in his Senate run and his Team America PAC donated money to him...........

The worst of it is that Rand Paul is dependent on increasingly dispossessed whites. Angry white voters who understand that the financial, cultural, and political elites despise them are looking for a leader. Senator Paul struck a revolutionary pose but ultimately lead his followers into familiar dead ends. Worse, he takes promising activists and leaders and neuters them.

Instead of opposing a political class that enables mass immigration, the rise of Rand Paul and Beltway Libertarianism has given us a generation of enthusiastic and intelligent young activists fighting for the immigration and cultural policies of George Soros. It’s worse than a safety valve; it’s outright misdirection.

This is why Rand Paul wins our award as White Renegade of the Year. He has heaped far more scorn than he had to on his party, his people, and himself. Even when he doesn’t need to, he defends the anti-white narrative of the media. Even when it would be to his advantage, he avoids fighting for the cause of his constituents, and clings to clichés or outright fabrications to avoid being called a racist. In so doing, he condemns his own cause to inevitable political defeat and his own people to demographic destruction."
He made the right noises, got into a position of power then went the other way. Is he a fool, rogue, a Moral Coward, a Traitor, blackmailed or bribed? Something is wrong. He has let us down. His father did too by promising much then walking away.


Nick Griffin
He made the right noises, made the British National Party effective then blew it. Being a serial swindler was a problem. Screwing the party finances did not help. Collusion with other chancers didn't either.

These are at least potential renegades, people who look promising but who have been got at by Zionist crazies.

Nigel Farage
He has been contacted by Zionist crazies. He made the right noises to Zionist crazies. He pretends to believe their Holocaust® Story. They are not attacking him, for the moment. This is not a good sign.

Marine le Pen
Marine took over the leadership of the Front National in France but she has been to Israel. She pretends to believe their Holocaust® Story. Do we need to know more about her?


Geert Wilders In The Lords
OK on Islamics, panders to Jews, another Judas Goat.