Where Warbirds Go To Die

This is where Warbirds go to retire...Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona

It is difficult to comprehend the number of military aircraft in dead storage until you see these photographs! Even if you have seen this before. It is the 3rd largest Air Force in the world and is just sitting on the ground here.  Thanks John - thebirdman.org/ - more pictures at www.sarimage.com/ - some aircraft are minus on love.


They do think big.


Make that: - They think enormous.







This one is not retired, it is bombed up and ready to go - http://www.ng.mil/news/archives/2008/01/images/013008-arizona_AG-full.jpg Click for more and better detail.



They even do weekly tours so that people can see where their tax dollars have gone.


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