US Army

Join the US Army? It could be the worst decision of your life - what's left of it. See why. Get the worst of it over first:-

WAR WOUNDS: Photos of wounded Americans from battlefield hospitals in Iraq - broken link
Sick bag at the ready before you look at these. Gun shot wounds can spoil your day. Land mines are worse.


For a view from someone who knows go to Fred's Page. He did his service with the USMC. Look at his articles. Then you will know something about the realities.

  •  Uncle Sam Wants You                    Don't Enlist - do you want him?

  •  Wars And Their Other Price            Wars Aftermath - read and know why not

  •  A Grand Adventure                         Going To War - did politicians like Blair even think about it?

  • The Kinder Gentler Military - recommended by Fred and Amazon reviewers.

Ask yourself why George Bush didn't serve or didn't send his daughters. for that matter.

Girl of the Day
Here is something more pleasant.


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